I had been a gym member for many years on and off and hardly used it. Then my dietician strongly advised me to get a trainer to motivate me. Although I had been worried that the trainer would get me doing things that would injure me, I went ahead and began in February with Kieran. He carefully listened to all my injuries and shortcomings and I emphasized that I did not want to get injured as my work as a chiropractor means I need to be physically fit in order to get my patients well. I have hardly missed a personal training session since starting. From accurate measurements I have lost 7.5 kilos of fat and increased muscles by 1.5 kilos. I have dropped almost 2 dress sizes as all the weight has come off my waist area. In this same period I have followed the diet from Rashi Chowdhary eating sensibly and never being hungry. It certainly has been money well spent, so I sincerely recommend that if you want to be fitter and leaner the easiest way is to use a Duabi personal trainer, and mine has made it fun and interesting at the same time.