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Female Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi – Zeynab
Personal Trainer Location : Abu Dhabi
Trainer Gender : Female
Price (From) : 200 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 70 (AED)
Where Can I Train? : Your Home, Outdoors, Advantage Sports Gym, Your Building Gym
Languages : English, Arabic
Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer – Zeynab

Weight loss specialist Zeynab is based in Abu Dhabi and can come to your home for your personal fitness sessions.

Zeynab has an interest in holistic health – living life in balance. She can help you with weight loss, fat loss, general fitness and pre/post natal exercise.

If you struggle with long term weight loss Zeynab’s approach to healthy eating and nutrition makes her the best personal trainer for you.

A Level 3 Certified female trainer, Zeynab is an expert at stretching techniques and also circuit training – great for cardio health and also for rapid, safe weight loss.

Qualified in Abu Dhabi to coach male and female clients Zeynab knows that it takes dedication and hard work to see results – she will motivate you when needed and also educate you on why different exercises work and more importantly how they work.

If you’re new to fitness with a specific training goal or you need some help with focus Zeynab will provide you with the tools and methods to ensure your training goals are met in full.

Being a fully qualified gym instructor, Zeynab also offers group fitness classes in Abu Dhabi and provides discounts for groups. Group training is great for motivation and support.

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How Can Zeynab Help?
Rapid Weight Loss In Abu Dhabi
Pre & Post Natal Training
Stretching Exercises For Flexibility
Circuit Training & Classes
Fat Loss & Body Sculpting
Core Workouts & Ab Development
Holistic Health & Nutrition
Diet Planning For Weight Loss
Strength & Muscle Toning
Specialised Female Fitness

About PT Zeynab:

Abu Dhabi based Zeynab is a Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer with a passion to help others reach their goals. She has a background in holistic health and believes the mind, body, and soul all need to be fit to work together to ensure a happier and healthier life. Our bodies were made to move and perform and she aims to provide you with all the tools and support you need to be where you want to be. One of the biggest achievements one can make is turn fitness into a lifestyle and Zeynab hopes to inspire and motivate you to find that balance and feel empowered and healthy for the long run.

Whether you want to lose some weight, gain weight or simply feel fitter Zeynab is the ideal personal trainer to help you achieve all your fitness and lifestyle goals.

If you are looking for pre or post natal exercise support Zeynab is also qualified to provide pre and post natal personal training in Abu Dhabi.

Zeynab's Personal Training Style:

Zeynab is open to all modes of training and believes one size does not fit all. She will listen to your needs and preferences and work towards tailoring a programme unique to your goal to give you the tools and guidance to reach your full potential. In her Abu Dhabi personal training sessions Zeynab likes to use tried and trusted exercise methods and also new techniques.

Zeynab's Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

When looking for a professional female personal trainer in Abu-Dhabi you want to know how qualified your trainer is.

Zeynab’s qualifications include:

  • Certified YMCA Award level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Certified YMCA Award level 3 Personal Trainer
  • First Aid Certificate

Zeynab's Training Specialities:

Zeynab believes the more variety of movement the better for your body. In Abu Dhabi she likes to combine resistance training alongside HIIT to strengthen, build, and shape the body while trimming away unwanted body fat and keeping your body fit and strong. She will encourage you to make the most of your environment and to explore new ways to keep active too. Zeynab is dedicated to continuous learning and always on the lookout for new and different ways to challenge herself and her clients.

Zeynab's Personal Fitness Training Methods & Equipment:

The kind of equipment you might need depends on what you want to achieve from your personal trainer sessions and if required any fitness equipment is provided by Zeynab. If you work out in one of the Advantage Sports UAE approved gyms they have a full range of equipment available for every exercise and training plan.

Personal Trainer FAQ

You probably have a number of questions that you would like to ask a personal trainer. Below you can find questions and answers relating to some of the most popular FAQ's. You can also contact the personal trainer by using the form in the 'contact' tab above.

Where can you provide personal training services?

