Yoga For Seniors In Dubai & Abu Dhabi – The Benefits

The benefits that Yoga provides to the elderly in the UAE can be simply amazing. With the help of a qualified yoga instructor everyday living becomes easier.
yoga for seniors in the uae

The Benefits Of Yoga For The Elderly In Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Article Contributor: Hema D’Souza

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Yoga For Senior Fitness In The UAE - How It Helps With Elderly Fitness Plans

You don’t need to be young or super flexible in the UAE to enjoy the many benefits of Yoga.

The many benefits of practising Yoga are great for everyone.

Seniors often feel they are unable to do any regular form of regular exercise in the UAE because many exercises are stressful for the body.

Yoga is different and with the guidance of a professional yoga instructor in Dubai or Abu Dhabi you’ll be amazed at how Yoga can benefit your daily life.

We asked a professional Yoga coach from Dubai for some advice and tips.


Question: Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general. Do you think yoga is a good form of exercise for senior fitness?

Yes. Obsolutely yoga is a good form of exercise for seniors in the UAE. If you are interested in learning yoga before jumping into it you need to do bit research.

You need to find a good experienced yoga personal trainer or yoga therapist who is well-versed with the yoga techniques most beneficial to the elderly.

You can try a gentle class for beginner and if any yoga poses are uncomfortable or lead to pain, know your limitations.

No matter what your current fitness level is, UAE seniors can benefit from yoga every bit as much as younger adults.


Yoga for seniors with health conditions


Question: Many seniors in Dubai suffer from age related conditions such as arthritis, blood-pressure and sleep related disorders. How can the regular practice of Yoga help with these problems?

Getting older presents many gifts including maturity, grace, wisdom, experience, and perspective, to name a few. Growing older can also carry many challenges.

Physically, it becomes harder to keep extra weight off , over one third of adults 65 and older obese. Risk of life threatening illnesses, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint pain, arthritis, stress etc.

A regular yoga practice is full of exercises that help to build muscles, thereby making daily activities and life in general easier.

It helps to improve balance and stability. Not only can these low-impact moves loosen their muscles, yoga postures also tone their supporting muscles and helps prevent injury.

As stress is main factor for blood pressure and sleep disorders, breathing techniques and meditation bring more mindfulness creating a sense of connectedness , a feeling of empowerment.

Yoga also improves sleep, reduces signs of depression and improves the way we breathe. Yoga is a great way for seniors to improve their posture, balance and even their mood too.


Easy Yoga poses for seniors


Question: For the elderly who partake in very little exercise what yoga postures are easy to do and provide the best results?

Postures like tadasana and tadasana series, trikonasana, utkatasana, pavanamuktasana, bhujangasana, vakrasana, swastikasana, vajrasana, uttanapadasana etc there are many postures helps to improve overall health issues.


Yoga for emotional issues in the elderly


Question: As a yoga personal trainer in Dubai do think daily yoga practice for the elderly can also help with emotional issues and depression?

Yes. Absolutely. Yoga offers a relaxing way to let go of the tensions you are holding in your body, especially in your shoulders and upper back.

Yoga helps to relieve stress that leads to hypertension which in turn leads to not needing as many medications on a daily basis.

Yoga also helps to reduce anxiety, lower heart rate, blood pressure and helps to you to breathe easier.

Yoga is a mood booster; the combination of movement, breathing and meditation can create an overall sense of well-being.


Seniors who shouldn’t be doing Yoga


Question: Are there age related illnesses that would prevent seniors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from doing yoga on a regular basis?

Normally it depends on their lifestyle and some hereditary health issues like arthritis, knee pain, body ache, breathing problems seniors have.

These will not prevent seniors doing yoga but precautions do need to be taken. Yoga practice helps to reduce these problems and make them stronger, more flexible.


Top tips for Yoga for seniors in the UAE


Question: As a personal yoga trainer/teacher in Dubai what are your top tips for seniors who are interested in doing yoga?

Firstly I would like to ask all, at what age do we become afraid of the floor, believing if we get down, we might never get up?

Many seniors, at age of 60 or older, have unfortunately reached that point.

They think that yoga – with all its crazy inversions, balancing poses, tough looking twists is unattainable.

The fear of falling often outweighs their interest in trying yoga.

If you are a senior in Dubai interested in yoga, kindly try a personalised, one-by-one yoga with a good experienced yoga instructor.

This will eliminate the intimidation of walking into a full class with all levels of practitioners, and it will make yoga seem a lot more doable.

After you are comfortable with your private yoga sessions you could then join a class. Yoga can be done on chair or on bed too.

There are seniors who practised yoga on a bed and later after improvement they begin performing yoga on the floor.

So even bed-ridden seniors can do light yoga with few breathing techniques which can really help to improve their everyday lives.

For good result i suggest seniors to do yoga everyday twice for quick and effective results.

My clients who are 80 and above feel much stronger and relaxed every time after their yoga sessions in Dubai. They are able to do their own work without any support.

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