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If you need to learn to swim in Dubai or want to improve your fitness with swimming classes Nader can help. He is a professional swimming coach who has experience of working with adults, children and seniors.

Private and group swimming lessons in Dubai with Coach Nader
Swimming Trainer location: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Swimming Coach For Adults & Children – Nader

Meet Coach Nader Rofail, a distinguished professional swimmer from Egypt, whose career has earned him numerous international medals in Oceanman open water swimming in two consecutive World Championships in Greece and Thailand.

As the visionary head coach and founder of Paragon Athletics, Coach Nader brings a wealth of expertise to the pool in Dubai.

With a remarkable set of certifications including ASCA Level 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, he is well-equipped to guide swimmers of all ages, levels, and even those aspiring in triathlon and open water swimming.

Dive into excellence with Coach Nader – where passion meets championship experience.

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Various promotions, discounts and packages are available for swim coaching throughout the year. Contact the coach for full details on available promotions.

Nader's Swim Coaching Qualifications

Swim America Certification
First Aid License
ASCA Level 1 Certification
ASCA Level 2 Certification
ASCA Level 3 Certification
ASCA Level 4 Certification
ASCA Level 5 Certification

Key Swimming Coaching Skills

Swimming Lessons For Adults
Swimming Lessons For Kids
Swimming Lessons For Seniors
Swim Stroke Correction
Endurance Training
Swim Fit Classes
At Home Swimming Lessons
Special Needs Swimming
Triathlon Swim Coaching

How Can Nader Help You?

Originally from Egypt where he was part of the national team Nader is now based in Dubai. He can offer swimming lessons for complete beginners or help you improve on your current swimming level with a wide variety of swimming fitness techniques.

Nader is an international certified swimming instructor that can come to your own pool, with a first aid license approved by the Dubai Municipality.

He offers beginners, kids, recovery, and competitive advanced programs for children, men, and women or groups. Different swim aid equipment will be provided for different age groups along with new strategies in order to enhance the ability of understanding and implementing the techniques in the water.

Nader’s vision is to give a chance for each individual to learn and understand more about swimming and its health and fitness benefits.

He will provide the right techniques to succeed in your healthy lifestyle journey by swimming. Different Swimming techniques are to be provided using swim aids, that will teach the individual not just to be comfortable in the water, but to enable you to take swimming as a daily exercise to lead a healthy life.

For men and women in Dubai who are interested in Triathlon swim training Nader has a special program for beginners to advanced. 

  • Adult Introduction triathlon swimming (no swimming experience prior.)
  • Adult Level 1 triathlon swimming – Comfortable putting your face in to kick and stroke. Must be independent in shallow water without support from the instructor. Be able to kick/swim any style for at least 10 meters.
  • Adult Level 2 triathlon swimming – Comfortable putting your face in to kick and stroke. 20 meters rotation kick freestyle with correct head position and attempted side breathing (or have trouble breathing) -Adult Level 3 Swimming experience in freestyle is needed with attempted side breathing. Be able to swim 100 meters of freestyle continuously and comfortably.
  • Adult Level 4 triathlon swimming – Previous background is needed with fair freestyle technique. Be able to swim 200 meters comfortably under 4:30, and push hard to swim under 4 minutes



This depends on your current swimming ability. Nader can provide lessons and group coaching for all levels.

You can take your swimming classes at various locations throughout Dubai including Smart Vision School-Al Barsha. Or, if you have a private pool Nader can come to your home for your lessons.

Nader can teach all ages. Even if you have a fear of water he can provide you with well structured lessons that will take you from a complete beginner to being more comfortable in the water.

Yes, promotions and discounts are available for groups and private lessons. Contact Nader for full information.

Contact Nader

You can contact Nader by clicking on the WhatsApp or Telephone icons below for information about PT bookings.

Alternatively, please complete the contact form below and Nader will get back to you as soon as possible.

Nader's Reviews

Great Instructor. Renewed our package for the fourth time now for me and my kids

Punctual and professional swim coaching

Loved our classes. I have tried to put my kids through different swimming schools, but I didn't see a lot of progress until we started with coach Nader. He loves kids but can get strict when needed. I also like that he is punctual and very organized when it comes to his lessons

Patient and polite swimming coach

Me and my friend started swimming classes with Nader and we are very happy with our progress. He is patient and polite and delivers the information as simple as possible. Totally recommend

Swimming coach

Amazing swimming coach, really patient with my daughter, I can’t believe my daughter (5yrs) is swimming on her own after 9 lessons. I’m so happy, great way in teaching and coaching children. Highly recommend Nader to anyone who is after a great swimming coach.
Avigail Burlumi

Nadir has been training my children for over three months now. He is punctual and meticulous in his training. My kids are always excited for the lesson with nadir as they feel a lot more confident with each passing week. I highly recommend him for anyone who has kids as he has the patience with younger kids and makes sure they reach their target goals.
Arti Madhav

Punctual, great with kids

My kids 5 and 7 are both taking swimming classes with Nader. I see that they are enjoying their class everytime Nader comes. He is patient and fun around kids. He is punctual with his timings. I recommend him for anyone who has kids and want to teach them swimming in Dubai.

