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Lose Fat, Manage Your Weight, Build Muscle & Increase Your Fitness With Specialist Personal Training In Dubai Provided By Aly

Aly is a muscle building and strength specialist. Using tailor-made fitness plans he can help you increase your muscle definition, lose fat and improve your endurance. His exercise routines are adapted to his client’s needs and fitness goals.

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PT Location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Personal Trainer – Aly

Dubai personal trainer and fitness expert Aly is a REPS 3 qualified fitness trainer with more than 17 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.

Aly can work with clients of all ages and fitness abilities, he specialises in fat loss, muscle building, weight and nutrition management, endurance and more.

Through regular monitoring and fitness evaluations Aly will ensure you meet and exceed all of your health, fitness and lifestyle goals in Dubai whether you want to trainer at home, at a gym or even outdoors.

Aly likes to incorporate athletic movements with almost all of his personal training clients. Keeping an open mind and adapting exercise routines and training styles will ensure you never get bored during your Dubai PT sessions.

Being a mobile freelance personal trainer in Dubai allows Aly to come to you for your PT sessions. This can be at your home in Dubai, your home gym or at another location to suit your time and your daily schedule.

Aly has an impressive 17 years of the health and fitness industry knowledge to pass on to his personal training clients and is suited to all client types and ages.

How Can Aly Help You?

Whether you are just getting into fitness or perhaps you need some help with achieving a fitness goal in Dubai; Aly’s motivational and inspirational personal training approach means you will see results.

He specialises in a wide variety of health and fitness areas including endurance, general fitness, improving your body tone and physical appearance, weight loss and proper nutritional planning and pre-post natal exercise in Dubai.

Aly likes to incorporate athletic movements with almost all of his personal training clients. Keeping an open mind and adapting exercise routines and training styles will ensure you never get bored during your Dubai PT sessions.

Aly knows that to be successful in any exercise programme proper form and technique need to be applied to the exercise session, being an expert in the field of fitness allows him to not only tell you the proper way exercise should be done but also demonstrate it.

His personal training style is ultimately designed to give you the results you need in a fast and safe training way.

Promotions & Packages

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Aly's Training Qualifications

ISSA level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate
IFPA Level 3 Personal Trainer Certificate
UAE REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer
Certified personal trainer from Golds Academy
Certified personal trainer from 24 hour fitness
Certified personal trainer from FNC
Resistance Training course from Cybex International
CPR & First Aid Certified American Red Cross.

Contact Aly

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Ultimately this depends on your fitness goals. Speak with Aly to arrange a consultation and he will provide further information.

Yes. Because proper nutrition is a critical element to a successful personal training plan Aly can provide diet and nutrition information. He will look at your current lifestyle and eating habits and suggest any changes you need to make in order to reach your goals in a timely and safe way. Your nutrition plan can also be adapted to your particular training needs. For example if you want to build muscle and decrease total body fat you nutritional intake would be different from a client who simply wants to lose weight and tone up.

If you train at home Aly can provide smaller items of training equipment. Or you can use your building gym or even train outdoors.

If your gym in Dubai allows you to use a freelance PT Aly can train you there. Otherwise he can provide information on other suitable locations.

Additional Information

Aly is an all-rounder. He specialises in a wide variety of training techniques using both tried and tested methods and also new exercise regimes. Being a Level 3 Reps qualified trainer means Aly is constantly adding to his own personal training through a variety of training courses and certifications.

He has experience in training clients for:


  • Fat loss & Reshaping 
  • ABS & CORE
  • Stamina & Endurance 
  • Conditioning & Weight Management 
  • Flexibility & Balance 
  • Muscle gaining & Toning 
  • Bootcamp
  • Muscle Building
  • Bodybuilding
  • Pre & Post Natal Training
  • Sports Endurance
  • Body Toning & Shaping
  • Slimming Exercises
  • Muscle Improvement
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Children’s Fitness Programs
  • Flexibility, Strength & Functional Exercises
  • Long Term Weight Management
  • Competition Prep




During your personal fitness coaching with Aly in Dubai you can expect to be using the following equipment:


  • Free Weights
  • Kettle Bells
  • Bootcamp Kit
  • Medicine Balls
  • TRX
  • Weight Machines
  • Power Lifting Equipment

If you need an online personal training program that is customised to your fitness needs and goals Aly can help.

If you live in Dubai or Sharjah your online personal training program can be combined with face to face training.

Even if you don’t live in the UAE Aly can provide fitness and nutrition training which includes ongoing monitoring of your progress.

Online coaching in Dubai with Aly is perfect if you cannot commit to certain times and times to do your training. It can be done in the comfort of your own home at a scheduled time to suit you.


How does Aly monitor your progress with online coaching?


Aly will provide an initial assessment to understand more about your lifestyle and your fitness goals. He will also:


  • Show you how to correctly take body measurement
  • Record your starting weight
  • Your shape
  • Clothes size
  • Weight you can comfortably lift


Do I need any equipment at home?

