It might be easy to find a personal trainer that is certified and knows the job but it is not easy always to find a trainer that you feel confident to work out with or want to work out with for an extended period ; Elena is one of those special certified trainers that you’ll always be confident with her PT services and will be able to connect with her almost immediately . you will never be bored at the gym because she mixes up her program in a way to keep clients engaged while reaching their goals . She personally is lead by achieving results and thus even if you are willing to give up she won’t let you . Most importantly Elena is the type of trainers that understands the needs of not only the body but the mind too while working out and thus selects what works best not only for the body but for the mindset of her clients which in a way makes you work harder . For those who are like me and do not enjoy working out , Elena is the best trainer you could have because she’ll know how to motivate you to atleast be convinced that working out is good for you . Mind you , She is so sweet but not when it comes to fitness 😜. Elena is very patient , always on time and has great follow up skills . Highly recommend her as a trainer for all age brackets