• Personal and Group fitness coach Ryan is an all-round expert when it comes to muscle building, strength and core conditioning in Abu Dhabi. He also creates sustainable fat loss diet plans to help with body toning. Ryan likes to use cardio e...
    PT Experience: Power Lifting, Boxing Fitness, Nutrition Analysis, Core Workouts, Ab Exercises, Muscle
    Training Since: 2016
    Languages: English, German
  • PT Uros is a specialist when it comes to improving sports fitness via a variety of training methods. These include muscle toning, endurance training and nutrition programs for healthier living. Uros can work with Adults, Seniors and Kids as...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Children’s Fitness, Muscle Toning, Fat Loss, Endurance, Strength, Sports Fitness
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English, Serbian, Bulgarian
  • Faviola is an expert, Level 4 personal trainer who is highly qualified in weight management and body transformation. Her training skills and methods are wide and varied which she can adapt to the needs of her clients in Abu Dhabi. Faviola c...
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Nutrition & Diet Body Transformation, HIIT & Cardio Workouts, Bodybuilding
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English, Spanish
  • Dubai PT Craig can provide your fitness coaching face to face and also online in Dubai. With specialist nutrition and body transformation knowledge, Craig can help you lose weight, increase your muscle tone and provide cardio fitness routi...
    PT Experience: Nutrition, Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Special Diet Plans, Increased Muscle, Kickboxing, Kids Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English
  • Live a healthier and fitter life with expert personal training and nutrition guidance from Shiblin. A female fitness, fat loss specialist, pre and post natal and muscle building coach, Shiblin can plan a great training and lifestyle plan on...
    PT Experience: Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Building, Lifestyle Management, Body Slimming, Pre & Post Natal, Bodybuilding
    Training Since: 2014
    Languages: English
  • Looking for a great bodybuilding personal trainer in Dubai? Fouad has more than 12 years experience and can help with muscle mass, strength, competition prep, fat loss and more. A highly motivated coach, Fouad uses many different training t...
    PT Experience: Muscle Building, Toning, Core Strength, Bodybuilding, Cardio, Sports Fitness, Fat Reduction, Weights
    Training Since: 2007
    Languages: English, Arabic
  • Get fit at home in Dubai or even outdoors with personal trainer Halil. He is an expert in losing weight and adding lean muscle to your physique. Halil incorporates sports fitness into his personalised training plans for variety and to suppo...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Muscle Toning, Core & Ab Workouts, Weight Loss, Football Fitness, Kickboxing, Kids Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish
  • With a decade of training experience, Paul is an experienced PT who has worked with clients who have very different health and fitness goals. He is an all-round fitness expert who can help you lose weight, change your physique, increase you...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Fat & Weight Loss, Bootcamp, Strength, Core fitness, TRX, Sports Training, Diet Advice
    Training Since: 2008
    Languages: English
  • PT Karina is an expert in fat loss and lean muscle building. She creates personalised fitness plans that include different training types to help you achieve your fitness goals. These include bootcamp style training, free weights for streng...
    PT Experience: Bootcamp, HIIT, Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Senior Fitness, Strength Building, Body Slimming
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English, Polish
  • Dr Amrutha is a fully qualified sports and fitness coach based in Sharjah & Ajman. Available for at home fitness for adults and children - 1-2-1 and groups. She provides martial arts, kickboxing, weight loss and pre or post natal training.
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Sports Fitness, Body Toning, Martial Arts.....
    Training Since: 2007
    Languages: English