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Physical Training Programs For Weight Loss, Body Toning, Improved Strength & Rehabilitation

Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or increase your general fitness levels. Dubai PT Ivana can provide customised training and nutrition programs for at home or online training.

Dubai Female Personal Trainer - Rehabilitation Coach - Ivana


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Personal Trainer Ivana

Dubai female personal trainer Ivana has more than 16 years of professional experience working with clients one-on-one and small groups.

Ivana has learned that the most important factor of every person achieving their goal is to truly enjoy every step of the training, exercise and lifestyle change process.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach she  believes that simplicity is the key, she helps her clients stay accountable and to improve their habits little by little every day which over time leads to great results.

There is so much more to being fit and healthy then just showing up for PT sessions three times per week and Ivana will do her best to make it easy and achievable for everyone.

We are what we eat and we are what we repeatedly do over time. This means Ivana will take a close look at your diet and your lifestyle and help you create better habits that can easily fit into your current lifestyle and schedule.

Rather than just exercising and training, Ivana educates her clients and helps them understand what the best for them on a life long term.

Regardless of what the client’s goal is, muscle gain, fat loss, competition or athletics, she will provide structured nutrition and training plans that will help each individual to be exactly where they want to be in term of their fitness and health goals.

Her areas of expertise include:

Physical training / Strength & conditioning, mobility, injury rehabilitation.

Nutrition / Fat loss, muscle gain, endurance nutrition, race nutrition, lifestyle.

How Can Ivana Help You?

Depending on her client’s goal and available time for commitment, she can help with:

Personal training sessions;
Remote coaching (online training program);
Detailed nutrition plan;

Client’s progress is tracked trough BCA (body composition analysis), on weekly or monthly basis, depending on client’s goals.

Ivana's Training Qualifications

ACE / American Council on Exercise, Personal Trainer
Charles Poliquin / Advanced Strength Program Design
Precision Nutrition Level 1, Sports Nutrition Specialist
ISSA / International Sports Sciences Association
First AID/PCR / First Responder Training DMCC

Contact Ivana Pesic

You can get in touch with Ivana with your questions or to request further information about booking by clicking on the Telephone or WhatsApp icons below. 

Alternatively, please complete the contact form below and Ivana will be in touch as soon as possible. 



This depends on your training and fitness goals. Contact Ivana for full information. 

Ivana will create detailed meal plans according to clients goal, medical history, age, weight, height, daily energy expenditure, training (type, frequency, intensity & volume), race & competition nutrition trough the online platform where clients can see all the nutrition values for the each meal & day

When you train at home Ivana can provide smaller items of training equipment. 

You can train at home, online and also at your local gym if they allow access to freelance personal trainers. 

The UAE Personal Trainers website is not a booking platform. Bookings for personal training services are made directly with the trainer and each trainer has their own policies. Before entering into a contract with a personal trainer you should check their booking, payment, cancellation and refund  policy.

Additional Information

As as fitness coaching professional Ivan knows which exercise methods are most suitable for you. This often includes:


  • Strength and body conditioning
  • Mobility through exercise
  • Injury and illness rehabilitation
  • Fat loss and body sculpting
  • Muscle gain and toning
  • Nutrition

As part of her customised training programs Ivana has great success with clients when using a combination of the following equipment:


  • Barbell
  • Dumbbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Resistance machines
  • Resistance bands
  • Medicine ball
  • Rower
  • Assault bike
  • Skip rope

Ivana's Reviews & Success Stories

Fantastic Results

I started working with Ivana @Inner Fight 6 months ago, the goal was to optimize my tennis performance, give myself more energy when training and playing matches, and to provide enough protein for muscle growth and repair. Ivana devised a full nutrition plan, 7 days a week and the results have been fantastic. She included a range of different foods week to week to ensure I had variety. All in all, the plan has been a huge benefit to my energy and performance and I would certainly recommend meeting Ivana for a consultation and see if you can achieve similar results. Russell lost 5.8kg of body fat and gained 1.7kg of muscle mass.

Professional & passionate trainer

Meeting Ivana and training with her has literally changed my life around. Simply, with Ivana’s help I achieved my goal of losing weight, one that I have struggled with for years. I lost 35kg+ and my strength has more than tripled. I used to wear size XL, waist 38. Now Size M waist 31. Without her help, I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have today if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. Ivana ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She also knows how to motivate me, she makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. My fitness has increased remarkably and I have seen improvements in my ability to complete more pull-ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session as she is very motivating and encouraging!. Later on, I started doing Spartan Races (obstacle Course Running) and she tailored the sessions to meet my specific needs to complete the obstacles that were difficult for me, improve my endurance to help me complete the long distance Spartan Races 21+km (Rugged Terrain) 30+ obstacles. She clearly put a lot of time into designing the sessions, which were full of variety, lots of fun and similar to Spartan Race conditions to help me prepare and improve my time. Thanks to Ivana, I managed to qualify and accomplish my biggest fitness achievement yet, which was completing a Spartan Race Trifecta World Championship in Sparta Greece (2 Days, total Distance 52.2 KM – Elevation 1,200 M – Total Obstacles 80). I would recommend Ivana in a heartbeat if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals in Dubai. The professionalism and passion for what she do is second to none. I really enjoyed the variety & challenge she put into the sessions and will be forever thankful to her!

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Ivana's Articles, Packages & Classes

Eating well and training hard in Dubai but still not seeing results? This is a common problem but there are always reasons why. Find out more from professional PT Ivana.
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