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Female Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor in Abu Dhabi – Levie
Personal Trainer Location : Abu Dhabi
Trainer Gender : Female
Price (From) : 10 session Block Price on Request
Group Price (From) : 10 session Block Price on Request
Training Since : 2008
Training Locations : Your Home in AD, Vogue Fitness Yas Island, Outdoors
Languages : English
Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer – Levie

Levie is passionate and highly sought after personal trainer in Abu Dhabi, with over 10 years experience in fitness and group PT.

Thousands of sessions under her belt she understands the various limiting factors in achieving dream body goals of various body types and age groups.

Levie’s training starts with understanding the lifestyle of her clients and she ease the progressive training programs into their daily routine. This method assures long lasting and life changing transformation.

Levie is certified in many fitness methodologies such as TRX, sports medicine, body building, strength training, functional fitness and sports rehab. Ultimately, she will choose whats best to achieve swift and long term results for her clients. Nutritional guidance is the core for all her programs.

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How Can Levie Help?
Weight Loss & Nutrition
TRX Suspension Training
Rehabilitation After Injury
Children’s Fitness In Abu Dhabi
Body Transformation
Sports Performance Coaching
RIP Training
Posture Correction & Balance
General Fitness Training
Senior Fitness In Abu Dhabi

About PT Levie Nacional:

Female Abu Dhabi PT Levie has over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, having to train athletes who wanted improve performance, clients whose goals is body transformation from different body types, de-conditioned individuals and the physically challenged elderly who needs to rehabilitation, children group training, and pre /post natal women for flexibility and special stretching. She specializes in body transformation, nutrition, postural correction, injury rehabilitation and sports specific training. During one to one tailored personal training sessions with Levie, she will address all physical issues, ensuring targets are met and goals are achieved. Eg: Weight loss, body sculpting, performance enhancement, and total health and fitness benefit.

Levie's Personal Training Style:

One on one training with individualized and tailored workout programs at all fitness level withchallenging yet fun sessions.

Teach group of people with both pre-choreograph and freestyle at all fitness level. Providing enough options during class in order for them to achieve their full potential. Tailored nutritional plan based on clients goals that will help reach their ideal weight and body-composition.

Levie likes to design individual-based programs with progressions and regressions. Corrective exercises with an easy to follow technique to avoid the risk of injuries. Motivate clients with fun and challenging functional exercises that will help improve lifestyle, fitness, health and well-being.

Levie's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

Active IQ Qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Active IQ Qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer
Precision Nutrition – Essentials of Sports and Exercise Nutrition
TRX Certified Suspension Trainer
TRX Certified Suspension Trainer in Sports Medicine
TRX Certified RIP Trainer
VIPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning) Trainer
REHAB Qualified Trainer (Trigger Points, Dry Cupping, Post-Injury)
GEL(Group Exercise Leader) Certified
Les Mills BodyPump(International) Certified
Group Exercise: Hardcore Maxx, ProCycling, Corb, Circuit Training
Registered with REPS UAE
Qualified First Aider

Levie's Training Specialities:

With Levie you can expect to use free-weights, kettlebells, resistance bands, Medicine Balls, TRX Suspention Training, functional training, personal and group training.

Personal Trainer FAQ

You probably have a number of questions that you would like to ask a personal trainer. Below you can find questions and answers relating to some of the most popular FAQ’s.

You can also contact the personal trainer by using the form in the ‘contact’ tab above.

Where can you provide personal training services?

Levie is a female trainer in Abu Dhabi who provides a mobile service. This means your personal training sessions can be arranged at your home in AD, at your building gym, outdoors or even at the Vogue Fitness Gym on Yas Island.

Do you provide a fitness evalutation before I start?

Yes, Levie will do a detailed assessment before training by utilizing equipments such as body-fat skinfold callipers, measurement tapes, electric- impedance machine. Measuring fitness level by conducting movement screening and testing cardiovascular, muscular, flexibility, mobility and posture. Most of all give a realistic, achievable, and adjustable goals.

Do you bring the exercise equipment to the PT sessions?

Levie will come to your personal training sessions fully prepared with any fitness equipment that is needed for that days training.

Do you provide nutritional and diet information?

Yes. Levie knows that proper diet and nutrition practices are an important part of changing your fitness lifestyle and also achieving your fitness goals. She can prepare fitness plans which include details about what changes you might need to make to your eating habits from how much calories, macro-nutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fat), type of diet (Zone, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan) to supplementation recommendation.

Do you provide discounts for group training?

Yes. If you think that group training might be better for you or if you are a group then please contact Levie for current group training prices in Abu Dhabi.

Can I pre-book weekly personal training times?

Yes. It is advised that you do so to ensure your training time slots in Abu Dhabi are available at a time to suit your schedule.

What if I need to cancel a personal training session?

Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance in order to avoid being charged for your session. Sessions that are cancelled within the agreed cancellation period will be rescheduled according to availability.

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