Dubai Swimming Coach & Swim Fit Trainer – Alisa

Customised Swimming Classes For Adults, Children (10 Years +) & Seniors In Dubai

Alisa is a female swimming coach in Dubai. She is available for swimming lessons for adults, children (10 +) and seniors. Learn the basics of swimming or improve on your swim stroke. Alisa can also provide swimming for fitness classes near you.

Dubai female swimming coach for adults and children - alisa
Swimming Trainer location: Dubai, UAE
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Dubai Female Swimming Coach – Alisa

Alisa is a professional female swimming coach and swimming teacher based in Dubai, UAE. She can help you to learn swimming and become confident in the water. If you are thinking about swimming competition she can help with triathlon or open water swim coaching.

She creates a friendly atmosphere sharing her experience and swimming skills with her clients for getting the best result during the training.

Qualified to work with Adults, Children (10 +) and Seniors in Dubai. Alisa can create customised swim coaching packages for any ability.

If you are new to swimming you can enjoy well structured swimming lessons.

If your swimming skills are more advanced, Alisa will teach you how to improve your swimming skills.

Alisa can also provide swimming for fitness coaching in Dubai. Ideal if you want to lose weigh or tone-up. 

Don’t have a home pool or you want to train and admire the beauty of nature?

Swimming sessions in the sea around Dubai are also available. You will learn body relaxation, self-rescue, surviving in water and more!  


Alisa's Swim Coaching Qualifications

Moscow Swimming Academy Graduate
Swim America Certification - Beginners & Intermediates

Key Swimming Coaching Skills

Swimming Lessons For Adults, Swimming Lessons For Kids, Swimming Lessons For Seniors, Swim Stroke Correction, Endurance Training, Swim Fit Classes, At Home Swimming Lessons, Sea Swimming Lessons

How Can Alisa Help You?

Whether you are new to swimming or more advanced Alisa can help. As a professional swimming coach in Dubai Alisa specialises in helping non-swimmers learn to swim. This is achieved with swimming lessons and 1-2-1 tuition.

She can also provide swim stroke correction and swimming for fitness private classes.

With her training experience of coaching Adults, Seniors and Children she knows what it takes to feel comfortable in the water.

Learning to swim in Dubai should start at an early age. But, even for Adults and Seniors swimming provides valuable life skills.

With well-structured lessons you will learn the basics. You can then proceed to more advanced swimming techniques.

Stroke correction is also an important part of Alisa swim coaching. Improved swimming techniques can help if you are preparing for competition like triathlon.

Alisa’s swimming lessons and classes will help you not only to get rid of the fear of water, but also develop right swimming techniques and become confident in the water.

You will know what to do in difficult situations, and discover the secrets of easy long-distance swimming for fitness. 

Every session is individually composed and professionally supervised.

If you’re interested in adding a sports element to your training program, swimming is ideal. It can help you lose weight and stay in shape in Dubai.

Ultimately, Alisa works with you to ensure you meet your goals in full. Whether this is simply learning to swim or improving your swimming technique.

Alisa speaks English & Russian.



The number of classes or lessons required depends on your swimming goals and your abilities. Contact Alisa for further information and advice.

You can take your swimming lessons at various locations throughout Dubai or as a mobile coach Alisa can visit you at home.

Alisa can teach adults, children (10 years +), teenagers and seniors. 

Yes, discounts can be provided for group swimming classes.

Contact Alisa

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with the trainer. 

Alisa's Reviews

Has improved my confidence in swimming

Coach Alisa Damiani approaches swimming in an unique way, she goes to the very specifics to assess strengths and weaknesses and puts together a process that gives you confidence and enjoyment in swimming. From zero technique and experience swimming as exercise I can swim now several hundred meters.

My kids swimming has improved so much

My girls (11 & 13 years old) have improved so much in their swimming in just a few lessons; instructor Alissa always make sure to achieve their best. It’s incredible to see their confidence grow in the water, Alissa taught my girls the right swimming technique so far and hoping to carry on till they learn all styles.
Mrs Sijjam

A great, goal oriented swimming coach

Alisa is a great instructor. Very experienced, punctual and goal oriented. Her classes are well tailored based on the condition of the student and she knows how to motivate in order to improve your swimming skills, no matter your level. Classes are also fun and after each class you feel you learned something new and improve your swimming skills.

Swimming is now my hobby

I have learned how to swim and it’s now my favorite hobby! Alisa has been an exceptional coach and mentor during my swimming classes as an adult learner. She has a great work ethic, striving to obtain the best techniques for her student. She clearly loves her job and is a wealth of knowledge and skill. If you’re serious about learning to swim then look no further.
Kieth From Dubai

Great attention to detail

Our seven years old son has been interested in swimming since very early ages. We have supported him with various different courses and swim coaches so far. However, we had not been satisfied with Group lessons given by various clubs in Dubai. So, we contacted with Alisa and our son started getting swimming classes from her couple of months ago. We should admit that Alisa is the best ever swimming trainer, whom we have ever met. Her attentions of the details to every single body movement and her disciplined approach during the training sessions make her the best coach for us. We strongly recommend Alisa to the ones whom want to get swimming training in Dubai.
Esra From Dubai

Develop your swimming skills

I thank trainer Alisa for the beautiful and elegant style of swimming training .. My experience with her was more than wonderful and I advise everyone to training with her to develop swimming skills ..

Great coach for swim fitness

I am very thankful for having Alisa as my swimming coach! In a couple of weeks, I went from getting exhausted after swimming 25 meters to swimming a couple of kilometers comfortably. She is very professional and attentive to details. She is now coaching my 7 years old son, who is enjoying her lessons and doing amazing!
Francisco – Dubai Coaching Client

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Alisa's Articles, Packages & Classes

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Learning to swim in Dubai is a life saving skill but it’s more than that. Swimming is great for your social life and your fitness levels too. We asked a professional swimming coach in Dubai why all adults should learn to swim.
Learn to swim in Dubai at home or various other locations. Swimming lessons and private classes for all abilities - from complete beginner to those who want to improve or use swimming for fitness.
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