• A highly driven personal trainer, Jure will help you get the results you need to meet all of your fitness goals. In Abu Dhabi he provides coaching to adults and children. His training methods include weights, kickboxing, cardio fitness rout...
    PT Experience: MMA, Kickboxing, Physique Transformation, CrossFit, Kids Fitness, Sports Fitness, Weight Loss
    Training Since: 2008
    Languages: English
  • Female fitness coach Valeria can profile PT and group fitness in Abu Dhabi for ZUMBA, weight loss, cardio kickboxing, pre-post natal exercise, Pilates and much more. Whatever your fitness goal Valeria has the workout plan for you.
    PT Experience: Boxing, Pilates, Fat Loss, Pre & Post Natal, Body Toning, Core, Yoga, Nutrition, CrossFit, Zumba
    Training Since: 2009
    Languages: English, Italian
  • Jen is a Level 3 Fitness coach who uses her full range of skills to create the perfect personal training plan based on your goals and your fitness level. Jen’s understanding of the human body allows her to pinpoint what will work for you wh...
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Pilates, HIIT, ZUMBA, Fat Loss, Circuit Training, Senior Fitness, Nutrition Support
    Training Since: 20116
    Languages: English
  • Abu Dhabi Female PT Zeynab is a weight loss specialist but her health, fitness and lifestyle coaching skills don’t stop there. A level 3 certified trainer, Zeynab can also provide pre and post natal exercise, fat loss for body toning, and m...
    PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Pre & Post Natal, Core Training, Diet Planning, Body Toning, HIIT
    Languages: English, Arabic
  • Ashbey is a boxing coach and fat loss personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. He combines boxing and other fitness methods to help you lose weight; improve your cardio fitness and your strength. Customised training plans based on your fitness goals ...
    PT Experience: Boxing, CrossFit, Body Toning, Muscle Building, Rapid Fat Loss, Cardio Health, Weight Training
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English
  • Providing Weight management and obesity training in Abu Dhabi are Olena’s specialist areas. Using a variety of training techniques your weight loss goals (short and long term) will be met in full. She understands that changing your lifesty...
    PT Experience: Weight Management, Rehabilitation, Female Fitness, Yoga For Fitness, Pilates, Kettlebell, Bosu
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English
  • Dubai PT Shane provides customised fitness coaching to help you achieve all your fitness goals. Weight loss, body toning and CrossFit cardio health are just a few of the ways Shane can help you get fitter and healthier. Shane is also a spor...
    PT Experience: Sports Fitness, CrossFit, TRX, Improved Flexibility, Weight Loss, Body Toning & Slimming, Core
    Training Since: 2018
    Languages: English
  • Female Trainer Robyn is an expert when it comes to female fitness. Whether you want to lose weight (fat or weight loss), train during pre and post natal or get healthier in general Robyn can help. Your fitness goals are fully assessed and a...
    PT Experience: Pre & Post Natal, Body Slimming, Muscle Growth, Strength, Sports Training, CrossFit, Teen Fitness
    Training Since: 2018
    Languages: English
  • Want to improve your physique by working on your muscle and body toning? Ruairidh is an expert when it comes to body transformation through diet and exercise. Being a competitive physique athlete has him that with the right training and the...
    PT Experience: Muscle Definition, Fat Loss, Body Transformation, Kids Fitness, Lifestyle Advice, Strength, Bootcamp
    Training Since: 2007
    Languages: English
  • Female fitness coach Szabina is a Level 3 PT for 1-2-1 and group fitness. She helps her clients change their body and their mindset, keeping them focused on lifestyle changes to help them lose weight, tone up and improve their overall fitne...
    PT Experience: Body Slimming, Muscle Building, Pilates Coaching, CrossFit, Weight Loss, Football Fitness, Kids
    Training Since: 2015
    Languages: English
  • Personal trainer Iryna is also a nutrition coach who can help you change and improve your life with a mixture of good eating practices and exercise. As a fitness coach she can work with all ages. Weight loss, improved cardio health, increas...
    PT Experience: Sports Fitness, Cardio Training, CrossFit, Childrens Fitness, Diet, Body Slimming, Boxing, Flexibility
    Training Since: 2016
    Languages: English
  • If you want to train at home in Dubai or even your local gym Carina is a well qualified female fitness coach with more than 7 years experience. She can work with Adults, Children, Seniors and Special Needs.
    PT Experience: Boxing, CrossFit, Body Toning, Muscle Building, Senior Fitness, Cardio Health, Weight Training
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Get fit at home in Dubai or even outdoors with personal trainer Halil. He is an expert in losing weight and adding lean muscle to your physique. Halil incorporates sports fitness into his personalised training plans for variety and to suppo...
    PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Muscle Toning, Core & Ab Workouts, Weight Loss, Football Fitness, Kickboxing, Kids Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, Spanish, Turkish
  • With a background in gymnastics Viktoria can help with many aspects of improving your lifestyle through fitness. In Dubai she trains client for aerobic fitness, advanced nutrition for weight loss, HIIT exercises for cardio health, Pilates a...
    PT Experience: Female Fitness, Aerobics, Pilates, Stretching Exercises, Muscle Toning, Pre & Post Natal, Weight Loss
    Training Since: 2006
    Languages: English, Russian
  • Amanda is a fully qualified PT in Dubai with experience in many different health and fitness areas. She can provide training for pre and post natal ladies, help you improve your cardio fitness, work on your strength and muscle building, los...
    PT Experience: Pre & Post Natal, Yoga, Fat & Weight Loss, Cardio Fitness, Muscle & Strength, Senior Health, Sports
    Training Since: 2013
    Languages: English, Danish, Swedish