Is Tennis In The UAE Suitable For Senior Fitness?

Tennis is a great sport when it comes to providing an all over body workout. It doesn’t have to be like a Wimbledon match! You can play tennis at all ages and for seniors it helps with mobility and flexibility.
Personal tennis coaching foir 1-2-1 and groups in Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE
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There are plenty of choices when it comes to senior health and fitness activities in the UAE for seniors. How does tennis compare?

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Being a senior in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah is not restrictive when it comes to being active. Tennis is an active sport, is it suitable for seniors and the elderly?

Is Tennis for senior fitness too difficult?


Question: Many seniors in the UAE want to get involved with some form of regular exercise to improve their health and fitness levels. Being an active game do you think tennis is too much for seniors?

I honestly don’t think that a sport such as tennis could interfere with any stage or any age of a person life. Actually, it’s a great sport to play especially during the senior years. For few different reasons:

  • No physical contact
  • Low risk of major injuries
  • Good mix of cardio and coordination with upper body and lower body
  • No stress due to heavy weights
  • Burning calories through cardio activity

Keeping the brain activity on “alert” at all times due to reading the situation, reaction, preparing and finally hitting and placing the ball in a specific area of the court.


Do seniors need experience to enjoy tennis for fitness?


Question: As a professional tennis coach in Abu Dhabi do you think tennis is suitable for seniors with little or no previous experience of playing tennis?

During my 13+ years of coaching I have come across many seniors with good or no experience at all.

Of course, the approach for both players must be taken differently. The beginner player requires more attention to the form & technique in order to avoid injuries.

Also, to allow the maximum result (power-direction) with limited excessive amount of physical effort.

For players more advance, instead, it becomes more a matter of refreshing the technique and the upper and lower body coordination.


Can Tennis lessons be tailored to the needs of seniors in Abu Dhabi?


Question: Taking tennis lessons and other group activities are a good way for the elderly to get out and be more mobile. If tennis is suitable for seniors can lessons be tailored to their needs, for example very basic lessons?

Tennis is a great social sport especially for people in their retirement. My job as a professional tennis coach is to understand the client and player needs and requests, so I can tailor a lesson plan for them to reach and succeed in their challenge.

One example: work on dynamic movement, change of directions (brain power) and mix of all around shots


Does Tennis provide an overall body workout for seniors?


Question: How can tennis help with senior fitness? Does it provide a wide range of health benefits, for example increasing flexibility, maintaining co-ordination as we age etc?

My father just turned 74 years old last month. He plays mostly doubles (two VS two) 2 hours per day since he retired all year around. In the Italian summer and winter.

His body shape and health is great for a man of his age, he always has high endurance and stamina.

Quick recovery (heart rate and leg muscles). The cardio, with fast short runs and change of directions activity, helps burning calories and fat.

So yes, tennis is the perfect sport to play once retired. It also helps the social life.


Are there any restrictions where Tennis for seniors is concerned?


Question: Are there any circumstances or existing medical conditions where you think tennis would not be suitable for seniors?

Health is definitely the most important part that any person of any age should look after.

During the years I have come across seniors with weak joints due to injuries in the past (Ex footballers, rugby players or managers which lifestyle was more sitting behind a desk than actually exercising).

It is important to get to know the players lifestyle to have a better understanding of the quality of the lesson and how far you can challenge him/ her without creating too high expectations but aiming for the right target level.


What are your top tips for seniors looking to start playing tennis?


Question: As a personal tennis trainer, what advice would you give to seniors and groups of seniors in Abu Dhabi who are considering taking tennis lessons?

My advice to young and older players is always to find a professional tennis coach in the UAE with experience in coaching, not really in playing professional or with a past in the circuit.

The reason why is the coach is someone who must understand the needs of the person in front of him/ her and will try to perform for the client and not for himself/ herself.

Explaining in details the bio-mechanic (technique and form) of the shots, making the other person comfortable to try the very best and of course making the session always enjoyable delivering knowledge.

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