Tennis In Abu Dhabi – Techniques to Elevate Your Backhand

Get some great tips and ideas to help you improve your backhand on the tennis court in Abu Dhabi
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Improving Your Backhand in Tennis: The Abu Dhabi Way

Article Contributor: Tennis Coach Joel

Picture this. You’re on the court, under the brilliant Abu Dhabi sun, racket in hand. The tennis match is heating up, adrenaline pumping. The opponent lobs the ball at you and it’s heading straight for your backhand side. Do you cringe or do you smile? Well, that depends on whether you’ve mastered the art of the tennis backhand, doesn’t it?

The backhand can be a game-changer, when played right. If you’re a tennis enthusiast seeking to enhance your backhand skills, then buckle up because we’re about to embark on an exhaustive tour, discussing everything from mechanics to footwork.

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Delving Deeper into the Mechanics of Backhand in Tennis

Mastering a powerful backhand in tennis is not merely about arm strength. It’s an intricate ballet of several coordinated movements that need to work together in perfect harmony. To gain a comprehensive understanding of these mechanics, let’s delve deeper into each component:

The Grip: The first crucial element is your grip. A versatile grip, such as the Eastern grip, is highly recommended. This grip style allows for a seamless transition between forehand and backhand shots, providing you with greater flexibility during rapid exchanges. It positions your knuckles along the third bevel of the racket handle, offering a balance between power and control.

Swing Path: The direction of your swing path plays a significant role in determining the type of shot you produce. For topspin shots, which are ideal for clearing the net and landing the ball deep into the opponent’s court, an upward swing path is most effective. This motion imparts forward spin on the ball, causing it to dip down onto the court after crossing the net. Conversely, a horizontal swing path is beneficial for executing flat shots. These shots travel fast and straight, making them harder for the opponent to return.

Point of Contact: The point at which your racket meets the ball is another critical factor. Aim to make contact slightly ahead of your body and above hip level. This positioning ensures efficient energy transfer from your body through the racket and into the ball, maximizing the power of your shot. Additionally, hitting the ball at this point allows for better control over the direction and angle of your shot.


Footwork is a crucial aspect of playing tennis as it not only involves moving around the court but also plays a central role in maintaining balance and delivering powerful backhands. By focusing on improving your footwork, you can enhance your overall performance on the court.

Here are two key footwork techniques that every tennis player should master:


Sidestep Maneuver: This footwork technique allows you to move parallel to the baseline, which is particularly useful for positioning yourself correctly for a backhand shot. By sidestepping, you can quickly adjust your position and maintain optimal court coverage, enabling you to execute powerful and accurate backhands with ease.

Split-step: The split-step is a fundamental footwork move that should be performed before each shot. It involves jumping slightly off the ground and landing with your feet apart, ready to react to your opponent’s shot. The split-step helps improve your agility and responsiveness on the court, allowing you to quickly change direction and move towards the ball efficiently.


By incorporating these footwork techniques into your training routine, you can significantly improve your ability to move swiftly and effectively on the tennis court. Developing strong footwork skills will not only enhance your overall game but also give you a competitive edge against your opponents.

Improving Your Backhand with Tennis Drills

Tennis drills are an incredibly effective and efficient method to enhance your skills on the court, especially when it comes to improving your backhand stroke. By incorporating these drills into your training routine, you can experience a multitude of benefits that will ultimately elevate your game. Here’s how:


Enhancing Accuracy: One of the primary focuses of backhand drills is to improve your accuracy. By repeatedly aiming at specific targets, you train both your body and mind to consistently hit the ball exactly where you want it to go. This precision will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge during matches.

Building Strength: Backhand strokes require significant strength in your arms, shoulders, and core. Engaging in drills that involve repetitive backhand strokes will help you develop and strengthen these muscle groups, resulting in a more powerful and controlled backhand.

Increasing Consistency: Consistency is key in tennis, and this holds true for your backhand as well. The ability to consistently execute a strong backhand shot will greatly enhance your overall game. By participating in drills that require you to hit multiple backhands consecutively, you can significantly improve your consistency and reliability on the court.


Improving Footwork: Excellent footwork is essential for executing a strong backhand. Incorporating drills that combine footwork exercises with backhand strokes will enable you to learn proper positioning techniques, enhancing both your balance and stroke execution. This improved footwork will undoubtedly contribute to a more fluid and efficient backhand.

