My husband and I signed up for 10 sessions with Thane, and we're now nearing half way through. We have been training together as a couple for years, mainly lifting, and are not new to exercising. However, I have been struggling with some back problems over the last few years, and I needed the extra attention to get back i shape, without risking damage. We are very happy with Thane. He manages to make workouts challenging for the pair of us while considering my special challenges. He is knowledgeable and competent, he listens to our wishes and respects our experience, adjusting the program to our needs when necessary, and he pushes us just the right amount to make it that little bit harder than we would probably do on our own, but always without compromising our safety. TRX-training is new to us and is putting a new challenge to us, working more stabilizing muscles than we usually engage and probably going to push us forward, also in our lifting regime. No two sessions have been the same yet, we enjoy the variation and would recommend Thane anytime.