When searching for a personal trainer in AD, I discovered Isobel on UAE Personal Trainers website. I am pleased to say that these reviews on her were spot on. Isobel has one of the sunniest personalities you’ll ever see! She is a lovely human being and she managed to get really impressive results with me with only a month of intensive training (4 sessions a week). I’ve worked out with trainers before (in Abu Dhabi and Dubai), and the experience with Isobel has still been on a different level entirely!! I have found capacities in my body that I didn’t know existed. Through her daily motivational texts reminding me to work out and eat right and through sessions that are fun and enjoyable, I found myself more active, positive, and happy 🙂 . Isobel is without a doubt the most positive and supportive coach I ever seen! Could not recommend her more highly!