My kids now love their swimming lessons. Nader is such a committed swim coach, loves what he does and knows how to encourage kids. I got to say he knows well how to deal with kids which I consider a very hard job and I totally recommend him.
Lilian – A Kids Swimming Trainer Client

Extremely Kind and Patient Coach

Nader is an excellent and patient trainer. At 25 learning to swim is challenging due to my fear of drowning. however, Nader was extremely kind and patient with me and happily introduced different techniques till we found what works best for me. Glad most of my fears are gone and happy with the progress we made so far. I always look forward to our classes and I absolutely recommend Nader’s coaching.

Exceptional !!

I used to swim freestyle alot timeago in university. I knew that my technique was not correct. Nader very quickly gave me right methodologies to fix my technique. He also very efficiently and effectively taught me Backstroke and Breaststroke. Nader’s methadology is very effective and efficient making it simple to students to understand moves and execute them in water. He doesn’t fix everything thing at once, instead he will fix your technique one by one (breathing, rotation..etc) Also Nader made me capable to train and swim alone which is the end Goal. Now i am more confident to do the drills he tought me alone and also execute the trainings i see online because now it makes sense after acquiring the correct techniques Very recommended!!

Nader is excellent Trainer, with well manners. He is fully patience & has friendly approach with both of my kids. He has excellent swimming teaching, explains very well and shows what to do in very nice & simple way. I believe he loves what he is doing and give it all from his heart that is why my kids loves him (Although they were cranky sometimes) but he was amazing with them. I highly recommend Nader as swimming trainer for kids.

Nader coached our 5-year old twins when we first arrived in Dubai. In the 10 sessions, kids have made significant progress being more comfortable in the water and swimming better freestyle. He is also patient with very playful energetic kids. Would recommend Nader as coach.

Me and my husband have joined Nader's swimming program in Dubai for a month now. A lot has changed since then, we started with just beginners who could barely float on the water. Now we can do full laps confidently. Best thing about Nader is that he makes everything look doable and easy, he has a lot of patience which makes us feel comfortable and relaxed to learn. He is also very punctual, and always prepared for practice. Thank you Nader for making swimming our new hobby!
R Hossam From Dubai

Nader is such professional patient coach .. He gives my 7 years old kid .. my son & his friend are really happy ..and more confident. Thanks Nader

Very experienced and effective trainer. Kids are progressing exponentially. 3 years with him. The best trainer in town. Thanks Nader

Great variety

Water Aerobics classes have been more than great. I love the variety of programs that the Coach give. It is exactly what you need if you are not into going to the gym and lifting weights! The coach also has a very energetic personality which makes the class more fun. Music is also there if you like. I totally recommend for Water Aerobics classes.

Excellent Trainer and well developed manners. I was hesitant to take swimming classes with a male coach, but Nader is very polite and intelligent where he delivers his lessons in a very easy yet intensive way. also i had the fear of water but now its completely gone. I recommend him as a personal trainer 100%
Amal Hammoudeh

Made me feel at ease in the water

Super punctual coach, and very polite. I started as a beginner and I was scared to put my head in the water, and now I'm comfortably swimming by myself for my pool length! I still have a long way to go but I totally recommend Nader as a swimming personal trainer in Dubai.
Ashley from Dubai

The kids (3&4) loved it, great instructor.

I wanted to take swimming lessons because i had overweight problems. 2 months after i have started swim coaching with Nader I have seen great progress with myself and lost a good amount of pounds, and still going through. Nader has a great personality and swimming coaching skills, with a very organised Swimming program, also to mention, he cares so much about his students and their goals and work so hard with them to achieve it. Totally recommend him as a personal trainer.
Reddy Chalbani – A Swimming Lessons Client

Strongly recommend Nader's coaching

Nader and Paragon Aquatics are very organised in scheduling their classes. The lesson goes by very smooth and the kids love it. Strongly recommend
Nour From Dubai

Great instructor…will recommend for everyone

Excellent instructor, very intensive program. Learnt 2 strokes in less than a month.
Abeer Riad

Great customised classes

Me and wife have started Water Aerobics with Nader for a month now, and we are enjoying all the classes he give. Nader sat with us in the beginning to know what is our goal from the class, and based on that he customizes all the classes for us. We are going to continue with Nader and we totally recommend his water aerobics class.
Mohammed Farahat

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Get fit and have some fun in the water too in Dubai with these Water Aerobics Classes - private at home or your community pool. Suitable for Adults, Seniors and Children.
Swimming is a fun activity for kids. As well as having fun splashing around in the pool there are more serious reasons why your kids in Dubai should learn to swim from an early age.

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