Learning To Swim In Abu Dhabi – The Benefits

Learnng to swim in Abu Dhabi is just as important as kids learning to swim. There are surprising health and fitness benefits too.
swimming lessons for adults in abu dhabi

Learning To Swim For Adults In Abu Dhabi - The Benefits

Article Contributor: Swim Coach Harold

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If you're an adult in Abu Dhabi there are numerous benefits when it comes to learning to swim

Learning to swim is not just about being safe in the water. There are plenty of other reasons why taking swimming lessons with a professional swimming coach in Abu Dhabi will help. 


Why should you learn to swim?


Question: Although being able to swim in Abu Dhabi is something many of us take for granted, there are many adults who cannot swim. As a personal swimming instructor, why do you think it is important for even adults to take swimming lessons.


Swimming is a lifetime knowledge. It is a knowledge that no one can take away from you but you can share it with someone especially with your children. Swimming gives you an additional survival skill. Swimming is a life changing skill.

Swimming is fun! Imagine going to the beach with your family and your child wants to dip in the sea with you and you refuse because you cannot swim? Or having a pool party with a bunch of your friends who are dipping in the pool while you’re just on the sunbed because you cannot swim? Such a bummer isn’t it?


Is learning to swim harder for adults?


Question: Many of us learn to swim as children. Do you think it is harder for an adult to learn the basic of swimming?


Based on personal experience, for me it is harder to teach adults than kids. Kids are flexible and easy to correct unlike adults. Because of their flexibility it is easy for them to master the techniques. Once you get along with the kids they are easy to convince on what to do. Because they can memorize more quickly than adults, commanding them just by simple cue’s makes teaching and learning a lot easier. 

It can be more difficult to teach adults who have a fear of water. It takes a lot of time to develop water confidence. Even after acquiring confidence in the water, the majority of adult students have issues in flexibility, which is vital in learning swimming. 

Common issues of poor flexibility can be seen in kicking (flutter-kick) as well as in shoulder and hips rotation. Most adults tend to kick by over-bending the knees and a reverse bicycle kick. 

These wrong kicks consume a lot of energy which results in exhaustion and fatigue. Rotation also play a vital role in learning swimming. A good rotation makes technique better and reduce drag in the water which results to efficient swimming.


What about if adults have a fear of water?


Question: Many men and women in Abu Dhabi who can’t swim put this down to having a fear of swimming or a fear of water. What are the main reasons for this and as a professional swimming coach how do you deal with these situations?

Peer pressure and rough play – some cases of adult’s drowning are caused by friends and family or relatives.

Fear of the unknown, Over-thinking and misconception – due to the lack of understanding on how swimming works.

When dealing with adults with fear in the water I take it nice and easy. I prefer to start teaching in the shallow part of the pool for adults with fear. The reason for that is – I need to work on developing student’s confidence and making them comfortable with me in the water. 

I always start with a simple explanation in a calm and friendly tone, and demo first before asking the student to do so. I always wear a smile while talking to keep my student calm and to make them feel safe. 

I always compliment a simple task they’ve done and always cheer and encourage them for more. 

As the student progresses, I gradually step-up the lesson by including some challenges that are easy enough to do but will make them step out of their comfort zone. 

When they find the challenge is easily done, they’ll be confident and ready for more challenges. Eventually they’ll become braver and confident once they learn how it works.


Are group swimming classes for adults a good idea?


Question: How are group swimming classes in Abu Dhabi typically organized? For example, are all participants at the same level when they start?


The coaches conduct a pre-assessment prior to the start of the group class. 

It is to determine the participant’s capability and arrange and categorize them by level. In that way the coach can easily handle the group and deliver the teaching efficiently. 

In a situation when the swimmer shows fast progression or rapid growth within just 2-4 sessions, the coach will move the swimmer to an appropriate level that suits the swimmer’s ability to maximise the swimmer’s potential.


How many lessons would be required to learn to swim?


Question: For the average adult, how many swimming lessons are required to become a confident swimmer?


I believe that there is no time-frame in learning how to swim. It really depends on the swimmer’s capability.

Unlike running, which is what we evolved to do, swimming is something the human body is not specially designed to do.
So many factors to consider such as level of fitness, age, fear/trauma/phobia, disability, and how frequent the lesson is.

Some are gifted with good mind and body coordination, and some take time to improve that skill. For an average adult with no fear in water it will likely take 15-30 hours over the course to obtain basic swimming skills.

It might take extra time for those who have fear to get comfortable in the water.
It’s all about developing a muscle memory. When you repeat the same movements over and over your body begins to remember them.

Holding breath for a period of time, blowing bubbles through your nose, moving half of the head out of the water, twisting the mouth and a very limited space to inhale enough air to replenish the lungs and hold it then blow more bubbles until the next breath.

That’s just for breathing, not to mention the proper way to kick, the movement of the arms, the rotation of the body back and forth and the synchronisation of every move.

Our brain is not capable of learning new things in a short period of time.

Every adult can learn to swim, just be patient and persistent.
The coach will surely teach everything he/she knows technically in the best, safe, easy, fun and enjoyable way, but the process of learning and adapting will really depend on the student.


What are the exercise benefits of swimming for adults in Abu Dhabi?


Question: As well as being a valuable life tool. What are the main exercise benefits that can be enjoyed by learning to swim in Abu Dhabi? 


Water is much denser than air. Therefore, it is very heavy to move in the water due to its density. The resistance from moving in water is good for muscle toning and developing muscle strength, because swimming engages almost every muscle in your body, it’s perfect for overall body workout. 

Good for losing weight and improving mental health.

An easy swim in the pool is also good for recovery if someone is suffering from stress because of work or fatigue due to heavy workouts in the gym. 

Swimming is also perfect for crossfitters and bodybuilders who want to do an active rest and recovery. (Can also be part of cross training regime to improve mobility and flexibility) 


People in Abu Dhabi love contact sports where anyone involved is prone to physical injury. 

If you’re unlucky enough to be injured. Water will be your best friend. Water is best therapy for injuries because when you exercise in the water there is more resistance but less impact to the bones and joints. 

Imagine exercising while healing, what more could you ask for?


Top tips for adults who want to learn to swim


Question: Finally, as a professional swimming coach what are your top 10 tips for adults who want to learn to swim.  


Swimming is for everyone regardless of who you are, don’t be shy.

It’s never too late to start, you should do it now!

Do not procrastinate.

Every adult can learn to swim, just be patient and persistent.

Take it easy, relax and have fun, because the best way to learn is to enjoy what you are doing.

Find the right teacher for you.

Where you are in a few months depends on what you do today. Learning to swim will be a good investment.

2020 isn’t going to be any different unless you make it different. Stop waiting for circumstances to change.

Swimming will not only change your body. It will change your mind, your attitude and your mood.

Make learning how to swim be part of your 2020 goal. Trust me! It’s worth it.

Find A Swimming Coach In Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Sharjah

Learning to swim or improving on your current swimming skills is easy with the help and support of a professional swim coach in your local area. 

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