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Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Expert In Abu Dhabi – Nicole Robertson
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Personal Trainer Location : Abu Dhabi
Trainer Gender : Female
Price (From) : 275 (AED)
Group Price (From) : 225 (AED)
Training Since : 2013
Training Locations : In your home, outdoors, gym or fitness center...
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Adu Dhabi Personal Trainer, Fitness coach and Nutritionist Nicole Robertson has a combined 7 years experience in fitness and nutrition and recently founded a health and wellness company, Body Talk FZE based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. An American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) trained fitness coach, Nicole is originally from the United States where she successfully started and maintained a company by referral only.
She is qualified in both Advanced Sport & Holistic Nutrition and is passionate and dedicated to nutrition education. Nicole offers a variety of personal training methods including Tabata, HIIT, plometric, kettlebell, circuits of strength and weight training.

About Me:

Nicole Robertson is an American fitness coach and nutritionist, and owner of Body Talk FZE. She is based in Abu Dhabi, and offers a wide variety of personal training methods deriving from her extensive knowledge of both fitness and nutrition.

She is passionate about health and brings with her experience a dedication to helping clients meet and set new goals in their everyday life and personal training regimes in the UAE.

My Personal Training Style:

As a professional personal trainer and nutrition expert in the UAE Nicole believes that fitness should be fun and offers training in home, home gym and various outdoor locations to ensure that clients never get bored. Her training style focuses on constant evolution between different methods of exercise, to keep you guessing nothing ever predictable.

My Certifications & Personal Training Experience:

Nicole Robertson is an American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) trained fitness coach, and enjoys continuing education in all areas of fitness and nutrition.

Nicole also holds two advanced qualifications in nutrition, Holistic and Sport Nutrition.

My Specialities:

Nicole’s specialties include HIIT and Tabata, as well as bespoke dietary plans to accompany your fitness routines. If you need a specialist personal trainer in Adu Dhabi for weight loss and expert nutritional advice you can contact Nicole by using the green contact tab in her personal trainer profile page.

Nicole's Personal Training Methods & Equipment:

My training methods evolve through basic body weight exercises to strength training, with a mix of HIIT, Tabata and Plyometric (jump training) methods. Just as muscle confusion is important to prevent the dreaded PLATEAU, I use various methods and equipment to keep clients on their toes with constant change-ups in routine to prevent boredom, and make fitness fun. One day I may have you doing a muscle endurance workout with kettle bells and a heart pounding body weight HIIT workout the next, or mixed circuits of boxing and strength training the following week. The point isn’t to follow from one fad to another, but use what works, for your current fitness level and goals. Success begins with you. Motivation begins with me. Together we will reach your goals.

Personal Trainer FAQ

You probably have a number of questions that you would like to ask a personal trainer. Below you can find questions and answers relating to some of the most popular FAQ’s.

You can also contact the personal trainer by using the form in the ‘contact’ tab above.

Where can you provide personal training services?

Nicole offers personal training and group classes in home or your home gym/building gym, at various outdoor locations in Abu Dhabi and the occasional training session in her home. Apart from personal training, Nicole offers a convenient in home nutrition evaluation, education and planning for you and for your family.

Do you provide a fitness evalutation before I start?

Yes. A fitness evaluation and consultation is designed to allow you to get to know Nicole and vice versa. During this free 60 minute fitness and body composition evaluation Nicole can find out more about your current fitness levels and your personal training objectives and goals. Using the information gathered during this session Nicole can then create a tailor-made fitness plan designed just for you.

Do you provide nutritional and diet information?

Yes. Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Nicole is qualified in both holistic and sport nutrition, Nicole is passionate about nutrition and follows the 80/20 rule; 80% diet, 20% fitness. If you are looking for an expert nutritionist then Nicole has the necessary knowledge and industry experience to provide you with the best possible advise and guidance when it comes to nutrition for fitness goals and good nutrition for everyday life.

Do you bring the exercise equipment to the PT sessions?

Training kit to have at home is not required though recommended. A few relatively inexpensive things to have on hand are kettle bells, resistance bands, a stability ball, a yoga mat, TRX and a jump rope.

Do you provide discounts for group training?

Yes. Group training is a great way to get (and stay) motivated about your personal training sessions. Group personal training in Abu Dhabi is offered at a reduced rate and will depend on location, group size and activity.

Can I pre-book weekly personal training times?

Yes. Although not necessary it is recommended to pre-book training times to ensure your time slots are secured.

What if I need to cancel a personal training session?

Nicole has the following cancellation policy.

Cancellation must be done no less than 48 hours in advance to avoid being charged, 50% charge if done 24 hours and 100% if done less than 24 hours or for no show.

Nicole is currently out of the UAE and unable to accept new PT clients. Please use the search form on the UAE Personal Trainers homepage to find a male or female personal trainer in Abu Dhabi with similar experience.

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  • Rutger S – An Abu Dhabi Personal Training Client says : Details
    Service Quality: Trainer Knowledge: Expected Results:
    June 16, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Nicole has been my personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for the past three months. Whilst I was just looking for a personal trainer in the expectation that that would provide me with the motivation and correct training programs to put me back in shape, Nicole has far exceeded that expectation. Not only did she provide me with an ever changing training program that ranged from floor exercises and free weights training in the gym to outdoor sessions and circuit training, she also provided full explanations about the training methodology she employs, which is the best motivation ever because I now know why I need to look after myself. In addition, she has provided me with a full review of my eating habits and taught me about healthy nutrition to complement my training and even provided me with menu plans and cooking tips. I am now in much better shape; feeling and eating much better and have become much stronger both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who not only wants to become fitter, but especially if want to really make a change in your life!

  • June 16, 2016 at 8:46 am

    I just wanted to send this note to thank you for your help. Your nutritional and lifestyle advice worked! Not only did your program successfully lower my blood pressure but it also cleared my psoriasis. Amazing.

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