Exercise For Seniors In Dubai

Many seniors in the UAE feel that they would like to add some exercise to their lives but are lost where to start. We asked a top trainer in Dubai for his tips on senior and elderly fitness.
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Why Seniors Should Exercise More In Dubai

Article Contributor: Ruairidh

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It’s important for seniors and the elderly in Dubai to exercise as much as possible – with reason. We asked a professional PT why.

Many seniors in Dubai don’t get enough regular exercise. Although our bodies change and exercise intensity is often reduced as we age, keeping fit and active during our senior years is important.


Question: As a senior fitness PT in Dubai what advice can you provide on the importance of exercise for seniors.

It’s important to keep strong, even when we get older. We want to especially keep our core strong for stability, posture and balance.

Stronger core = stronger over all strength. If we allow ourselves to get weak we’ll elder quicker.

Keep active to feel younger in Dubai and to hold your energy level up.


Good exercise types for seniors or the elderly


Question: Most exercise methods in Dubai are suitable for seniors. However, some are better than others – swimming for example provides low impact fitness. In your professional opinion what would you say are the top 5 exercise types for seniors and why do you think they are beneficial?

Swimming in Dubai for Seniors is good because for example, when our joints grow a bit weaker with age, exercise in water is gentle compared to jumping around on a stone hard floor or lifting heavy weights. In the water we got the natural resistance, which can help you stay strong.

Easy yoga is good exercise too as we age. In yoga we keep flexible and we keep our core strong by doing more steady movements.

By holding the postures for longer, we mix mobility training with strength, but in a gentle way, since the movements are slow.

Pilates is a good way to exercise, for the same reasons as the above. Workout with exercise ball or buso ball.

Again a gentle way to exercise, but also hard and challenging. It’s a good way to practise balance, and strength.

Resistance bands and TRX training are good too. You can workout with them anywhere, even at home sitting in your couch. Some older people are challenged just to move around. But with resistance bands you can work you upper body without even be


Exercise and mobility for seniors in Dubai


Question: Senior fitness and exercise does help with mobility. To keep mobile and active as we age how often should exercise be performed?

It’s a good idea for seniors in Dubai to workout 2-3 times per week. In that way you keep active, but you’re still able to have rest days in between. Just remember; you can’t really move too much.


Question: Are there any exercise types considered too difficult or even dangerous for seniors in Dubai?

It depends on your fitness level. Seniors can even perform crossfit if they want to, and have the strength to do it.

You should never stop challenging yourself, no matter what age you are.

BUT, if you’re not used to work out, you should definitely hire a personal trainer in Dubai to guide you through how to work out, if you want to do something more challenging like crossfit or weightlifting, just to make sure you get professional advice, to avoid injuries.


What about senior fitness classes in Dubai?


Question: There are plenty of fitness classes in Dubai for seniors. Do you think a fitness class or personal 1-2-1 training is better?

This again depends on your fitness level. If you’re just starting to work out, i’d definitely hire a personal trainer or a coach to guide you through and give you professional advice.

It gets more personal and you can tailor make a training schedule that suits YOU.

If you feel confidence about working out you can join classes with others. It’s also a nice way to make new friends.

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