Shane – Personal Trainer & Sports Fitness Coaching in Dubai

Active Fitness For Sports, Weight Management & Body Toning - Adults & Children In Dubai

Dubai PT Shane provides fitness coaching to help you achieve all your fitness goals. Weight loss, body toning and CrossFit for cardio health are just a few of the ways Shane can help you get fitter and healthier. He also provides football coaching for adults and children.

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Dubai personal trainer and sport fitness coach - Shane
Personal Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
Trainer Gender: Dubai Male Trainers
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Dubai Personal Trainer & Sports Fitness Coach – Shane

Dubai Personal Trainer Shane is a sports and fitness enthusiast who quit the day job to pursue a career in an industry he loves. Recently moving to Dubai last year he has settled in perfectly and is on his way to helping others achieve their body goals.

He is a UK national and has been a Personal Trainer for 1 year. He offers services to males and females all across Dubai, happy to come to you at your building gym, villa or any outdoor location.

With his wide range of skills Shane can help you lose weight, gain muscle, add some cardio fitness to your lifestyle and provide customised fitness plans on a one to one basis.

Shane will ensure you reach all of your personal fitness goals by using different techniques based on your current fitness level and your likes and dislikes.

He regularly incorporates TRX, kettlebell and various sports fitness elements into his training plans in Dubai and will ensure you stay on target with monitoring of your progress.

Shane also provides sports fitness training which can include basic football skills and football fitness.

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Shane's Training Qualifications

Certified Level 2 Gym Instructor – Active IQ
Certified Level 3 Personal Trainer – Active IQ
TRX Suspension Trainer
Kettlebell Trainer
Strength and Conditioning
Advanced First Aidd

How Can Shane Help You?

Shane enjoys working with people, educating them on the best practices when it comes to fitness and will ensure you understand why a particular exercise works, rather than just doing it.

Shane understand that all his clients in Dubai have different needs and fitness related goals.

Although some clients are happy that they have just gone to the gym Shane will motivate you to push yourself to the limit and make sure you get a good sweat on.

He likes to ensure the clients are correctly warmed up and stretched before the workouts to help prevent any injuries and the same goes for the cool down.

His goals are to get the best out of you during your PT workouts in Dubai and push you past your comfort zone and into the next level helping you become fitter, stronger, faster or more agile depending on your goals.

Along with the hard training he also provides a humorous personality to make you laugh.

Shane is big believer in resistance training for nearly every goal as you benefit the fat loss, muscle gain, toning and core all into this one method.

Once we have the form of each exercise performed correctly we can then work on making each session more intense as the weeks go on by adding in extra sets, drop down sets, pyramid sets, increasing weight etc and the list goes on.

Shane designs each split depending on how many times a week the client wants to go to the gym as some clients like to have a couple of sessions with the PT and also do some extra work down the gym during the week.

Additional Information

Shane is an all-round fitness coach. Meaning he can create customised fitness plans for people with different needs. This includes:


  • Muscle Building Workouts
  • Sports Fitness Training
  • Cardio Fitness Exercises
  • Weight Loss Training
  • TRX Training In Dubai
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Body Toning & Slimming
  • CrossFit Workouts In Dubai
  • Corporate Fitness Health & Fitness
  • Football Fitness In Dubai

When there is a fully equipped gym available then he likes to work with a variety of the equipment such as machines, cables, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX and the list goes on.

When Shane trains clients at home in Dubai the best equipment to use is dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX, ropes, boxing gloves and resistance bands.

With this small amount of equipment he can design a program good enough to give you a full body workout mainly for fat loss, toning and cardio fitness, which by the end of the session will guarantee you will be sweating and panting.

If you are looking for specific sport conditioning in Dubai then Shane will focus on the movements that sports mainly consist on and create a program to help improve on them movements and design the program to increase strength in the certain areas of the body where needed.



The exact number of sessions you will need from a PT in Dubai cannot be provided because it depends to a large degree on your current fitness levels, your training goals etc. Contact Shane for full information.

Yes. Diet and good nutritional practices should be part of leading a healthier lifestyle in general. Each client has different goals and objectives therefore diet and nutrition guidelines are provided accordingly.

For example, someone who employs the services of a personal trainer in Dubai to gain muscle mass would have a different diet and nutrition requirement to someone who wants to lose weight.

Training at home in Dubai or outdoors may require specific training equipment.

During your consultation with Shane, you will discuss the type of training you are interested in participating in and the type of equipment to be used.

If you require any additional equipment, he will discuss at this point however, Shane has the equipment required for most training requirements.

You can train at your own gym if they allow you to train with a freelance PT.

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