I have been personal training with Paul for about three months now and am thoroughly enjoying the sessions! Firstly, he is always punctual – no matter what time of day you request your training; he is extremely knowledgeable about the theory and science behind physical training and the human body as well as nutrition, diet and metabolism. Paul also does a lot of self-education to always stay up to date with trends and improve his knowledge so that he can better educate and train his clients. What I enjoy most is that no session is boring because he changes up the program and adds in new exercises each time so that the hour passes really quickly and you enjoy it more. You can also ask him any question at all relating to nutrition, break down of nutrients and reasons behind why he chooses the exercises that he tailor-makes for you. Dubai is full of so-called personal trainers that have no clue about what they're doing, so it is rare to find someone this good. I would strongly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to improve their fitness level, gain muscle or stamina or lose weight – you are sure to see results! Paul really cares about his clients personally, checks up on them after their training session, and he wants them to achieve their goals – almost more than they want to 🙂