Not necessarily but this does depend on your training goals. You don’t need a full scale gym or any larger items of exercise equipment, it can be useful to have:


  • Resistance bands
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells


The top benefits of online or online and face to face training with Aly in Dubai

  1. Avoid injuries
  2. Avoid wasting time
  3. Shortcut to reach your goal
  4. Put you on the right track
  5. Motivate you and track your progress

Aly's Reviews & Success Stories

Motivational and patient

I started working out with Aly a month ago. He is my first personal trainer. I really appreciate that every session is different, he always comes with new exercises. Aly always shows me and explains patiently what to do and how to use each machine in the gym. Aly is also very nice and professional. So every session is a pleasant experience even though I do exercise early in the morning when I am not in the best mood. I can only highly recommend him.
B Faltova From Dubai

Motivated PT

It is always said that "first step is important". I was training earlier with different trainers but without any results. This demotivated me to an extent that I started doubting on every PT I spoke with, till I met Aly. He not only listened, understood my thoughts but also provided me the correct regime to work through and converted my demotivation to motivation. His sincerity, punctuality and understanding has injected a positive vibe in me for past 4 weeks with many more to come. His training has improved my lifestyle in terms of daily routine of work

Challenging workouts every time

The best thing about training with “Aly” is that always feel better when I leave. I feel he’s each session according to my a ability and goals. I feel challenged each time and that I’m progressing in increasing agility, strength and balance. I love that he is patiently at the same time. I highly recommend “ALY” as a Personal Trainer

Best trainer

I lost 15 kilo in 3 month with Aly Toned my body strengthen my lower back My stamina and endurance is amazing. He change my lifestyle thanks a lot Aly.

Great training and diet advice

Aly is a very sincere trainer who understands your body type and level of fitness before suggesting the suitable training regime. I’ve been training with him for over three months now and he’s very punctual and committed. He also has knowledge about different diets as well. Highly recommended as a fitness trainer.
Kartik aiyar

Aly will bring out the best in you

A high professional trainer who can bring out the best out in you. I’ve been training with Aly for a couple of months now, clear changes and progress in the first weeks! He is capable to tailor the best plan to fit with my needs with clear plan to achieve the target. I absolutely recommend Aly for anyone having the Will to get better shape and healthier life.
Hany Jawee

Tremendous results thanks to Aly

I have been working out with Aly for around 6months and it has been an amazing transformation. Firstly, the constant push to exercise when you are feeling lazy that day helps snap the lazy streak then the push during the workout makes you push even harder. The sore muscles the next day are a good reminder of the workout. The results have been tremendous and so many people want to work out with Aly because they see the results. Aly is definitely the best trainer I have been working out with and highly recommend him
D Liusie, Aly’s PT Client

Reached my goals in a short time!

Aly is excellent trainer he understands my goal and he lets me reach my goal in short time and it was amazing transformation in my body shape and condition .
Melody – Aly’s Personal Training Client

Aly was the best choice!!!

I highly recommend Aly! I wasn’t sure I wanted to train with a Man in the beginning. I always had women as PT in Dubai. I was afraid of muscle gain and wanted to tone a bit but mostly lose weight! Aly was the best choice!! After 6 month now, I look toned, fit and feminine. My arms look amazing and I love my PT sessions with full workout: weight exercices, core exercices, abs and strength. Results show in the forst month! Just do it :)
Joumana Hajj

Helpful tips and advice

Aly he helped me to achieve what I was looking for in a short time. Having pain in my lower back and knees he which exercises to do to help build up around muscles amen eliminate the pain. He’s very helpful in explaining about nutrition facts Ann’s how the body adapts and reacts to all the changes, I am gaining as well muscles strength and knowledge also as nutritional teachings it helped me understand more about what’s suits me. I highly recommend training with ALY.

Great body toning results from training with Aly

Aly is an amazing Personal Trainer, he is very patient and shows you how to train in the correct way. With his years of experience I can’t recommend him enough, with my body wanting to be toned I have nearly achieved my goal.
Sarah Walters
Aly is a friendly and nice coach, really professional and gives great advice. He helps me to keep motivated. Now waiting for the results, which might be seen after only in a few weeks!

Motivation from session one

Aly is amazing trainer he motivates me and courage me and change my body shape and my lifestyle to become healthy lifestyle.
Maricel From Dubai

Transformation journey will come true

Zero exercise , 38 years old, starts by no weights even , I saw the progress in 1 month and transformation journey is on track. Aly was leading that change mentally and physically. Best coach ever.
Wasim Elaffi

Amazing coach

The best trainer more like a friend who understands what is he doing and makes you understand how to achieve results as well. Aly is very knowledgeable plus motivating, also very flexible in everything. He would come with new ideas everyday to make workout more excited interested. Result and changes i have seen in my body just after one month are incredible. Aly is highly recommended for everyone struggling for a change and motivation to bring that change.”

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