I’ve been working with Isobel for almost four months now and I am very glad I found her. I was really nervous at first as I have never had a personal trainer before and was embarrassed by how unfit I was, but within moments of meeting her she totally put me at ease. We started right from the beginning, not only looking at exercise but also at my food intake, and four months later I am almost a stone lighter and can see muscles in my body for the first time in my life. Isobel challenges me in every PT session, and pushes me to the limits she knows I have it in me to achieve, even if i don’t believe it myself. She is supportive of every small victory, every KG lost, every extra push up done and she is genuinely as happy about it as I am. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi I cannot recommend Isobel enough, I have lost weight but i have gained much more; muscle, confidence, motivation and a very good friend.