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Sharjah PT Amir


PT Location: Sharjah, UAE

About Sharjah PT Amir

Coach Amir is a highly professional Strength Coach and one of the leading experts in movement rehab & strength training.

He has a track record of working with professional athletes from over 13 different sports, over the course of 9 years. He produced various gold medalists, and international level athletes. He also successfully helped hundreds of individuals with special conditions and chronic injuries such as ACL tears, hernias, dislocations, hip replacement, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, and more.

Coach Amir is the founder of Centric Force Training System, a company providing continuing education for personal trainers and strength coaches, and is recognized amongst his peers as the one of the leading experts for learning and education.

Coach Amir’s academic background includes Neurobiology at the University of Toronto in Canada, a Sports Medicine Diploma from FIFA, and a current pursuit of a degree in Exercise Science from the American University. He is the holder of 45 certifications in various strength training, rehab, and nutrition, some of which are mentioned below.

How Can amir Help You?

Amir’s training is 100% custom-made, and tailored into the individual needs.

He is highly educated in the human system, and therefore, qualified to see what others fail to see.

His assessments can unravel the behaviour of not only the muscular system, but also the skeletal, nervous system.

He has successfully helped people from all over all overcome chronic pain such as low-back, knee, etc., as well as health issues such as hypertension or diabetes, so they can practice their life with confidence and ease.

Promotions & Packages

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Amir's Training Qualifications

Certified Personal Trainer, PTS, CanFitPro
Athlete Activation System, AASc, Clance Laylor
Weightlifting Performance Coach, CWPC, NSPA, Wil Fleming
Speed & Agility Coach, CSAC, NSPA, Lee Taft
Sports Nutrition Coach, CSNC, Chris Mohr
IASTM Practitioner, Dr. Mike Reinold
Certified Online Trainer Lv1, OTA, Jon Goodman
Metabolic Analytics Practitioner, Strength Sensei, Carlos Castro
Program Design, KILO Strength Society, Stephane Cazeault
Periodization, KILO Strength, Stephane Cazeault

Contact Amir

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This depends on your training goals in Sharjah. Contact Amir for full advice. 

Nutrition advice is assessment based on a per client basis. 

No special training equipment is required for at home training in Sharjah. Amir’s additional training qualifications include:

Optimizing Strength Ratios, KILO Strength, Stephane Cazeault
Sports Specific Training Camp, KILO Strength, Stephane Cazeault
The Science of Nutrition, CHFI, Layne Norton
Training the Physique Athlete, CHFI, Layne Norton
Fundamentals of Program Design, CHFI
Advanced Program Design, CHFI, Christian Thibaudeau
Fat Loss Fundamentals, CHFI
Strength System, Lv1, CHFI, Sebastian Oreb
Performance Nutrition Coach, Lv1, CHFI
Performance Nutrition Coach, Lv2, CHFI
Performance Nutrition Coach, Lv3, CHFI
Performance PT Coach Certification Level 1, CHFI
Performance PT Coach Certification Level 2, CHFI
Personal Training Certification, Poliquin Group
Periodization & Program Design, Poliquin Group
Designing Hypertrophy Programs, Poliquin Group
Developing Explosive Strength, Poliquin Group
The Barebell Rehab Workshop, Dr. Michael Mash
Low Back Fundamentals, Barbell Rehab, Dr. Michael Mash
Low Back Fundamentals, Barbell Rehab, Dr. Michael Mash
Brain Performance Cert, PosturePro, Annette Verpillot
Muscle-Centric Medicine Workshop, Dr. Gabrielle Lylon
The Foot Collectice Workshop, Mike Gauvreau
Movement Optimization for Prehab & Performance, Lv1, Rehab-U, Mai-Linh Dovan
Movement Optimization for Prehab & Performance, L2, Rehab-U, Mai-Linh Dovan
Mobility Fundamentals for Prehab & Performance, Rehab-U, Mai Linh Dovan
Soccer Strength & Conditioning, Soccer Hub
Neurokinetic Therapy L1, David Weinstock
Neurokinetic Therapy L2, David Weinstock
Neurokinetic Therapy L1, David Weinstock
Integrated Kinetic Neurology, L1

There are various locations where you can train in Sharjah. 

Additional Information

Different exercise methods are used depending on your training goals. 

Different training equipment is used depending on your training needs and goals. 

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