• Improve your physical appearance through weight training, boxing and sports fitness with Ryan. Train at home or in an Ad...
    PT Experience: Power Lifting, Boxing Fitness, Nutrition Analysis, Core Workouts, Ab Exercises, Muscle
    Training Since: 2016
    Languages: English, German
  • PT Uros is a specialist when it comes to improving sports fitness via a variety of training methods. These include muscl...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Children’s Fitness, Muscle Toning, Fat Loss, Endurance, Strength, Sports Fitness
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English, Serbian, Bulgarian
  • Faviola is an expert, Level 4 personal trainer who is highly qualified in weight management and body transformation. Her...
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Nutrition & Diet Body Transformation, HIIT & Cardio Workouts, Bodybuilding
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English, Spanish
  • Dubai PT Craig can provide your fitness coaching face to face and also online in Dubai. With specialist nutrition and bo...
    PT Experience: Nutrition, Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Special Diet Plans, Increased Muscle, Kickboxing, Kids Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English
  • Shed the fat and improve your physique with customised training plans provided by Shiblin. Being an international compet...
    PT Experience: Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Building, Lifestyle Management, Body Slimming, Pre & Post Natal, Bodybuilding
    Training Since: 2014
    Languages: English
  • Fat fighting, body toning and fueling your body correctly are just a few of the ways in which Paul can help you. Get a l...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Fat & Weight Loss, Bootcamp, Strength, Core fitness, TRX, Sports Training, Diet Advice
    Training Since: 2008
    Languages: English
  • PT Karina is an expert in fat loss and lean muscle building. She creates personalised fitness plans that include differe...
    PT Experience: Bootcamp, HIIT, Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness, Strength Building, Body Slimming
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English, Polish
  • Looking for a great bodybuilding personal trainer in Dubai? Fouad has more than 12 years experience and can help with mu...
    PT Experience: Muscle Building, Toning, Core Strength, Bodybuilding, Cardio, Sports Fitness, Fat Reduction, Weights
    Training Since: 2007
    Languages: English, Arabic
  • Get fit at home in Dubai or even outdoors with personal trainer Halil. He is an expert in losing weight and adding lean ...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Muscle Toning, Core & Ab Workouts, Weight Loss, Football Fitness, Kickboxing, Kids Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish
  • Dr Amrutha is a fully qualified sports and fitness coach based in Sharjah & Ajman. Available for at home fitness for adu...
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Sports Fitness, Body Toning, Martial Arts.....
    Training Since: 2007
    Languages: English