Dubai Yoga Coach & Pilates Trainer – Poonam

Improved Fitness & Lifestyle Through Yoga Coaching, Functional Fitness & Tai Chi Training At Home In Dubai

If you want to learn Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or Meditation in Dubai Poonam can help. She provides one to one or group coaching for all ages throughout Dubai. She is also qualified to work with pre and post natal ladies.

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PT Location: Dubai, UAE
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About Yoga Coach Poonam

Poonam is a female yoga, meditation, tai chi and mat pilates coach in Dubai who can provide you with personal training at home or other locations.

Using her specialist skills she can provide a full range of services specifically designed to help you learn Yoga, improve your current Yoga skills or use her other training methods for relaxation.

She can work with adults, seniors and children in Dubai and also provides specialist services for pre and post natal ladies and those requiring rehabilitation exercise programs.

As well as Yoga, Poonam can also help you lose weight, reduce your overall fat weight and help with body toning too.

Pilates and Tai Chi are great for posture correction and also to help you retain your flexibility – perfect for all ages, especially seniors in Dubai.

Poonam likes to create a relaxed environment for all her clients. Helping then to unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

How Can Poonam Help You?

Poonam is a 500 hours certified Yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Institute, GOI and a certified Les Mills Body Balance Instructor.

Her fitness sessions in Dubai can help you to achieve your goals whether that is fat loss, strength gain, improving flexibility and range of motion, Prenatal and postnatal exercise, stress relief, breathe control or overall general fitness.

She uses her experience and Knowledge in different areas of fitness training to create a customized fitness plan for you based on your current fitness level and what your end goals are.

She can provide personal training to both male, females, children & seniors, 1-1’s or group sessions at the location that is most convenient to you.

Although Poonam is mostly involved in 1 to 1 and GX sessions, she has also successfully conducted yoga retreats, Corporate Yoga, Detox workshops, Dance fitness workshop, Qigong meditation workshops and more.

Training with Poonam will help you feel healthier and find a little space to calm down, reflect and find inspiration into your busy and sometimes anxious life.

Poonam Training Qualifications

500 hours certified Yoga instructor by Yoga Alliance USA & Yoga Institute, Government of India
100 hours Pre & Postnatal Yoga certified by Government of India
Certified as Les Mills Body Balance instructor
HABC Level 2 International Award in Emergency First Aid, Defibrillation and CPR

Additional Information

Poonam's classes are customized to help you to achieve your fitness goal while we also focus on stretching, breathe attention, correct alignment, relaxing and gradually developing strength, flexibility and balance.

It provides an accessible practice for beginner and intermediate students to explore and develop their practice.

Poonam's yoga coaching in Dubai focus on stretching, breathe attention, correct alignment, relaxing and gradually developing strength, flexibility and balance. It provides an accessible practice for beginner and intermediate students to explore and develop their body / mind connection.

She likes to use variations of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles to customize the sessions as per your goals.

Poonam can also incorporate various other exercises like Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates, functional training, etc. as and when needed in Dubai.


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Autism
  • Pranayama Meditation
  • Jal Neti (Yogic Cleansing Process)
  • Passive stretching
  • Body Balance
  • Pilates
  • Functional training
  • Tai Chi In Dubai
  • TRX

During her training sessions in Dubai Poonam uses various items of Yoga equipment including:


  • Yoga Mats
  • Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Straps
  • Infinity Straps
  • TRX Kit
  • Dumbells
  • Ankle Weights
  • Pilates Rings
  • Pilates Balls
  • Pilates Bands
  • Core Sliders


bands and block. However, if you don't have these yourself Poonam can provide them.

If you are interested in online yoga coaching either in the UAE or beyond Poonam can help.

If you live in Dubai she can provide online yoga lessons that combine virtual coaching and face to face yoga training too.

Unforeseen circumstances today have made people stay indoors and distance themselves from others. Thanks to online platforms, classes can be brought to you and you do not have to a physical class.

All you need is an electronic gadget and an internet connection.

You can train and enjoy in the place you feel the safest.

Two options are available for online yoga:


1. Personal online training

2. Group online yoga training


Personal online training - the training sessions will be customized to suite your fitness goals. A variety of training styles (Yoga, Pilates, Weight training, etc.) can be combined to keep the workout interesting and effective. Training duration will be 60 minutes. Training frequency and time will be decided mutually.


Group online yoga training - This session is suitable for all levels. The sessions will be based both on Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. Training duration will be 60 minutes. It will be 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday) at 6 PM Dubai Time.


Poonam uses Zoom for her online coaching(Phone / Laptop). Once you enrol for the online training, zoom link (ID / Password) will be shared with you.


Advantages of online yoga coaching in the UAE

Convenience - Between school, work, family, friends, and other hobbies, we’re all busy. It can become a struggle to make it to the studio on a consistent basis. When going to a class is as easy as laying out your mat and pressing “play,” it’s a lot likelier you’ll do it. Between getting in the car, driving, finding parking, and walking in (and repeating the process in reverse when you leave), an in-person class can often eat up two hours of your day. An online course, however, takes seconds to get started.

Travel friendly - If you want to maintain your fitness routine when you travel, you’ll love online training. When you’re in a new place and out of your normal routine, finding the time, space, and motivation to exercise is extremely tough. Online training lets you prop up your screen anywhere, anytime and helps you to be consistent with your fitness routine.


Comfort - It’s often easier to get into a relaxed, meditative state in the comfort and solitude of your house.


Time-saving - Save your time and money on travel.


Cost effective - It’s cheaper than attending a group studio class or having a personal trainer visiting your home.


