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Abu Dhabi Female Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach – Maria

Maria is a seasoned Wellness Professional and Partner of a well established sports company in Abu Dhabi. Maria has turned her profession into her passion and has gained numerous qualifications over recent years to develop herself personally and professionally and truly embraces Fitness, Health & Wellness.

Maria truly understands some of the battles that life can throw at us that can hinder our personal Fitness, Health & Wellness journey. Over the years Maria has battled 2 chronic illnesses including Leukemia and has chosen to share her skills and knowledge to help others on their journey.

She helps busy individuals in Abu Dhabi, take away the stresses of every day life and daily routine to find time in their busy schedule for healthy habits, so they can finally get their health under control. She does this by offering habit-based coaching to help make long term achievable, realistic and sustainable changes, just as she did over the past few years.

How Can Maria Help You?

A revolutionary method of On Demand fitness and wellness coaching is what Maria offers to clients of all ages in the UAE.

“Be A Better You” is something we all think about, but the stresses of every day life and daily routine can sometimes get in the way.

Maria take’s that away and makes it easy for you to make the changes needed to “Be A Better You”. She works with ProCoach a proven coaching program based on scientific research on habit-based coaching.

Her 6-12 month on-line program is designed to guide you towards your goals with structured on-line personal training, sustainable lifestyle and nutrition habits that lead to permanent change.

In today’s modern fast paced world we find ourselves constantly wrapped up in social, financial and ecologic stresses. These factors make our personal health and well-being even more important. Sustaining a balanced diet, alongside personal fitness will help improve overall health and wellbeing.

My Training Skills

Fat Loss Training – Cardio Fitness Programs – Sustained & Managed Weight Loss Programs – Total Wellness – Breaking Bad Habits – Long Term Lifestyle Changes – Body Toning – Physique Transformation – Increased Sports Performance – Improved Self Confidence

My Fitness Qualifications

TRX Suspension Training – Precision Nutrition – Pn1, Studying – Optimum of Nutrition, Certificate in Nutrition – Diploma In Diet Planning – Deep Stretch Yoga Flexibility – Strength Training for Beginners – Fussy Eating in Children – Understanding Saturated Fats – Introduction to Intermittent Fasting – Accredited Diploma Certificate in Nutrition – Sports Nutrition Basics – IFA Sports Nutritionist – Scoliosis Workshop – IFA Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer – Diploma in Fitness – Basic & Advanced Diploma’s in Weight Loss Management – TechnoGym – Various Trainer Courses – Reiki Level I & II Practitioner – Diploma in Sports & Exercise Nutrition & Personal Nutrition – First Aid Certificate
Questions About On Demand Coaching in Abu Dhabi

Who can join Maria’s On Demand (online) programs in the UAE?


As all programs are personalized they are suitable for any adults looking for help and support to adjust their lifestyle. Whether that is simply to get control of weight management issues once and for all, improve their energy levels, decrease stress and more.


What commitment do you need to make to online training?


The journey together with personal trainer Maria is based on habit-based coaching so she only asks you dedicate 10 – 15 minutes a day to your coaching and 45 minutes 2-3 times per week for personal training.


How long does it take to see and feel results?


The On Demand program duration is recommended for 6-12 months. During this time you are guided towards achieving all your health and fitness goals with structured on-line personal training, sustainable lifestyle and nutrition habits that lead to permanent change.


Do you provide a fitness evaluation before I start?


Yes of course, Maria creates a personalized quick-start fitness & nutrition guide for each client based on their answers to an intake questionnaire all clients are asked to complete. The guide contains: A custom cover page. Personal overview of goals, activity levels, and recommended intake. Custom portion control guide using our hand-sized guidelines. Workout, fitness & nutrition guide based on each clients exercise preferences and goals. Grocery shopping and meal prep guide unique to them. An additional section with tips for success. And much more.


Does On Demand coaching include diet and nutrition information?


Yes 100%, this program provides daily on-line Wellness Coaching & Personal Training Programs, access to unlimited recourses, lifestyle review and analysis, habit based coaching specific to your needs ands goals and the tools to help you get to where you want to be at your own pace.

Free PT Consultations

Maria is available to answer any questions you have about her On Demand Personal Training service in Abu Dhabi.

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