• Alla is a Yoga Coach and personal trainer for ladies in Ajman & Sharjah. She provides Yoga training and weight loss PT f...
    PT Experience: Yoga, Pre & Post Natal, Weight Loss, Special Needs, Muscle Toning, Female Fitness, Senior Fitness
    Training Since: 2010
    Languages: English, French, Russian, Ukranian
  • If you are looking for a female personal trainer in Sharjah Yasmin can help you achieve all your fitness goals with a co...
    PT Experience: Body Weight Transformation, Muscle Toning, Kickboxing, ZUMBA, Rehab, Pre & Post Natal
    Training Since: 2009
    Languages: English
  • Musa is an expert in weight loss and body toning. His clients benefit from his knowledge of CrossFit, HIIT based exercis...
    PT Experience: Kids Fitness, Weight Loss, Gymnastics, Strength, Muscular Growth, Boxing, Rehab, Senior Fitness
    Training Since: 2012
    Languages: English, Hindi
  • Want to add some muscle and tone to your physique? Ramesh knows the best ways to lose fat and improve your physical appe...
    PT Experience: Muscular Development, Fat Loss, Ab Toning, Core Conditioning, Diet Advice, Kids Fitness, Cardio
    Training Since: 2004
    Languages: English, Hindi, Malayalam