Abu Dhabi Female PT & Group Fitness Coach – Nermin

Ladies PT Coaching In Abu Dhabi For All Levels Of Fitness

Women's fitness coach Nermin will help you reach all your fitness goals whether that is to lose weight, tone up your physique or work on your cardio fitness in Abu Dhabi. At home coaching is available.

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At home personal trainer for women in Abu Dhabi - Nermin
Personal Trainer location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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Women’s Fitness PT In Abu Dhabi – Nermin

Nermin is a women’s fitness personal training coach in Abu Dhabi. Whether your fitness goal is short term or long term she can create a personalised fitness plan that is designed to work for you.

Her clients in Abu Dhabi can train at home, their building gym or even outdoors.

As well as weight loss and body toning Nermin can provide effective workouts for cardio fitness, designed to get your overall fitness levels up with techniques like Bootcamp and HIIT.

Changing your physique through diet and training and increasing your confidence is also an area that Nermin specialises in.

She firmly believes that if you have a goal you can achieve it but it does take work, dedication and the help of a great personal trainer.

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Nermin’s Training Qualifications

Certified Active IQ Level 2 Gym Instructor
Certified Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer
First Aid and CPR Certified

How Can Nermin Help You?

Nermin’s journey into the world of health and fitness started after the birth of her third child. She knew she wanted to get back her pre pregnancy fitness levels and in doing so her passion for health and fitness grew.

As a female PT in Abu Dhabi Nermin can help you with many different aspects of fitness using different training techniques. If weight loss is your goal she knows the best ways to change your eating habits and the best exercise types to lose weight safely.

If cardio and general fitness are an important part of your goals she can help with bootcamp, HIIT and many other cardio fitness exercise methods.

Ultimately, Nermin listens to you, listens to what you expect to achieve from your personal training sessions at home in Abu Dhabi and then creates a personalised, 1-2-1 training plan just for you.

Additional Information

Nermin strives to create effective and fun fitness plans to help her clients get stronger, fitter and happier.

Helping other people meet their potential while achieving their fitness goals and reaching their desired shape and overall health is her mission.

She really believes that exercising is good for the mind, body and soul.

Nermin specialties include weight loss, functional training, shape and muscle toning for women. She understands that everyone is an individual and will prepare for her clients personalized plans for each specific goal.

She knows that making the training totally personal will be the key to her Abu Dhabi client’s success.

Each of her clients has a workout designed just for her, and that can change in an instant depending on what is going on in her life from day to day.

The kind of training kit you will use during your training sessions with Nermin will depend on your goals. She will attend your at home PT sessions in Abu Dhabi with any required equipment. If you choose to train at an Advantage Sports Gym in Abu Dhabi they have a wide range of equipment for every need.



When you speak with Nermin she can explain her programs, packaged and pricing structure. She will also be able to give yo a better idea of how many sessions you might need.

Diet and nutrition does perform a major role in a healthy lifestyle and any fitness regime. Nermin is a sports nutrition specialist and can offer advise and support for healthy eating plans based on your needs and fitness regimes.

All you will need is a towel and a bottle of water. The kind of equipment you might need depends on what you want to achieve from your sessions and your current level and ability. Nermin and the Advantage Sports team can provide any fitness equipment required.

There are various options for where you can take your PT sessions in Abu Dhabi. These include your home, your building gym or an Advantage Sports Facility.

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