‘We had never worked out together before but following the birth of our second daughter, and considering the little free time we have, we thought we would give personal training a try. Jonny has been our personal trainer in Abu Dhabi and we are extremely happy with the workouts he puts together for us. We had an initial consultation with him before we started the programme where we discussed our fitness needs. He has since done an excellent job translating those into workouts that are well prepared, varied, and focused on helping us achieve our goals. What we enjoy most is the fact that he uses diverse training methods to keep things interesting. He comes to each session with a fresh set of creative techniques that are both challenging and fun. What we also like about the sessions is that even though we are training together, Jonny makes sure we are working out to our individual fitness levels. From not having exercised in years, we now exercise together even on days when we don’t have a session with him. Thanks to Jonny, our attitude towards exercise, and ultimately our lifestyle, is changing for the better!’