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With a background in contact sports for adults and kids Nader is a specialist PT in Dubai for all your health and fitness goals. He is a specialist in MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Kickboxing and rehabilitation coaching.

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PT Location: Dubai, UAE

About Dubai Coach Nader

Dubai Coach Nader is a well rounded, passionate personal trainer who loves what he does.

Having been involved in the fitness industry for more than 15 years has provided him with a wealth of experience in the personal fitness industry.

Nader makes a real differences to people’s lives in Dubai. Healthy them understand that health and fitness is a lifestyle goal rather than a quick fix to a problem.

Nader is an expert coach for Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts in Dubai but his skills are not limited to contact sports training. 

By continuously working on his own self-development skills he can successfully train men, women and children for weight loss, muscle building and strength, body toning and also rehabilitation after illness or injury. 

Nader has also been trained in Kinesio taping methods which is ideal for relieving pain and treating a wide range of clinical conditions, from tendon injuries to neurologic disorders and from muscle contractures to postural insufficiencies.

If learning a new contact sport is your goal Nader can provide professional coaching and provide you with the tips and advice you need to become proficient and fit both in the ring and out.

Coach Nader can provide safe and fun training also followed with results for kids and adults from martial arts to conditioning to weight training based on  every persons goals.

How Can Nader Help You?

If your looking for safe, fun and results-drive personal training in Dubai Coach Nader can definitely help you.

Whether you want to train at home, your gym or even outdoors Nader creates personalised workout programs that are designed to provide effective results. 

Nader’s goal is to make you fall in love with exercise and the way it can make you feel. No matter what it is (weight lifting, weight lose, muscle gain, Jiu Jitsu, mixed martial arts, kick boxing, functional training ….) 

He will help you stay motivated and passionate during your fitness journey by changing exercise methods. This also means you’ll never become bored.

His training programs in Dubai are also supported with the right nutrition guidance that your body needs.

Being a professional coach he understands that proper forms and technique are super  important to prevent injuries and to get a better results in a shorter time.

Many of his clients in Dubai have a busy schedule which can lead to stress, his boxing and martial arts classes can be the best stress relief  and provide many more fitness benefits too. 

Training for kids is also provided – this provides children with self-confidence, a fun way to get in shape and can also help increase their attention. 

Promotions & Packages

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Nader's Training Qualifications

UAE REPS Level 3 PT 2985
Kickboxing Black Belt
Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt
IQ level 2 kettlebell instructor
Kinesio taping fundamentals & advanced (kt1 kt2)
SMRT-CORE triger point performance
L2 suspension training medicine TRX
Rehab Essential trainer
L1 Precision Nutrition
Vipr face to face training

Contact Nader Maalaoui

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This depends on your reasons for hiring a freelance personal trainer in Dubai – Contact Nader for further information. 

Providing a diet plan based on the client’s goal and training program is the main key of success for a healthy and resulted lifestyle.

If you train at home you don’t need any special equipment. 

If your gym allows you to train with a freelance PT in Dubai Nader can provide your workouts there. Otherwise you can train at home, your building gym or even outdoors. 

Additional Information

To get the best results for his male and female clients in Dubai Coach Nader uses a wide range of physical training methods, these include:


  • Kickboxing
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Boxing
  • weight lifting
  • Bootcamp
  • HIIT
  • bodybuilding
  • weight & fat loss exercises
  • rehabilitation training & therapy
  • kids workout


  • Body weight
  • trx
  • resistance band
  • kettlebell
  • gym equipment
  • vipr
  • Boxing pads

Nader's Reviews & Success Stories

Amazing experience with a great Coach!

Coach Nader is the best coach I have worked with in Dubai. He is patient – and focuses a lot on your technique. He is always smiling, very happy, with a great attitude and it makes me look forward to our sessions every time. He is able to calibrate his sessions to the skill-level of the person he is training. He has improved my technique and cardio massively and I will continue to work with him for the foreseeable future! I would highly recommend him!!

Amazing Coach

I can’t recommend Nader highly enough!! I had a great experience training with him, he helped me improve physical fitness, learn new skills and I am always looking forward to the next session. If you are curious about martial arts don’t hesitate, reach out to Nader and give it a try!!

Excellent Boxing Coach

Nader is an excellent coach. I have taken up boxing sessions for a few weeks now and he really pushes you to meet your targets and tailors the exercises towards your goals. He has a great knowledge of MMA and has taught me a lot of skills outside of my comfort zone that are beyond boxing, I never knew I could pick up kickboxing skills too! Nader is patient and encourages you when you doing good and makes you aware of things you could do better. I would highly recommend Nader!

Fantastic Coach!

I could not recommend Nader highly enough. He has trained my son 1-1 in BJJ and my son enjoys and learns so much from the sessions he is now taking the sport very seriously. He is THE best coach you could find in Dubai, very friendly, professional and knowledgable.
India Salewski

Great training for kids in Dubai

Coach Nader is training our 10-year-old son who has a physical disability, three times a week, to strengthen his core muscles, improve his balance and overall gross motor skills. We are astonished with his physio therapy knowledge, training routine, positive attitude and discipline. We have seen great improvement on our child physical abilities since starting with Nader. He doesn't save any effort to make the training session challenging yet enjoyable. A very hard working coach who really pours his heart into his work.
Mr Hassan

Best coach ever!

The definition of perfection. I have had boxing and BJJ sessions with coach Nader, he is so polite, so knowledgeable, so smart, and so precise. He has a high level of dedication to his clients. I highly recommend him.

Uplift your skills !

Coach Nader is definetely the best coach of Dubai ! His level of professionalism and sense of details to make you perform the right move is just amazing. Every session is very well adapted to your needs. In a very short period of time you feel much more confident in yourself. Beside of this, Coach Nader is really a very positive person and always joyful. I highly recommend him !

Best coach for boxing!

Nader is an amazing coach, highly recommended! He’s great at training beginners and teaches proper boxing techniques. He gives great guidance and ensures you learn boxing and get a great workout. Perfect for anyone at any level. Thank you !
Si Si

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