Anywhere, Zeynab is a mobile personal trainer based in Abu Dhabi which allows her to be completely flexible when it comes to where and when you train. You can use your building gym, your home, your office , an outdoor location.

You could also organise your training sessions at an Advantage Sports approved gyms in Abu Dhabi Golf Club, House of Nature, Le Meridien Abu Dhabi, Sheraton Corniche Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Beach Golf Club or St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.

Do you provide a fitness evalutation before I start?

Being fit and healthy in the UAE is not just about lifting weights or going for a run – it’s a lifestyle. The right training plan is crucial to help you on the road to achieving your fitness goals. With this in mind a fitness evaluation is performed for each new client which will help Zeynab find out more about you, your lifestyle, your current fitness level and of course your previous training/exercise experience. With this information Zeynab can then prepare a plan which is designed to help you achieve your goals in a safe training and timely way.

Do you bring the exercise equipment to the PT sessions?

Zeynab will attend each personal training session with the required equipment. You don’t need to provide any additional training gear yourself. The kit that you will use depends on the program; which has been professionally prepared for your personal training sessions in Abu Dhabi. Alternatively if your training goals do require specialised exercise and workout equipment you could train at an Advantage Sports gym. Various locations are available throughout Abu Dhabi.

Do you provide nutritional and diet information?

Diet and nutrition does perform a major role in a healthy lifestyle and any fitness regime. Zeynab is a sports nutrition specialist and can offer advise and support for healthy eating plans based on your needs and fitness regimes. Zeynab is particularly well-equipped to help clients with nutritional guidelines for maximal efficacy. Zeynab has a background in holistic health and believes the mind, body, and soul all need to be fit to work together to ensure a happier and healthier life.

Do you provide discounts for group training?

Yes. If you would prefer to work out in a group (friends, family or co-workers) discounted rates for your training sessions can be applied. Group training is also a great way to get each other motivated, have some fun in your training sessions and also stay focused.

Can I pre-book weekly personal training times?

Yes. It is preferable to pre-book a set of personal trainer sessions if you can to ensure your preferred training times are available on a week to week basis.

What if I need to cancel a personal training session?

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before your training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients who do not cancel with 24 hours notice will be charged for the cancelled session, unless already agreed with Advantage Sports Management.

Advantage Sports understands that emergencies happen. We provide every client with one free short-notice cancellation. You will not be charged for your first cancellation with less than 24 hour notice. Subsequent short-notice cancellations will be charged for the session. The free short-notice cancellation only applies if Advantage Sports is notified prior to the session start time. No shows are not eligible for the free cancellation.

If you need to cancel a session, please call Zeynab directly.

Personal Trainer Articles & Q&A

Working with clients with very different needs and fitness levels has taught Zeynab many things when it comes to healthy living, fitness and exercise. You can view articles and tips created by Zeynab below.

Long Term Weight Loss Training In Abu Dhabi – UAE

Do you struggle with weight managment or have problems sticking to a diet in the UAE? Weight loss needs to be seen as a long term goal – female PT from Abu Dhabi Zeynab explains why.

Rapid Weight Loss In Abu Dhabi – Top 10 Tips

Confused about rapid weight loss in Abu Dhabi? Getting the right advice is key when it comes to ensuring all your nutritional needs are met.

PT Tips – Avoid Gaining Weight During Ramadan In The UAE

If you plan your meals and also don’t get too stressed about food then not gaining too much weight during the Holy month is possible. We asked a female PT in Abu Dhabi for her tips and advice.

Post Natal In The UAE – When Can I Start Training Again?

Confused about when you can start training again postpartum in the UAE? We asked a female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for her traning tips and advice about when you can safely start to exercise after having your baby.

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  • December 13, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    I’ve been training with the amazing coach Zeynab since my first month of pregnancy till 8th. She is so direct to the point person, sat my goals and went with the flow till almost the end of my pregnancy journey. She was an important factor of keeping my body healthy,balanced, and looks fit even with tummy getting bigger and bigger. Definitely I recommend working out with her.

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