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Strength, Improved Fitness & Weight Loss Coaching In Abu Dhabi Using Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing & HIIT Training Methods. Men & Women's Coaching

Claudia is an expert in providing fitness and weight loss by using a combination of Boxing, kickboxing and mixed martal arts. You don’t need martial arts experience to enjoy the benefits that MMA can provide which include weight loss, body toning, strength and more. If ZUMBA appeals to you Claudia can provide Zumba classes in Abu Dhabi too.

Abu Dhabi Female Boxing Trainer - Claudia


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer & Kickboxing Coach – Claudia

Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer & Ladies kick boxing / boxing Coach Claudia is a Peruvian trainer with a strong passion for sports and dance (like all good Latin woman).

She grew up playing Volleyball, Soccer, Martial Arts and of course Latin Dance namely Salsa and Reggaeton.

As a professional fitness coach, Claudia believes exercise is an important and meaningful part of daily living and although schedules can be busy, she firmly believes that exercise should always be incorporated into your routine in Abu Dhabi.

A dedicated fitness professional with a passion for improving client health, wellness and quality of life, Claudia Delivers high-energy training using the latest techniques in exercise science, cardio programs and strength training.

She can help with weight loss and nutrition programs for youth, teens, adults and senior citizens that are fun, safe, extremely effective and tailored to individual goals.

Claudia is also a body transformation specialist adept in helping diverse populations achieve their fitness, weight loss and conditioning goals faster than they ever thought possible.

Claudia’s clients always speak incredibly highly about her training regime due to the results she achieves and the support she offers across every element of their training.

As a female fitness coach Claudia can provide 1-2-1 personal training throughout Abu Dhabi.

She also enjoys high paced kickboxing classes in Abu Dhabi for ladies.

If you are interested in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) then Claudia can also include this in your personal fitness plan.

How Can Claudia Help You?

For Claudia, it’s very important to build a good connection with her clients, based in confidence and focus on their personal training goals.

Her training style depends of the conditions and goals of her clients, she tailors all her workouts based on Boxing for fitness, HITT, Weight Lifting, Circuits and Kickboxing.

Athletic routines are also an important part of Claudia’s workout routines. This involves stand up exercises to include all muscle groups during the training process.

For people with Low Back Pain, Scoliosis and Pregnancy she can also create specialist workout plans.

Claudia can provide face to face coaching and online training in Abu Dhabi. 

Promotions & Packages

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Claudia's Training Qualifications

ActiveIQ certified Personal Trainer (REPS Level 3)
BELLY FIT, Bellydance Fitness Coach
PHI SPORTS ACADEMY, Reality Based Training (Self Defense RBT) Level 1
ORION ACADEMY, Muay Thai, 2 years

Contact Claudia

Claudia is unavailable for personal training at this time. 

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Speak with Claudia about your health and fitness plans and she will be able to provide more information on the number of sessions that might be needed to reach your goals.

Yes, basic nutrition advice can be provided with your PT Program.

If you want to do your personal training at home in Abu Dhabi Claudia will bring TRX, free weights, dumbbells, resistant bands, boxing pads, kettlebells, ankle weights and everything that you need for your workout.

You can train at home, in your building gym or outdoors. 

Additional Information

Training with Claudia is fun and fast paced. As a motivational coach she will keep you focused on your goals and provide a supportive approach in all your sessions.


  • Ladies Kickboxing Classes
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Female Boxing In Abu Dhabi
  • Weight Loss & Nutrition
  • ZUMBA Classes
  • Senior Fitness Programs
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Core Workouts
  • Strength
  • Muscle Toning
  • Fat Reduction Exercises
  • Boxing For Fitness
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Stretching
  • Functional Training
  • Self Defense

When training in Abu Dhabi with Claudia you will be using a combination of equipment, including:


  • Boxing Gloves & Pads
  • Free Weights
  • Body Weight
  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Kettle Bells
  • Ankle Weights
  • Medicine Ball
  • Rope
Personal Trainer Online
Are you looking for personal training and fitness coaching online in Abu Dhabi?
Claudia can guide you with her PT online program. It includes:
– In body test analysis 
– Design the best meal program for your goal.
– Workout program according your condition.
– Guidence in vitamins and supplements.
– Follow up of your progress through whatsapp.
– Discount in nutrition shops.
Contact Claudia today for free advice about online coaching services and how it can help you. 

Claudia's Reviews & Success Stories

Different exercises in every session

I would really like to thanks Gold’s Gym team to give me the opportunity to express my opinion. I have been in the gym for about two and a half months. The gym is generally excellent in terms of sport machines, and the staff are very nice to deal with. As for my strong coach Claudia I am fortunate to be with her, she has a great and enough skills about her job. Claudia is also very cooperative regarding to the question I ask or the food I must avoid. In every session we do different exercises using various equipment. I noticed the difference in my body and my health. My life has changed for the better. Thanks to the beautiful coach Claudia.

My body shape has improved thanks to Claudia!

