Post Natal Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Post Natal Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat
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Want to reduce your post natal belly fat in the UAE? We asked a female personal trainer in Dubai for advice and tips.

Getting back to your pre pregnancy shape in Dubai or Abu Dhabi can be a difficult task. One area that seems stubborn is post natal belly fat.

During your pregnancy your body will go through so many changes. Of course it’s perfectly safe to exercise during your pregnancy with a pre natal fitness expert.

In fact, many women who train and take regular exercise during all stages of their pregnancy might find it easier to get back in shape after having their baby.

So what are the best exercise methods to help you get rid of the post natal baby bulge? We asked a prenatal female personal trainer in Dubai for her thoughts and tips.

Q: Many post natal women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a problem with reducing belly fat.

This is a one of the stubborn areas that seems to be problematic and takes time to reduce.

As a female pre and post natal personal trainer in Dubai what are your top tips relating to diet and types of exercise that can help.


As always with pre and post-natal clients, it is important that advice from the doctor is also adhered to in regards to returning to exercise and diet.

All women will gain extra weight (not just from the baby) during all trimesters. This is unavoidable and diets are not recommended during pregnancy.

However, you can still keep an eye on what you eat as eating healthy while pregnant in the UAE is beneficial to mother and baby. A good pregnancy fitness specialist will also be able to provide the best advice on prenatal nutrition too.


Try to do more walking as a post natal exercise method…..


One of the easiest and safest exercises for post natal clients to do (should there be no serious complications in labour) is just gentle walking.

Walking is one of the simplest ways to ease into a fitness routine after giving birth in Dubai.

Walking effectively burns calories and is also something you can do with your baby in a pram or front pack to add extra weight to increase the benefits.

Its also important to incorporate pelvic floor exercises into a post-natal clients routine, completing just ten numbers of squeezes reps that have to be done three times a day.


Gentle, low impact exercise types for post natal women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi….


Swimming, yoga and Pilates are all good forms of exercises to do following giving birth, as these are great full body workouts which are also not too strenuous on the body.

You can do all of these low impact exercises on your own, as part of a group class or with the assistance of a personal trainer in your area.

These forms of exercise will help your body to become stronger, more flexible and also help to improve the body by helping to ‘tone’ the muscles.


Abdominal (core) exercise routines…..


Abdominal exercises can slowly be incorporated into a fitness regime for post natal clients should their doctor clear this safe to do so following a check-up.

These need to be performed carefully and slowly to start off with so you definitely should be doing these with the help of a fitness coach, either at home in your area of the UAE or a local gym.

It’s also important to remember that ab based exercises will strengthen and tighten the core muscles but if done too much can also give the look of a thicker waist.


Watching your diet is important to reduce post natal belly fat…..


The most important thing to reduce belly fat in any postnatal client in Dubai is just generally looking to lose a bit of weight is to be in a calorie deficit.

This basically means burning more calories in which they are consuming.

This can be achieved by increasing ones exercise, reducing food intake or both of these together.

However, post-natal clients need to ensure they are still getting the right nutrients their body needs for the baby if they are breast feeding

As I mentioned before it is important for them to also listen to any advice from their doctor in this situation.


In Summary, try the following to help you get rid of post natal belly fat


Go for longer, more regular walks


Try low impact exercise like swimming, yoga, pilates


Do some core workouts but do with caution


Keep a close eye on your diet and nutrition intake

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