A great way to get and stay fit, Dance Fitness personal trainers really add some fun to your exercise workouts. There are many types of dance fit exercise including Zumba and general aerobics routines.

If you are looking for an all over body workout a dance fit training program in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah is highly suited to you.


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Adult & Kids Personal Fitness Coaching In Dubai With PT Musa
Musa is a highly qualified fitness coach in Dubai who can provide customised training programs for adults and children. Fitness coaching for crossfit, boxing for fitness, weight management, flexibility, strength and body toning. At home training to suit your schedule.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: CrossFit, Bootcamp, Callisthenics, Strength, Fat Loss, Boxing For Fitness, Pre & Post Natal, Rehabilitation, Muscle Definition, Sports, Kids Exercise, Gymnastics.....
I Can Train: Men, Women, Children
Personal Trainer In Sharjah Moosa
Moosa is an expert in weight loss and body toning. His clients benefit from his knowledge of CrossFit, HIIT based exercise, Bootcamp and more. He is also a Kid’s fitness specialist and develops both private and group training plans for children.
PT Location:Sharjah, Ajman
PT Experience: Weight Loss, Gymnastics, Strength, Muscular Growth, Boxing, Rehab, Senior Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Abu Dhabi Female Boxing Trainer - Claudia
Claudia is an expert in providing fitness and weight loss by using a combination of Boxing, kickboxing and mixed martal arts. You don’t need martial arts experience to enjoy the benefits that MMA can provide which include weight loss, body toning, strength and more. If ZUMBA appeals to you Claudia can provide Zumba classes in Abu Dhabi too.
PT Location:Abu Dhabi
PT Experience: Boxing, Kickboxing Classes, MMA, ZUMBA Classes, Body Conditioning, Strength Training, Kids Fitness, Cardio Fitness
I Can Train: Ladies Only
Dubai Female Personal Trainer Loreley
Loreley is a female personal trainer in Dubai with more than 13 years experience. She can help with weight loss, body toning, pre and post natal exercise and more. All her training plans come with specialist nutrition support.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Weight Loss, Toning, Strength Building, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, Fat Burning Workouts.....
I Can Train: Women & Children
Dubai personal fitness trainer and health coach - mercy
Highly effective home training and nutrition programs in Dubai for fat loss, strength, pre natal, endurance, posture correction and more. Meal plans and healthy eating advice.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Fat Loss, Weight Management, Nutrition, Pre Natal, Post Natal. Body Transformation, Strength & Endurance, Posture Correction.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Basketball and sports fitness coach in Dubai 1- Andrea
Professional sports fitness coaching in Dubai. Basketball coaching for all ages and abilities. Endurance training for athletes and rehabilitation programs for sports and personal injuries. At home coaching for men, women and children.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Basketball, Sports Fitness, Body Toning, Weight Management, Rehabilitation, Children's Fitness, Endurance Coaching, Running & Track.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Zumba - Pilates - Weight Loss - Personal Trainer in Abu Dhabi - Mila
Mila is a qualified fitness coach and Yoga instructor who can provide training programs for ladies in Abu Dhabi at home or online. She can help you lose weight and tone your body with Zumba, Pilates, HIIT and programs for pre and post natal ladies.
PT Location:Abu Dhabi
PT Experience: Body Toning, Weight & Fat Loss, Yoga, Ladies Fitness, Pre Natal Exercise, Zumba, Pilates, Strength, Yoga, Running & Track.....
I Can Train: Women & Children
Liliia - female fitness personal trainer and martial arts coach in Abu Dhabi UAE
Advanced coaching in Abu Dhabi for weight management and improved fitness using varied training techniques - martial arts, cardio programs, muscle building and more. Diet and nutrition support.
PT Location:Abu Dhabi
PT Experience: Weight management, cardio fitness, pre and post natal, core strength, martial arts, nutrition.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Female Personal Trainer in Shajah - Ajman - RAK - Clare
Personal Trainer Clare can coach men and women in Ajman, Sharjah and RAK. Training for weight loss, body toning, strength either at home, your gym or even outdoors. Fitness classes for groups are also available.
PT Experience: Strenght Training, Cardio Fitness, Female Fitness, Weight Loss, Body Transformation, Resistance Band Workouts.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Yoga for adults, kids and seniors at home in Abu Dhabi with coach Norah
Norah is a Yoga teacher in Abu Dhabi. She can provide Yoga for back and other muscle pain, pre and post natal yoga and general Yoga. Able to work with adults, seniors and children Norah can come to your home or you can practice Yoga outdoors.
PT Location:Abu Dhabi
PT Experience: Yoga Coaching, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Pain Management With Yoga, Kids Yoga, Yoga For Seniors, Weight Loss, Meditation, Rehabilitation.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Female Personal Trainer In Dubai - Viktoria
With a background in gymnastics Viktoria can help with many aspects of improving your lifestyle through fitness. In Dubai she trains client for aerobic fitness, advanced nutrition for weight loss, HIIT exercises for cardio health, Pilates and pre and post natal exercise.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Female Fitness, Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, Booty Building, Stretching Exercises, Muscle Toning, Pre and Post Natal, Pilates
I Can Train: Men & Women
Female Yoga Personal Trainer & Class Instructor Hema D Souza For Male & Female Clients
Hema is a qualified and dedicated Yoga Teacher with more 13 years experience and has a Masters Degree in Yoga Science. She provides Yoga for well-being, weight loss, general fitness, rehabilitation and relaxation. Her aim is to teach her clients that Yoga improves your mental and your physical health.
PT Location:Dubai
PT Experience: Yoga For Well-Being, Beginners & Advanced, Pilates Coaching, Dance Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, Yoga for Kids, Online Yoga, .....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
Irene - personal fitness coaching at home in Abu Dhabi for Ladies
Irene is an expert when it comes to HIIT based workouts including CrossFit in Al Ain, Bootcamp and Aerobics. She can help with weight loss, body toning and more.
PT Location:Al Ain
PT Experience: Bootcamp, CrossFit, HIIT, Cardio Endurance, Weight Loss, Body Toning, General Fitness, Ladies Specific Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children





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