Kickboxing & Muscle Building PT in Sharjah – Halil Gul

Personal Training In Sharjah For Adults & Kids Including Kickboxing, Boxing, Football & Muscle Building

Kickboxing, boxing, sports fitness, weight management and body transformation are all areas where Halil can help. Fully professional fitness coach in Sharjah for adults and children's health and fitness.

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Muscle building techniques in Dubai with fitness coach Halil Gul
Personal Trainer location: Sharjah, UAE
Trainer Gender: Sharjah Male Trainers
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About Sharjah Coach Halil

Halil is a professional personal trainer and expert when it comes to general health and fitness. 

Whether you want to learn kickboxing for fitness or boxing as a sport he can help. His experience is varied and he can work with adults and children. 

As a freelance coach he can provide effective training programs for all levels of fitness including specialist kids training in kickboxing, football and boxing. 

Weight management is also an area that Halil excels in, using various fitness training methods to help you shed the fat and improve your muscle tone. 

Whatever reason you have for hiring a great PT in Sharjah Halil will help get you on track to leading a much healthier, fitness life. 

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Halil's Training Qualifications

Licenced IFPA level 3
Europe Active level 2 coach
UAE Reps Certified

How Can Halil Help You?

Healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition is a way of life for Halil. He likes to educate all his PT clients on the importance of exercise and diet. He doesn’t just show you how a particular exercise is done, he will explain why you are doing it. 

He focuses on technique and proper form during all his training sessions, this ensures you get the most out of your training. 

All of his training programs are customised to his clients needs because no too people are the same. 

Whether you want to lose weight and improve your physical appearance to learn a contact sport like kickboxing or boxing in Sharjah he has the knowledge and experience to make sure all your goals are met in full. 

Additional Information

Halil is an all-round fitness expert. He gets great results when using the following exercise and training methods. 


  • Weight Loss & Weight Management
  • Kickboxing For All Ages
  • Muscle Gain
  • Football & Sports Coaching
  • Senior & Elderly Fitness
  • Bodybuilding Techniques
  • Fat Loss & Muscle Definition
  • Injury Or Illness Rehab
  • Boxing For Fitness
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning
  • Circuit Training For Cardio Health
  • Bodyweight Training

During your training sessions in Sharjah you will be using a combination of the following exercise equipment. 


  • Free Weights
  • Weight Training Kit
  • Kettle Bells
  • TRX
  • Padwork
  • Boxing Bags
  • Battle Rope
  • Balance Boards
  • Pull Up Bars
  • Medicine Ball
  • Resistance Bands



This depends on why you want to hire a freelance personal trainer in Sharjah. No two clients are the same so contact Halil for full details. 

Yes, nutrition advise as part of your training program can be included. 

If you train at home no specialist equipment is needed. 

If your gym in Sharjah allows you to use a freelance personal trainer Halil can workout with you there. 

Contact Halil Gul

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with the trainer. 

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