Nicole has been my personal trainer in Abu Dhabi for the past three months. Whilst I was just looking for a personal trainer in the expectation that that would provide me with the motivation and correct training programs to put me back in shape, Nicole has far exceeded that expectation. Not only did she provide me with an ever changing training program that ranged from floor exercises and free weights training in the gym to outdoor sessions and circuit training, she also provided full explanations about the training methodology she employs, which is the best motivation ever because I now know why I need to look after myself. In addition, she has provided me with a full review of my eating habits and taught me about healthy nutrition to complement my training and even provided me with menu plans and cooking tips. I am now in much better shape; feeling and eating much better and have become much stronger both physically and mentally. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who not only wants to become fitter, but especially if want to really make a change in your life!