Abu Dhabi Swimming Coach Ayman Helal

Private & Group Swimming Lessons For Beginners & Advanced - Pool & Open Water Swim Coaching For All Ages

Ayman can help you learn to swim in Abu Dhabi with well-structured lessons. HIs lessons can be taught a swimming pool or open water (sea swimming). All ages and abilities - beginners and advanced.

swimming lessons in Abu Dhabi for adults and children with swim coach Ayman
Swimming Trainer location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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About Abu Dhabi Swim Trainer Ayman

 Ayman is a professional swimming coach in Abu Dhabi.

As an athlete and fitness enthusiast, his love for the water began in  childhood when he took swimming lessons with his own coach in Egypt whose teaching styles have shaped the way he views and interacts with his body, surroundings and the open seas.

Ayman believes that swimming, when taught correctly, can not only be a life-skill as essential as learning how to walk or run, but one that can open avenues like it did for him to complete the PADI Search and Rescue license.

PADI certified in Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diving swim coach Ayman hopes to inspire kids and others to learn how to swim in Abu Dhabi using tried and tested methods and to embrace the water rather than be afraid of it.

His patience with children and his sense of humour combined with a light-hearted technique that breaks the ice helps Ayman build a solid bond of trust between coach and trainee. 

This approach has helped him build connections with others in his personal and professional life and encourage them to find their passion.

Swimming like any other sport, is founded on self-confidence and the ability to be proud with what you can achieve.

Ayman's Promotions & Packages

Various promotions, discounts and packages are available for swim coaching throughout the year. Contact the coach for full details on available promotions.

Ayman's Swim Coaching Qualifications

PADI Search And Rescue license
PADI Certified In Open Water
Advanced Open Water Diving
First Aid Responder
Advanced First Aid

Key Swimming Coaching Skills

Swimming Lessons For Adults, Swimming Lessons For Kids, Swimming Lessons For Seniors, Swim Stroke Correction, At Home Swimming Lessons, Sea Swimming Lessons

How Can Ayman Help You?

Sportsmanship instils personality traits that can be taken into the real world – helping manoeuvre its many different paths and personalities and Ayman believes through swimming, the same can be done.

Through learning to swim in Abu Dhabi kids can grow more confident and happier at the sight of what they can achieve and learning how to swim can certainly help them personally and physically build the character and skill they wish for.

Through swimming, together with Ayman you will work on the different types of strokes, breathing techniques, ways of coping with different situations and how to treat our bodies in a way that works with us rather than against us in stressful situations.

Even if you have a fear of water Ayman can help you overcome this fear and under his guidance you will become a strong, confident swimmer. 



This depends on your current abilities and your schedule. In just a few lessons you will feel more confident in the water. 

You can take your swimming lessons are various locations including your private pool at home. 

Ayman can teach all ages – adults, children and seniors.

Packages are available when you pre book a set number of lessons. For full information please contact Ayman for further information and up to date swimming lessons price information.

Contact Ayman Helal

You can contact Ayman by clicking on the Telephone or WhatsApp icons below. 

Alternatively, please complete the contact form below and Ayman will be in touch as soon as possible. 

Ayman's Reviews

Ayman best swimming coach

Ayman has been incredible with boys and I highly recommend him

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Ayman's Articles, Packages & Classes

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