Pilates Training When Pregnant In The UAE

There are many different exercises you can safely do when pregnant in the UAE. How safe and beneficial is Pilates Training for pregnant women?
Pilates training when you are pregnant in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

Pilates Training In The UAE – Is it safe for prenatal women?

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Pilates Training – There are many types of prenatal exercise you can do in Dubai. For women interested in Pilates is it ok when pregnant?

Pilates Training. Women in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who want to train and start new exercise regimes when pregnant need to do so with care. However, there are plenty of exercise types available which are considered both safe for mother and baby and also recommended.

You should always seek medical advice and also use the services of a professional pre and post natal personal trainer in the UAE when exercising during your pre natal trimesters.


Is Pilates safe for prenatal women?


Question: Pilates is becoming more popular in the UAE as a low impact training and exercise method. Being a pre natal personal trainer with Pilates coaching experience do you think Pilates is suitable for pre natal women in Dubai?

The answer is absolutely, doing pilates in Dubai is a great way to strengthen the core and the tummy and also the back and the pelvic floor.

These muscles have a big role during pregnancy as the body has extra pressure and weight on the joints.

Pilates can help with lower back back, improve weak pelvic floor strength and balance and also helps to reduce stress and relax the body with the deep breathing technique during the exercises.


How does Pilates training in Dubai help during all stages of pregnancy?


The first and the last trimester is the hardest always when it comes to exercises during pregnancy in the UAE. But the there is so many options always for modify the exercises for a pregnant client.

After the fist trimester, we should avoid doing exercises that put to much pressure on the rectus abdominus. Exercises like lifting the chest up from the floor and crunch.

Also after the first trimester we should avoid spending too much time lying on the back, and also lying on the tummy.

For this the solution is modified Pilates based exercises in kneeling position for example.


Which Pilates poses should I avoid


Question: Because pregnant women in the UAE need to take sensible precautions when it comes to training and exercise are there any Pilates poses (routines) that should be avoided?

There are only a few Pilates exercises should be avoid and modified during pregnancy in the UAE. These include:

  • Roll Ups
  • Criss Cross
  • Swimmer
  • One Hundred

Pilates plank and push ups can be performed until late during the pregnancy but it does depend of the strength level as the pelvis has to be lifted to support the belly.

This exercise can also be modified with a hoover plan position


How often can I do Pilates when pregnant in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?


Question: How many times per week do you recommend your pre natal clients in Dubai do Pilates to get the best benefits?

I recommend my prenatal clients in Dubai do Pilates 2-3 times a week. But it is also depends on the client fitness level.

If they have been very active before pregnancy there is no harm to continue with moderate exercise 4-5 times a week with a good mix of Pilates, resistance and cardio training.


Which Pilates poses are most beneficial during pregnancy?


Question: To help pre natal women in Dubai understand which Pilates poses are good during all trimesters can you list your top 5 poses and explain why you think they are beneficial.

My top recommendations for Pilates for pregnant women are:

Pelvic Tilts – helps to strengthen the lower back

The Bridge – This exercise helps to stretch the hips and strengthen the back and hamstrings

Tight Stretch – Strengthens abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks

Upper Back Stretch – Will help to improve posture and stretches the back and chest

Plank – Strengthens the shoulders, abdominal muscles and tightens the pelvic floor

In Summary.....

In Summary, tips to help you make the most of Pilates Training when pregnant in the UAE

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