Contact Poonam

You can use the form below to contact the trainer for free advice and booking information. We are not a booking website. Make sure you check the trainers booking policies. 


You can discuss your goals with Poonam. She will then have a better understanding of the number of sessions you might need.

Poonam can provide a vegetarian / Vegan diet and nutrition advice if required.

It is best to have your own mat and any yoga props like blocks, bolsters, belts, etc. However, Poonam can provide 2 yoga mats and yoga blocks during session if needed. For Jal Neti session, you can buy the Neti Pots online or from Poonam herself.

Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates sessions can be provided at home, outdoors or other suitable locations.

The UAE Personal Trainers website is not a booking platform. Bookings for personal training services are made directly with the trainer and each trainer has their own policies. Before entering into a contract with a personal trainer you should check their booking, payment, cancellation and refund  policy.

Poonam Reviews & Success Stories

A fun fitness challenge for me

Poonam's yoga classes in Dubai are really fun and full of fitness challenges; She is well educated about her profession, and passionately delivers a tailor made fitness guidance. I can say I improved 110% with her coaching. Fouad
Fouad T

Well customized sessions

Having Ms. Poonam as a trainer was one of the best experience that I had. She is helpful, friendly and the most importantly she is focus on details during the training. She planned training for me considering my health and goal. I highly recommend Ms. Poonam and assure that you will have amazing experience. All the best!

Fun yoga workouts

Blessed to have found Poonam. Amazing personal, punctual and very professional with a warm personality. Makes workouts fun and her approach has made us incorporate changes to our lifestyles.
Ayesha From Dubai

A guiding and supportive coach

A harmony of physical and mental exercises which help us to remove stress and help to analyze life from other points of view. Mind and body stimuli lived in a different context………Dubai. A beautiful and positive experience with an experienced and attentive teacher who guides you and supports you throughout your lesson.
Ppier From Dubai

I have seen improvements in flexibility

The yoga classes in Dubai by Poonam is highly recommended, I have tried couple of other places in various fitness first clubs but the class is not up to mark when compared to Poonam’s . The qualified teacher who creates a pleasant atmosphere is most welcoming part of the class. Personally , I have noticed improvement in my flexibility on every day basis. Long story short ,”Highly recommended “
Balamurali From Dubai

Gentle Yoga coaching in Dubai

One rarely meets a person as focused and dedicated to art , craft and believes. I am a new practitioner of yoga in Dubai and yoga coach Poonam is the one who has had the most profound influence on me in terms of the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga. In her gentle yet firm manner ,she has further helped me realise my own potential and stretch myself beyond what I thought were my limits , each time giving me new insights and introducing me to new and different attitudes , hence giving me a deeper understanding of this journey. I wish her peace of mind and joy in her own journey of self discovery.
Awan from Dubai

Great for pain relief

I would say , Poonam’s yoga techniques with some modern twist of stretching exercise is really outstanding and would give 4.8 /5 star’s . Once you learn those techniques, you will never hurt yourself either it is back or neck or the shoulder injury. All I could say is, she is a great teacher. I’d recommend Poonam as a Yoga Coach or Instructor in Dubai to any one who has urge to learn better techniques, learning the right moves and stretches and at the same time free themselves from all aches and pain in the body.
Mujahid K

A great experience in Yoga coaching

I have been wanting to write about my YOGA experience for quite a while. However, here it comes. The reason for practicing YOGA with Poonam in Dubai was due to the fact of the different styles and levels of YOGA. Combined with core exercises followed by relaxation. Poonam guides her yoga students with proper assistance and helps in obtaining the core posture as required. Her yoga classes have personally helped me attain the right stance and position at each and every YOGA stage. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, her classes are well worth experiencing. I wish to re-join as soon as possible.
Tom Dsouza

Amazing wellness option

Great sunset Yoga session in a beautiful and convenient location overlooking JBR beach. Poonam dedicates her time to every student during the class giving advice and correction. Amazing wellness option for early Friday evening. Looking forward for the next class.
Natasha from Dubai

Knowledgeable yoga coach

I have been taking yoga classes in Dubai with Poonam for a year now and her patience and skill in coaching me, and her ability to teach by example have benefited me enormously – physically and mentally. In particular, she is able to gauge each class to your specific requirements whilst still able to push you to improve and learn. A very professional, very well trained and knowledgeable approach whilst maintaining a light fun atmosphere conductive to improving basic skills and moving on to the next level. These yoga classes have been a great help to me in both my professional and personal life giving me more energy and ability to be more mindful every day. Each class leaves me invigorated and looking forward to the next. Thanks Poonam
Mel Lidster

Fitness with Poonam

I have got to say that I am not a kind of gym person and have been away from regular exercise since a long time .that’s when I started my sessions with the amazing Poonam . It’s been 2 months since then and what a journey it has been . She makes the classes interesting and always has different routine which makes it enjoyable . She has made a change in my lifestyle and all that I can say is thank you Poonam

very knowledgeable Yoga coach

Excellent passionate yoga trainer, always support and encourage in reaching the goal, very knowledgeable and scientific approach, very few of them in Dubai
Shaji Pavithran

An inspirational coach

Poonam is an excellent yoga trainer. The passion that she has motivated me to attend her classes regularly. She has a perfect bond with her trainees. She has been an inspiration to me. Wish you All the Best!!
Raman Kaur

Friendly and encouraging coach

Highly recommended! The yoga instructor Poonam is very professional, friendly and encouraging. She is very supportive and patient, and helps the participants to achieve the correct yoga-moves. She is very skilled. My stress has reduced since I joined her Yoga-classes in Dubai :) Thank you
Mariam CH

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