Female Yoga Personal Trainer In Dubai Hema D Souza

Yoga Coaching With A Masters Degree Qualified Teacher In Dubai

Hema is a qualified and dedicated Yoga Teacher with more 13 years experience and has a Masters Degree in Yoga Science. She provides Yoga for well-being, weight loss, general fitness, rehabilitation and relaxation. Her aim is to teach her clients that Yoga improves your mental and your physical health.

Female Yoga Personal Trainer & Class Instructor Hema D Souza For Male & Female Clients


PT Location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Female Master Yoga Trainer – Hema

Dubai Yoga personal trainer and Yoga group coach Hema D Souza is a dedicated yoga teacher with over 13 years of yoga experience and practical knowledge.

Based in Dubai her aim is to provide each client with the knowledge and practical principles relating to ancient yoga techniques which will help you understand yoga as a form of mental and physical exercise.

She likes to incorporate different yoga styles into her 1-2-1 and group yoga personal training sessions in Dubai with focus on understanding and improving your lifestyle and health.

Anyone can do yoga with the right training from a seasoned professional yoga instructor.

Hema can provide yoga classes and personal training to adults, children and also the elderly.

She is also available for yoga practice in the workplace for companies in Dubai who want to use the services of a yoga personal trainer in Dubai for their employees.

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How Can Hema Help You?

As a yoga professional in Dubai, Hema is very enthusiast and passionate about her specialist areas and excels when it comes to her knowledge of yoga in practice and the science behind yoga traditions.

She is an experiences yoga teacher, yoga personal trainer, yoga therapist and yoga class instructor and uses the principles of Asanas, Pranayama, kriya, mudra, bandha, meditation practice with yogic food.

There are numerous health benefits when it comes to practising yoga for both the body and mind. Yoga can help you become more flexible, increase your body tone and also help reduce stress for a calmer lifestyle.

Hema incorporates different styles of yoga into her private and group yoga personal training in Dubai, these include: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Nidra for stress relief, breathing techniques, pre and post natal exercise using yoga, yoga to maintain your current fitness, yoga classes for kids in Dubai and also yoga for the elderly as a way of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle as we get older.

Each client is different and the type of personal training yoga style will depend on the clients needs and ultimately their fitness goals.

Hema has exceptional observation skills, patience and most importantly the ability to connect with people emotionally which gives her a greater understanding of the client’s needs.

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Hema's Training Qualifications

M.Sc (Masters Degree) yoga certification
First Aid & CPR certification

Contact Hema D'Souza

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If you have a specific goal when it comes to Yoga the number of sessions you will need varies from client to client. Speak with Hema for a full consultation.

Hema can provide information on yogic food which can help you get the best out of your yoga practice.

You don’t need any special equipment at home. Just a Yoga mat, a towel and a bottle of water. As you progress Hema can provide Yoga Blocks and other equipment if required.

Hema is available for at home or online training.

Additional Information

As a yoga personal trainer and teacher Hema specialises in numerous yoga style which therapeutically can help reduce and balance weight, rehabilitation from injury or illness, deal with sinus issues, pain in the joints and muscles, pre and post natal exercise for mothers in Dubai. The daily practice of yoga can also help you to lead a generally healthier lifestyle too for the mind and body.


  • Private Yoga In Dubai
  • Yoga Classes In Dubai
  • Yoga For Seniors
  • Kids Yoga Classes
  • Nutrition & Diet Planning
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Stress Reduction
  • Restorative Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga For General Fitness

Hema has over 13 years experience in the field of yoga – practical and yoga science. She is well equipped to provide training using various items of Yoga equipment including bands and blocks.

She is a Post Graduate in Yogic science from Mangalore University where she obtained her M.Sc yoga certification. Recently Hema has also been awarded her First Aid & CPR certification. Hema is also in the process of registering for her UAE Reps number.

If you are interested in taking online, private yoga classes in Dubai Hema can help. Taking your training online can be done anywhere in the UAE and not just Dubai.


How does online yoga coaching work?


Using Zoom Hema can tailor make a personal yoga program just for you which includes ongoing monitoring and progress reports.

Taking yoga classes online can also be combined with face to face coaching, ideal if you cannot commit to regular sessions with Hema. This is also great if you need to travel for work etc as you can still connect with Hema when you are out of the UAE.

No special training equipment is required, all you need is a yoga mat and also yoga bricks (when needed)

Hema also provides special discounted prices for her online coaching.


The benefits of online Yoga coaching in Dubai:


1. Flexible timing

2. Discounted fees

3. Saves on travel time

4. More lessons at a lower price

5. One to one coaching means you get Hema’s full attention.

Hema's Reviews & Success Stories

Best experience

My relative who lives in dubai refferred me Hema. earlier i did yoga with other yoga teachers too. But the way Hema teaching is very unique. She understand our mind and body and she make custom designing the each session. every class i felt the new me. its 4th year and my family and me enjoying the yogic life with hema. during covid-19 we had more relaxed by doing yoga with hema. even it helped me to destress from menopause too. Thank you very much hema. god bless you for helping us.