Claudia has been my instructor for 5 months. With her I’ve lost 7 kilos. Claudia is fun to be around. She is always positive and shows good attitude. Always on time and knows what exercise is the best for your body. I never believed that my body shape will improve but now as I see it, I feel happy.

My lifestyle changed

I have been training with Ms Claudia for about 8 months. During this period,I have changed my lifestyle, mind and health. I have lost 8 kilograms, and was able to perform better on my life in general. Claudia is so unique on her exercises. She treats every client differently during the training according to their abilities, health, age and goal. I used to have training before with different coaches. Honestly, she is different and so precise on choosing the best for each client. ONLY, with her, I feel she is doing this only for me. I like coming to the gym because of Claudia. She encourages me and works hard to remember my goal and go for it. She cares about my feelings and asks always even during the training or after I go home. In addition, She follows my diet and advises me of healthy options until I become independent of what I should eat and when. Claudia is very good in building relationship with the clients. She got a very good skills on marketing and convincing people for their best. She is very flexible, which is one of the important characteristics of a coach. She understands the cases and do her best to find the best solutions for her clients. She really have a very good heart. If I am asked about a very good coach that make changes your life, I would recommend Claudia by default.

Encouraging & Motivating

Greetings, I joined the Gold Gym almost three years ago and I used to work on my own at times, and I attended the zombie, bike and yoga classes at other times. I felt that I lost some weight but not the weight I wanted and because of the conditions I was facing, I did not adhere to my health or exercise. From about five months, I noticed Claudia working with one of her clients. Her voice was encouraging; she was moving, dancing and laughing at the same time. I loved her beautiful hair, which reminds me of one of the actors of the famous film “Fast & Furious” Nathalie Emmanuel. “personal trainer is to show off and waste time and money" This wrong idea was stuck in my head before. Four months ago, I renewed my membership and I got two free sessions with one of the trainers free. I remembered Claudia and I said to myself why do not I try. The day came with Claudia. She was very kind and full of energy. During the sessions, I felt that the exercises were good for me, but I felt pain in all parts of my body after two days, so I had difficulty walking and sitting until I could not wear my high heels. I felt that my body had become fuller and I felt the achievement. I decided to take part and take 20 training sessions with Claudia. During that time, Claudia would communicate with me daily via WhatsApp. She would send me pictures of breakfast, lunch, dinner and even the Snack, and advise me if I should change or add something to it. She encouraged me and gave me the motivation to complete. When I finished the sessions, I felt great difference in my body size so that people close to me noticed it. Now I have completed 40 sessions and will continue with Claudia. I am not sorry for any penny I spent or any time I spent with her. I am very proud of what I have done and the credit goes back to her.

Energetic workouts with great results

Claudia is a great trainer she is very passionate and has great energy about her, our workouts are fun, she has a lot of good energy. I had cut out training since the pandemic began and was in very bad shape. Within a month I was able to build strength and increase the weights I was using in my exercise and the repletion. As I continued to train with her for the past few months I see continued improvements in muscles definition, less tension in my neck which was something I suffered with for a while and increased my strength. I always look forward to our sessions!

I feel more confident and more active

The first day I join a gym after a long time was on April the 1st 2018. I thought it won’t workout with me because I tried joining a lot of fitness centers in Abu Dhabi and nothing worked out with me. However, the time that I paid and registered at Gold’s Gym they let me go and see the gym and all, the first person I saw there in the corner of the gym was my trainer Claudia that I’ve never knew she’s going to be my personal trainer (and thankful she is). It wasn’t easy for me to start working out because after every exercise I was feeling bad, not breathing well due to personal reasons such as having asthma, not completing full circuits and stopping for a long time as result of some acids and my of course my weight. After the first 3 months I felt much better I wasn’t excepting that to happen but gladly it happened! I felt more confident and more active at the gym and outside as well. I teared up happily because of this progress even if I progressed slightly it’s one of long goals I want to achieve. I’m near to end a year in Gold’s Gym, I lost weight and I’m still working on my goal to be more healthier, stronger, athletic and energetic in my life that will guide me to have a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, thank God for what I became today and not to forget mentioning that this is me today much better and healthier person because of my lovely and motivational personal trainer Claudia I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the effort she gives, all the motivation words she says, all the hard work she gave me until this day even if she was tough with me that helped me to become a stronger person today and confident in front of everyone. I appreciate every second I spend at the gym with my trainer Claudia and Insha’allah more achieves and goals in future with her. Best regards, Mariam
Mariam From Abu Dhabi

Positive, enthusiastic, supportive

I’d like to thank Coach Claudia for all her effort and work hard for training me. I have started kickboxing with coach Claudia from 5 months. She has a great experience to implement the impactful strategies in the classes. She is very positive, enthusiastic, supportive, focused, goal-oriented, respectful and a clear communicator. I noticed my improvements with her, always push me and encourage me to continue. I appreciate her effort and definitely I will continue with her until achieve my fitness goals. Thanks

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