Boosting Confidence: Lastly, practicing your backhand through drills can have a tremendous impact on your confidence levels. The more you practice and refine your backhand, the more comfortable and self-assured you will feel when utilizing it during a match. This increased confidence will allow you to approach each point with a positive mindset, ultimately leading to better performance on the court.


Incorporating these five aspects into your training regimen through various backhand drills will undoubtedly lead to significant improvements in your overall tennis game. So, grab your racket, find a partner or a wall, and start incorporating these drills into your practice sessions to take your backhand to the next level!

Remember, practice makes perfect. Incorporating these drills into your training routine can significantly improve your backhand, making you a stronger, more confident player.

The Indispensable Role of Personal Tennis Coaching in the Mastery of Your Backhand

In the versatile world of tennis, personal coaching often emerges as a cornerstone for athletes seeking to refine their playing techniques. Focusing on the development and improvement of your backhand swing? Abu Dhabi, being a hub of world-class sports facilities and training programs, presents you with an array of premium personal tennis training options. This city is teeming with opportunities for those ready to bid adieu to their backhand blues and confidently command every corner of the court.

The merits of personal coaching are manifold and can be broken down into a series of key features:


Tailored Instruction: 

Personal coaches bring to bear their extensive knowledge and years of experience to formulate strategies and develop techniques that mesh seamlessly with your individual style and unique gameplay. This personalized approach helps amplify your strengths and address any shortcomings in your technique, ensuring an optimized and highly effective learning curve.



Constant Feedback: 

One of the most profound benefits of personal coaching is the provision of instant feedback. This enables real-time adjustments, allowing you to tweak and perfect your movements even as you execute them. It’s akin to having a mirror that not only shows your performance but also guides you in making immediate corrections. The constant stream of direct, constructive criticism accelerates your progress, reducing the time it takes to master new skills and setting you firmly on the path to achieving your tennis ambitions.

In Summary.....

In the journey of bringing improvement to your backhand, you cannot merely brush on the surface. It is crucial that you delve into each tiny detail and work on them meticulously. It might initially appear like a daunting task—examining every little nuance of a seemingly simple shot—but trust me when I say this, it’s rewarding in the long run!

The path to perfection isn’t always straightforward. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a single day, an unbeatable backhand isn’t something you will develop overnight. Patience and perseverance are essential components of this process. It takes time, investment, and relentless practice.

So gear up, step out onto the court and start your journey towards mastering the backhand. Stay open to learning new techniques, continue to practice persistently, and never lose sight of your goal. Every fall, every failure, should be viewed as a stepping stone towards improvement.

Before long, you’ll start noticing significant changes in your gameplay. Your backhand won’t just be another formality within the game—it’ll transform from a purely defensive shot that was once just used as a means to stay in the game to an offensive move that can catch your opponent off-guard. You won’t simply be returning shots anymore; you’ll be dictating the pace and intensity of the game!

That’s the beauty of persistence and practice—they turn your vulnerabilities into strengths. So keep moving forward, keep pushing yourself, and watch your backhand become your secret weapon in the world of tennis!

Backhand - Q&A

Q1: Can I improve my backhand without personal coaching?
Yes, definitely. But remember, self-practice should be well-informed to prevent ingraining poor habits.

Q2: How long does it take to perfect a backhand stroke?
There isn’t a specific timeframe—it depends on factors like your current skill level, frequency of practice, and quality of instruction.

Q3: Can mastering footwork alone significantly improve my backhand?
Footwork is crucial, but it’s just one of many pieces to the puzzle. You also need to focus on aspects like grip, swing, timing, and more.

Abu Dhabi Tennis Coach Joel

Abu Dhabi Tennis PT - Joel

If you are looking for a male Tennis Coach in Abu Dhabi Joel can provide you with well-structured Tennis Lessons from beginners to advanced.

Coach Joel has 5 years of international coaching experience to offer his students as well as an impressive career as as professional player with many accomplishments and titles to his name.

Joel started his tennis career at the young age of 5 years old where he excelled immediately. He was the number one ranked player in his provincial age groups and was apart of the South African national team where he toured to America.

After achieving great results and achievements, Joel decided to put his love back into the sport in the form of coaching. He has coached at multiple top tennis academies in his home country and at 3 top 10 rated 5-star resorts in the Maldives.

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