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Whether you want to run for fitness or triathlon running itself is a great choice for increased health and fitness for all ages. What are the main benefits of running? We asked a professional running coach from Dubai for his advice and tips.
Running For Fitness In Dubai - Personal Trainer Tips
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Article Submitted By: Running PT Daniel

Daniel has more than 20 years experience in sport and sport science.

All his personal training and sports fitness coaching sessions in Dubai are planned, analysed and archived, with assessments before and during the process.

This process gives real measurable and comparable facts “in numbers”.

Daniel has finished more than 60 marathon distance races so he knows that it takes work and dedication to succeed.

Running Training In Dubai - good for all ages and all fitness levels

Adding running to your personal fitness routine in Dubai can provide some great benefits. Even in the summer when the weather during the day is too hot an early morning run is a great way to gt your heart rate up and stay in shape.

We asked a professional running coach from Dubai who has helped many men and women improve their running fitness what the mains benefits of running as a fitness are.

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Running For Fitness In Dubai


Question 1 – As a personal trainer and fitness coach in Dubai what would you say are the main benefits of running for fitness in Dubai

Running is a basic human activity. Our bodies are made to run and the benefits from running are amazing for everyday health. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is – you can start running and jogging for just a few minutes a day and build your endurance up from there.

Putting a pair of sneakers on and taking an early morning or evening run has mental health benefits in Dubai too. Helping you prepare for the day ahead or helping you unwind after a day at work.

The main benefits of running and jogging as a fitness method include:


Question 2 – Does running provide an overall body workout or is it mainly used only for cardio fitness?

Running in Dubai several times per week can help you burn calories in a really effective way. In some studies running (or jogging) showed that belly fat was reduced more than weight training alone.

As an overall body workout running tones your physique because of the range of muscles used during a good running session.

It also provides low injury risk, linear movements in sagittal plane consisting of flexion and extension of our limbs and core torsion.

A huge amount of active muscles makes running one of the best movements for us, especially if we do it properly in different volumes/intensities.

A professional running coach in Dubai can help you get much more out of all your running sessions.


Question 3 – Running (jogging) is a great way to get more active. Can it also help with weight loss and body toning in Dubai and if so how?

Many men and women in Dubai look for the best ways to exercise for weight and fat loss, it’s one of the primary reasons people look to hire a freelance personal trainer.

However, a surprising number people fail in their weight loss goals and end up starting from scratch time and time again. Adding a fitness method like running to your life provides a continuous activity which we can maintain for a long time.

It’s better to think of running for fitness as a being a long term goal that you can do several times per week rather than a quick fix to a weight gain problem.

The reason so many people have problems with their weight is because they yo-yo diet and only exercise when they feel the need to lose weight.

Running as a fitness method on the other hand is easily incorporated into your daily life which means you can ‘manage’ your weight much better in the long term. It makes exercise more consistent.

Running is great for overall weight loss because we have to fight air resistance, gravity and to give constant acceleration to our body which makes running 2-3 times more weight-loss efficient than cycling or even walking.

You can read great articles and tips about weight loss and diet by clicking here. 


Question 4 – For men and women in Dubai who are overweight is running for fitness suitable or does weight loss need to occur first?

In general, running for fitness in Dubai is suitable for everyone unless they have a health condition that prevents them from doing so.

For someone who is extremely overweight then some weight reduction via a good and healthy diet should be considered first for safety reasons. However, this does really depend on the individual and also what their doctor’s advise.

For the vast majority of people being overweight should not stop you from enjoying running or jogging as a fitness method, in fact the opposite is true because running is a really good way to lose weight.

If you are overweight and would like to start running and jogging it is always advisable to use a professional running coach or personal trainer because they can closely monitor your progress and also keep an eye on your heart rate etc.


Running for fitness in Dubai - top tips from personal trainers and sports fitness coaches


Question 5 – In your experience as a sports fitness coach would you say running outdoors has more benefit that just using a treadmill in the gym?

Outdoor running in Dubai is a great way to enjoy actual runs and to feel that what we do has some sense, a reason. Of course the weather in the UAE does get hot, very hot. So, in the summer especially it’s important to do any form of outdoor exercise early in the morning if possible.

On the other hand, treadmills have great benefits because you can perfectly control conditions, safety (flat surface, no traffic…), facilities are always close by and supervision is easy.

Mostly, differences are air resistance and psychological. I recommend both to my clients in Dubai depending on their needs, goals and their schedule.


Question 6 – Does running for fitness build up stamina and endurance gradually, in other words it is better to start with short distances and work your way up?

Running, like any exercise requires time and consistency. This is especially true if you haven’t trained for a while or have never uses running or jogging as a fitness method.
It’s much better to start with short runs and build your endurance up gradually than trying to overdo it and ultimately injuring yourself.

Once you get to grips with how your body feels and notice improvements in your cardio fitness and endurance your can then start gradually increasing the distance of your runs and even the intensity (hills for example).

Fir my clients who are completely new to running for fitness I also provide a program which starts them off slowing, monitoring their progress and then gradually adding in more time or intensity of the runs.


Question 7 – You also work with clients in Dubai who are training for marathon and triathlon. How do your PT programs for these clients differ from those who want to use running just for fitness?

Normally, clients training for a triathlon or marathon in Dubai will already have some experience when it comes to longer distance running.

However, this is not always the case. Some people have a goal of competing in a triathlon or marathon with little or no experience.

For triathlon and marathon a great deal of endurance is required so I prepare running drills for long distance running, increased intensity of running, sprints and more. Diet and nutrition also play a big part because what goes into your body ‘fuels’ your body.

Running is an activity with tremendous varieties, depending of the goal.

In general, running for fitness is usually just slow as-long-as-possible activity which is duration based.

It’s a myth that slow continuous running will “burn” our muscles.

Slow, longer runs are one of the most beneficial activities anybody can do.

In Summary.....

Here are 10 great tips if you are interested in running for fitness or even preparing for a marathon/triathlon in Dubai.

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