I have been training for the last 3 years on off, the first 2 times I tried personal trainers when I was in Abu Dhabi and I gave up easily; because I was working really hard by both exercising and following a healthy diet but didn’t see any changes which put me down so I gained even more weight than when I first started. Then I moved to Dubai and had the chance to train with personal trainer Kieran from Revolution Fitness, my main goal was to lose some weight, to be healthier and fitter as sitting all day and driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was very difficult and really damaged my back. I was shocked when my friends asked me if I am working out only ONE month after I started my sessions with Kieran, it gave me a very big positive push and I honestly enjoyed the indoor, outdoor workouts, the healthy food plan and the exercise plan that he made for me to work on when we are not training together. I paused due to my wedding and now I am more than happy to be back, aiming to make exercising a part of my life not just a phase; as having these sessions as a part of my routine is such an amazing rhythm and it gives me great energy to start my day with. Kieran has been an amazing trainer with a great personality, great communication skills, motivator, sharing his knowledge about different information about the human body, what each exercise actually does, which muscle we are working on, fixing my posture and so many other exciting things that I have never knew before. Simply, Kieran is a trainer who is truly passionate about his job; he makes working out a very fun and intellectual part of my day and not just a painful visit to the gym that I used to not look forward for.