Zumba In Abu Dhabi For Senior Fitness

You might think Zumba has to be fast paced but Zumba classes in the UAE can also be adapted for senior fitness too. Enjoy the health benefits of Zumba for seniors in a fitness class near you in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Are Zumba Classes In The UAE Suitable For Seniors?

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Zumba is great for cardio health and weight loss but is it too fast paced for seniors in Dubai & Abut Dhabi?

There’s not doubt. A Zumba class is a fun and energetic way of getting fit – can Zumba classes be tailored for seniors and the elderly?

Many seniors in the UAE realize that staying fit and healthy has so many benefits when it comes to living a mobile, active life.

Zumba is a great all round fitness method but many seniors who have seen Zumba might be put off because they think Zumba classes in Abu Dhabi are fast paced.


Is Zumba suitable for seniors in the UAE?


Question: As a professional Zumba coach do you think Zumba is suitable for seniors?

Zumba is a dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and International music and dance movements.

It creates a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating, and effective fitness program which is ultimately an effective workout designed for everyone.

Zumba classes in the UAE are not just for the young and fit. It’s a great way for older adults to get in shape too, for seniors who seek interaction, motivation and exercises as a regular part of their weekly schedule.

Training sessions can also be adapted by the zumba instructor/trainer and executed in a slower and less impact way, as the seniors or beginners of physical activity are able to keep up with the rhythms and enjoy the lesson without risk.

Versions which have been adapted for seniors in the UAE are softer for the body, but you still get the full effect of the Latin flavor and the benefit of movement and dance.

It is important to know that during a Zumba class, we instructors always offer easier and more difficult movement options.

That way both beginners, those with more experience or seniors in Abu Dhabi, can make the class and enjoy the benefits.


Zumba and general fitness benefits


Question: What are the top 5 health and fitness benefits associated with health and fitness for seniors (e.g cardio health, flexibility etc) and can you explain how each help?

Here are some of the primary benefits of the Zumba® program:

Great dynamic core workout.

The Zumba program uses moves throughout the class that requires a great deal of control of the midsection of the body (abs and back), This has the potential to translate into a more defined torso (stronger abs and back).

High caloric expenditure.

Zumba follows aerobic and interval training methods to incorporate high levels of activity, which translates to high caloric expenditure. Note: This varies from individual to individual, depending on variables, such as: fitness level, participant’s familiarity of routine, intensity level,etc.

Easy, non-intimidating learning environment.

New dance steps are presented in an easy-to-follow, exhilarating and party-like format.

Weight loss.

As with any exercise program, consistency and a sensible, well-balanced nutrition program will increase the likelihood of weight loss.

Positive self-image.

Nurtures at high level of “feeling good.” Exercise in disguise.

A Zumba class is a GREAT SWEAT!

Most people say they are having a blast and do not even realize they are exercising.

Physiology and benefits of the Zumba program:

Zumba has been structured to incorporate all three of the categories: Cardio respiratory/Aerobic; Muscular Fitness; and flexibility.

1 – Cardio Respiratory Training

This impacts the cardiovascular system and respiratory system which is made up of the heart, lungs and blood vessels. In Addition it primarily utilizes the aerobic system for energy, meaning “with oxygen.” Therefore, some of the major benefits of Zumba for seniors in the UAE are:

Strengthens the most important muscle in the body, the heart Improves resting heart rate Improves circulation Raises your metabolic rate

Helps to regulate cholesterol levels Can help prevent heart disease.

2- Muscular Fitness

This is made up of two elements: muscular endurance and muscular strength.

The benefits for seniors are: Builds muscular strength Increases bone density Improves posture Critical in the prevention of injuries.

3 – Flexibility

This aspect of Zumba refers to the ability to move your joints through full range of motion.

Flexibility is an area where many seniors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have problems, ultimately Zumba can really help.

The benefits of flexibility for seniors are: Reduce risk of injury Greater movement around joints Better posture Less muscle tension and soreness.

In addition, Zumba benefits seniors in the following ways:

1. Maintains a Healthy Heart as we age Even if zumba is low-impact, it still gets the heart pumping. As you will be moving your whole body, every dance step helps in circulating your blood better through your body and increasing your heart rate. Therefore, Zumba is an excellent workout which aids in decreasing the risk of stroke and heart attack.

2. Improves Mobility As you age, it is normal not to have your previous mobility anymore. Your posture,coordination and balance will be enhanced by participating in Zumba classes. Additionally, attending such classes routinely will increase your range of motion,stamina, flexibility, agility and energy. Ultimately, over time, these workouts will aid in decreasing painful arthritis and sore joints.

3. Enhances your Cognitive Function In your senior years, your skills to concentrate and pay attention can grow weaker. This is normal for everybody but performing any kind of exercise can aid in improving the flow of oxygen-rich blood that offers positive effects for elderly people’s cognitive function.

4. Allows you to Socialize A Zumba class in Abu Dhabi is composed of a number of participants, this lets you meet and interact with different people, to make new friends.

5. Manage your Weight The classes’ dance routines will help in burning off calories which in turn can help you manage your weight better. You’ll be amazed how just a couple of Zumba classes a week can help you stay on track of your weight.

6. Strengthen Bones and Muscles Older people need to have strong bones and muscles.

Practicing Zumba a couple of times a week can really help strengthen the bones and tone the muscles. You make use of many muscles while doing the Zumba steps that in turn create stronger muscles throughout the body.


How often can seniors do Zumba in Abu Dhabi?


Question: How often do you recommend seniors do Zumba to obtain the full benefits of Zumba for health and fitness?

A Zumba class, like any other physical activity, can be indicated for healthy adults or seniors 2 to 3 times a week to achieve good results.

This will also help increase the general well-being and self-esteem of seniors.

Getting out more and doing more exercise like a group Zumba class also helps to improve the quality of life and more easily promote daily physical activities.

You’ll be in an environment with like minded people who all attend for similar reasons. This helps promote a more relaxed day, eliminating stress and even depression.

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