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Results Driven Prenatal, Postnatal & Female Specific Training Programs in Dubai

Female Trainer Robyn is an expert when it comes to female fitness. Whether you want to lose weight (fat or weight loss), train during pre and post natal or get healthier in general Robyn can help.

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Personal Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
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Female Dubai Personal Trainer, Sports Fitness Coach & Pre Natal Exercise Specialist – Robyn

Dubai female personal trainer Robyn is originally from the UK and is a REPS Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, having qualified in 2018.

With experience in different areas, Robyn can help you to achieve your goals whether that be fat loss, muscle building, strength gain, sports specific exercise, pre and post-natal exercise in Dubai or overall general fitness.

Having a range of customer service experience from various different job roles prior to personal training, she decided to pursue her career within the fitness industry to help those looking to achieve their fitness goals.

She offers personal training to both male and females, 1-1’s or buddy sessions and is available to provide these either at home, residency gyms, outdoor locations throughout Dubai or at a partnership gym.

Using her specialist knowledge of health and fitness Robyn will create a customised fitness plan just for you based on your current fitness level and what your end goals are.

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Robyn's Training Qualifications

Level 2 Gym Instruction
Level 3 Personal Training
Level 3 Outdoor Fitness
Level 3 Sports Conditioning

How Can Robyn Help You?

Robyn believes that it is important for a client to enjoy what they are doing in training sessions, whilst also becoming stronger, fitter and overall healthier as a person!

Every client in Dubai is different and so different motivation techniques work for different people.

Robyn will assess a clients’ needs, goals and what they are looking to achieve throughout an initial consultation, in order to set realistic goals in a way that the client will both enjoy and progress.

She thinks its important for clients to not only see and feel the benefit of exercise but to also enjoy it.

Additional Information

Robyn can provide personal fitness coaching to clients in Dubai who have very different goals and training needs. Her specialist areas include:


  • Weight loss
  • Nutritional advice
  • Muscle gain
  • Sports conditioning
  • Pre and post natal exercise
  • Muscle Building
  • Body Toning & Slimming
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Corporate Fitness

Robyn believes that weight training in Dubai – although daunting to some (especially females) is the best way to help create shape to a body, whether this is by gaining muscle mass, losing fat or creating the lean ‘toned’ look that many people want.

Once a technique is perfected it is then about progressing these safely and with the correct programming which will help goals to be reached.

Robyn incorporates weight training with varied weights such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and resistance bands with circuit training, HIIT and cardiovascular exercises into workouts.

All of these are effective ways to burn extra calories, become stronger and fitter and increase metabolism.



This depends on your fitness goals and your current fitness level. Speak with Robyn for full information. You can contact her by using the contact form above for a free consultation.

Yes. Diet and good nutritional practices should be part of leading a healthier lifestyle in general. Each client has different goals and objectives therefore diet and nutrition guidelines are provided accordingly.

For example, someone who employs the services of a personal trainer in Dubai to gain muscle mass would have a different diet and nutrition requirement to someone who wants to lose weight.

Training in an affiliated gym will provide you with all the equipment required for your training sessions.

Training at home in Dubai or outdoors may require specific training equipment.

During your consultation with Robyn, you will discuss the type of training you are interested in participating in and the type of equipment to be used.


You can train at your local gym in Dubai with PT Robyn if they allow freelance personal trainers.

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