Patient and positive

Hema is the most patient and most positive yoga teacher I've had. She goes out of the way to accommodate clients and makes you feel comfortable. She has vast knowledge of yoga and meditation. Under Hema, I've improved my flexibility, strength and breathing.
Akanksha T. From Dubai

Thanks for giving me a great taste of Yoga

My friend recommended Hema to me for personal yoga session. i never had believe in yoga earlier actually. but after 1 session itself i felt so many changes within me. i felt my body opened up, i felt my muscles. Breathing made my so relaxed and at the end i fell on sleep. its amazing. yoga is amazing. Thank you hema for giving me taste of yoga. i will continue doing yoga with you. God bless.
Valeria Italian Based client who lives in Marina

I see and feel improvement every day

Hema is an excellent yoga personal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable is what she does. She knows how far to push her clients to do better. Personally, i have only done 18 sessions with Hema so far, and I am seeing huge improvements everyday!
Salma Makki

Yoga has become a way of life for me

My life changed with yoga. Most importantly having hema as my personal yoga instructor in Dubai. The spirit of Hema made is most enjoyable and fun. Six months and still going. its became a way of life. My soul and body in full harmony. Thanks hema for your way of training.
Mrs Rana Saeed

Great for stress relief and relaxation

I am practicing yoga with Hema since 2 year. i booked her class to release my stress and sleepnessness. She is awesome and have good patience to teach me. i can see lot of progress in my health. i get good sleep, lost my weight gradually. my kids says i am active now. i feel relaxed after every session, i am doing weekly 3 times yoga with Hema. i highly recommend those who are looking for right and well educated yoga teacher. Thank you very much hema for changing my lifestyle.
Maryam Emirati who lives in Al Barsha

Revitalised my frosted limbs!

I have been doing yoga for the past 2 years. for me yoga is Young Old Gentle and Activity. yoga in short, is key to gentle physical exercises suitable with individual needs as the case maybe. it has helped in revitalizing my frosted limbs. hema – keep up the good work!
Mr Saleem Khan USA based 64year old client

Friendly, interesting Yoga sessions

Hema is such an energetic and motivating trainer who had pushed me to do the postures which i could't do. She is not strict but very friendly which made my sessions interesting. Thanks for the lovely sessions and I look forward to take a more after a break.
Saritha Vinod

I feel much more confident about myself

Starting yoga has been one of the best decisions i have made to improve my life. before starting yoga, I had a lot of the stereotypical believes about how yoga only focuses on flexibility and sitting crossed legged. of course i was wrong. In every class we do strengthening exercises, balance postures, flexibility exercises, and breathing exercises. i have been doing yoga for almost year and i can tell you that i feel much more stronger physically and mentally. I feel more confident about myself and my ability. I have not only learnt to push and challenge myself physically but also mentally. I have been able to do things i never thought i could do it. I really enjoy doing yoga especially with Hema. she had helped me go beyond my limits and i am grateful for that.
Alhala Almari

She does Magic

I am an Emirati, I was suffering from thyroid and neck pain. Since 4 year I was doing physiotherapy and there was no result at all. I was taking panadol medicine every night to sleep better. My relative told me about hema and I spoke to her about my condition. She came to me and within 2 session I felt like she did magic on me!! Wallah believe me my 70% pain gone and I am not taking any pain killers!! I feel so good after yoga with hema. Never thought yoga cures my issues!! I highly recommend Hema and her knowledge about health to anyone. She is genius.

An absolute gem!

Hema is an absolute gem! She provides highly structured yoga lessons while her incredible depth allows her to flexibly adjust exercises based on her client's needs and preferences. I can't recommend her highly enough! She is not only an excellent instructor but also a wonderful person. Needles to say that I've profited immensely from doing yoga with her over the last two years…

Helped with my sleep apnea

I have had good experience learning yoga From Hema. It has allowed me to become more active and do exercises that do not strain my back, The breathing exercises have been helped my sleepapnea. overall a very good learning experience for me. 18months of yoga journey and still continuing with Hema.
Mrs Saira Rahimy Afghan based client who lives in Dubai

Improved both my mental and physical health

My yoga classes with hema @Arya yoga have been a great and valuable experience. Instruction is given in a no gimmicks, authentic style which has improved both my mental and physical health. Classes are very well structured with the right level of instruction and encouragement. I continue to learn and improve slowly but surely with least and obvious benefits to all aspects of my daily life.
Mr Mel Lidster England based Dubai client

fast progress in learning Yoga

Hema is my yoga instructor since 2 year. I highly recommend her. The progress is really fast if she is your instructor. For me she is the best teacher and I will never change my yoga instructor anymore. She change my life in many different ways. She is Patience and nice.
Mr Abdel Karim El Ghazouni

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