PT Sky – Training Tips & Advice

PT Sky – Training Tips & Advice
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Training Tips & Advice From Sky – Abu Dhabi Ladies Personal trainer
Personal Trainer & Zumba Instructor in Abu Dhabi, UAE - Sky - Vogue Fitness

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Sky

The UAE Personal trainers website helps you find the best fitness coach in your local area.

We’ve asked the male and female personal trainers in Abu Dhabi to provide information on their favoutite fitness methods and more. That way you get to learn more about a trainer and their training methods.

Question 1 – In your own words, can you sum up why you think actively taking an interest in nutrition and physical fitness can help people lead healthier lives.


Living a healthy lifestyle and making right nutrition or training choices might be sometimes challenging in Abu Dhabi. Especially with so many trends, information sources and advice around it can become confusing. Even us as fitness professionals can have struggles and at some cases we try things on ourselves to see if it works and what results it can bring.

From my own experience in fitness in the last 10 years I noticed that clients who start to do any physical activity become happier or less stressed, depending on what they are going through at their life stage.

It’s very clear that giving up on bad habits and making healthy food choices brings more desirable results, improves sleep and do not play on mood swings or cravings.


Question 2 – Overall, how important do you think nutrition is when it comes to lifestyle and why?


The best way to describe it is by examples. Most of my clients in Abu Dhabi who put some effort in changing their nutrition to reach their fitness goals had improved results in their body image self-esteem too – a great boost mentally.

Less stress, less anxiety, decreased depression, less body fat percentage – lighter body to move around with daily tasks, more energy, better quality of sleep and work production. No matter which healthy nutrition choice you make it can change your life quality for the better.


Question 3 – As a personal trainer, what methods and techniques do you use to ensure your nutrition is in good shape and your weight is manageable? For example, do you count calories, macros, protein content etc.


First I learned about my own body as we all have different genetics and different fitness or life goals.

Second, I stopped comparing myself with other fitness professionals, which means I’m not chasing any other persons body image that is popular or trending ATM.

Third, I changed my mindset towards food. I don’t eat fast food, gave up on any kind of external sugar intake, don’t drink soft drinks or alcohol.

Always make sure that my plate has all three macronutrients and I eat 5-6 times a day.

My food choices always have good calories, so food I consume would give me benefits and results I want.

But, it’s important to mention that I’m building my muscles and not trying to lose body fat as I already live an active lifestyle.


Question 4 – How many times per week do you physically work out to ensure you stay in great shape?


Depending on the week work schedule it can be between 3-6 times a week. Sometimes twice a day. I always include all fitness styles: Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Crossfit, Functional movements, Unilateral training and etc.

As well lots of active recovery – walking 10-20 k steps or swimming in Abu Dhabi, dancing or any other activity that brings you joy.


Question 5 – For cardio fitness what is your favourite exercise type and why?


I have experience in teaching all aspects of cardio fitness in Abu Dhabi and to be honest I LOVE all of them as each has its own benefits.

Depending on how much time you have, what is your mood, what time of the day you train, etc. I’m a high believer that you have to listen to your body and enjoy your fitness workouts.


Question 6 – For muscle building and strength what are your favourite exercise types?


From my own experience I noticed that muscle building methods work best if you do any type of hypertrophy/strength/power or weight lifting combined with the right amount of calories intake.

Simple as that. So if your goal is to build muscles – you will have to become friends with macronutrients and the correct amount of it daily!

In Summary – Sky’s top 10 tips when it comes to personal training, physical fitness and nutrition in Abu Dhabi are:


  • If You haven’t done it yet by yourself – probably you won’t in future either. Invest in a Personal Trainer and/or Nutritionist – they will show you HOW

  • Learn more about your own body, start love it the way it is and remember it’s just the beginning

  • Change your mindset about nutrition, food intake and choices you make related to it. Pay attention when you eat particular food

  • Make priorities. Your health is No. 1 – don’t forget it

  • Better stay slow but consistent then fast and short term goal player

  • Start with small changes in your nutrition, such as: more water instead of soft drinks, don’t skip meals, reduce sugar intake, start with workouts 2 times a week and keep going

  • Surround yourself with like minded people as it will affect your results dramatically

  • Be more active and don’t look for excuses why NOT

  • Track your small achievements and celebrate it. In a month time it might look nothing, but in a year time results will be huge

  • No one will do it FOR you. You WILL have to put some effort into it, but always remember why you started in the first place. If You do it for the wrong reasons, there are big chances you will quit

Whatever your fitness goal is, the UAE Personal Trainers website connects you with the best trainers in your local area
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