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Tennis lessons for beginners and advanced can be provided by PT Jojo. Whether you are new to the game or have some experience she can help you work on your technique and even use tennis as a way to lose weight and get in great shape.

Jojo - tennis lessons for private and groups in Abu Dhabi


PT Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE

About Abu Dhabi Tennis Coach Jojo

Jojo is a female tennis coach in Abu Dhabi who can work with men, women and children who want to learn tennis or improve on their game. 

Jojo can provide you with well-structured Tennis Lessons from beginners to advanced. She has been playing since she was 10 years old and also has 6 years of coaching experience.

She is based out of Abu Dhabi City Golf Club in Mushrif, Abu Dhabi and offers a range of small group and private classes from the age of 4 years through to adult advanced players.

Jojo has dedicated herself to learning and playing tennis since she was 10 years old. In doing so, she eventually started competing in tournaments in Czech Republic and representing her Tennis club for Team competitions.

Through her hard work and resilience, she was blessed to be number 10 in the country. Her journey took her as well to junior ITF tournaments, where she gain more international experience on the tennis court.

After graduating, Jojo wanted to expend her knowledge not as a player, bus as well her knowledge to become a Tennis & Fitness Coach.

How Can Jojo Help You?

Jojo has 6 years experience in coaching mostly juniors from 11-17 years old on competitive level and adult beginners. She has also previously coaches tots tennis in the past 2 years as well.

Jojo is great in communication and interpersonal skills, which its very important when teaching any of her clients in Abu Dhabi. She pays close attention to them, so she can accurately address any concerns or questions they may have when learning proper techniques.

Such techniques can improve their swing, stance, grip, footwork and serving of the ball. She is also believer to run fun, enjoyable and safe session.

Jojo’s key strengths and expertise as a coach are Performance Training, Strength and Conditioning, Technique Improvement and Error Detection & Correction.

Jojo is a very dedicated and committed coach but with mutual respect the lessons are always harmonious and funny.

Having played for fun and competitively Jojo can support you if your looking to have fun and stay active or refine your technique to become a competitive player.

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Jojo's Training Qualifications

Tennis Emirates Asc Active Member
Tennis Certification Level 3
PTR Tennis Certification
Registered with UAE Tennis Federation
Certified as Fitness Instructor

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This depends on your reasons for using a tennis coach in Abu Dhabi and your current playing ability. Speak with Jojo for more information.

Diet and nutrition advice is not required. However, this can be provided as an additional option with Advantage Sports.

No special equipment is required for tennis training. 

You can train at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. At home tennis coaching in Abu Dhabi can be provided subject to availability. 

Additional Information

When looking at a Tennis Coach in Abu Dhabi you can rely to Jojo who with her experience and teaching methods can help you to improve and make progress.

Jojo obtained her Tennis Certification Level 3 in Czech Republic 2014, with that being said, she also believes it is necessary to be educated in Fitness as well. She got certified as Fitness Instructor in 2016, Jojo always keen to expend her knowledge internationally and completed PTR Tennis Certification in 2018 Atlanta- Georgia.

No special training equipment is required for tennis coaching in Abu Dhabi. 

Jojo's Reviews & Success Stories

A great coach for adults and kids

Tennis has always been something that I wanted to learn with my family in Abu Dhabi. However, finding a tennis coach who could work well with the four of us was a real challenge. I almost gave up and we did not have a tennis lesson for almost a year. This all changed when we started working with Jojo. She is so personable and connects well with her students of all ages. Not only has she sparked the kids’ interest in this exciting game, but she also helped me and my husband steeply improve our tennis skills and always challenged us to get better and up our game. I would strongly recommend Jojo as a tennis coach with no hesitation. Thank you, Jojo!
Ruba and Firas

The best tennis coach

I am interested in tennis since I was a little girl, and luckily I started to learn tennis with coach during 2016-2017 in Abu Dhabi because there was tennis court facility under my apartment building. First I started with joining group lessons with other 3-4 people to learn all basic skills then practice with my friends. However I went back to China in the Summer of 2017 and stopped practice tennis regularly due to busy life and hard to find the close-by tennis courts. Until 2019 I came back to work in Abu Dhabi and finally back to learn tennis again. However the COVID-19 suddenly shocked the world and all the activities stopped again. In summary of y tennis learning journey, I have been learning with 3-4 different coaches since 2016 until 2021. I would like to say that JoJo has been the best one with her professional skills, coaching strategies, personality. JoJo assess every player in the begining of the class to know our levels and finds out what's good and what's need to be worked on in the future classes. I really like the way JoJo giving us very clear instructions and feedbacks to let us know what went wrong and how do we improve. JoJo is also a very motivating coach, she always say good job, super star, words of compliments to make us feel better. I remember I didn't like one of my previous coach because he always says I did something wrong, why I don't remember what he told me… which made me discouraged, then I feel myself are so stupid and I couldn't play tennis well. JoJo is a fun person, we could also chat as friends, and I enjoyed every minutes of playing tennis with her and having lessons with her. Thank you JoJo, you made me better in playing tennis, one of my favourite sports.

Great improvements in a short time

I never was the type of person who would be active or have a certain hobbie. I used to get bored easily and never stick to a sport. I tried tennis more than a year ago and since day one I was entertained and was willing to go over the limit to gain the strength and the ability to improve. I started tennis with Jojo nearly a year ago and she helped me improve my skills in the quickest and easiest way possible. She makes sure all the minor things are on point and knows exactly how to work with you to improve better. Both my sisters started doing tennis with her and from the first day they enjoyed and felt like they achieved a lot.

Jojo's Video Reviews

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