Finding the best Ras al Khaimah Trainer is easy with the UAE Personal Trainers website.

Whether your personal or group fitness goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, learn kickboxing, benefit from pre and post natal exercise, sports fitness, children’s fitness in RAK or even train for Yoga the professional personal trainers and sports fitness coaches listed below can help.

We’ve selected only professional, fully qualified fitness coaches, personal and group trainer and yoga teachers to be included in the UAE Personal Trainers website. This means you can rest assured you will be getting the best possible service no matter what your training goals are.

Sometimes, finding the perfect personal trainer in RAK can be a difficult task but we have simplified the process. All trainer profiles include as much information as you need about how the fitness coach can help you.

We have created the best selection of male and female fitness coaches available in your area. PT’s can offer at home training in RAK, coaching at your gym and also online (virtual) training which is ideal for busy people.

All personal trainers on the UAE Personal Trainers website offer a free consultation so you can make sure the trainer is the right fit for you.

We’ve also created a great articles and fitness tip’s directory to provide you with all the information you need to start living a fitter, healthier life. You can view articles and training tip’s in the resources menu at the top of any page.


You can browse through all the personal trainer profiles on the page below or use the filters to match a trainer to your exact needs.
Dance Fitness and Weight Loss Personal Trainer In Dubai - Mohita
Effective online personal training in RAK. Fitness coaches for all ages and fitness levels including dance fitness, flexibility, weight management and body transformation. Train in the comfort of your own home.
PT Location:Ras al Khaimah
PT Experience: Dance Fitness, Weight Loss & Fat Loss, Cardio Fitness, Kids Fitness, Body Toning.....
I Can Train: Women & Children
UAE Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach - Franco
Get professional fitness coaching for men and women in RAK, Ajman, and Umm Al Quwain. Achieve your fitness goals with our Frnaco who specialises in cardio kickboxing, muscle building, and fat loss.
PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Cardio Fitness, Body Transformation, Cardio Kickboxing.....
I Can Train: Men, Women & Children
RAK PT - Fitness Coach - Will Ashton
Bodybuilding and body transformation coach Will can help you get in great shape. Weight loss, fat loss, muscle building and cardio fitness. Suitable for all levels of fitness. Train at home or you local gym in Ras Al Khaimah.
PT Location:Ras al Khaimah
PT Experience: Bodybuilding, Body Transformation, CrossFit, Weight Loss, Cardio Fitness, Nutrition, Strength, Flexibility.....
I Can Train: Men & Women



You can train and exercise yourself but a professional and fully qualified PT can make the process of achieving your fitness goals much easier. Using their expert knowledge they know the right types of exercise to do and will accompany this with expert diet and nutrition advice. Also, when you train with a PT you are less likely to injure yourself.


Many busy men and women in RAK simply don't want to join a gym or don't have the time to visit the gym regularly. This is where a mobile male or female personal trainer in RAK can help. They can train you at home, outdoors and even online. To keep your motivation up you could even combine online and face to face training.


Many men and women in Ras al Khaimah choose private training sessions with a PT because they have a specific goal. However, if your goal is more general you can join a group (with family, friends or co-workers) of like minded people and enjoy the social aspect of exercise and fitness. It really is up to you how you want to train.

FAQ - Personal Training, Yoga Coaching & Sports Fitness Training In RAK

If you are looking to hire a male or female personal trainer for at home, in your gym or outdoor fitness coaching in Ras AL Khaimah will probably have a number of questions. Check the frequently asked questions below and please get in touch if your need further help.

You can also contact any of the personal trainers listed on the page above for free advice and a free consultation about your fitness needs. 

If you live in RAK then you’ll know that like the rest of the UAE there is a need for improved health and fitness among all ages. The UAE is often seen as having a sedentary lifestyle but this has changed over the last few years and people understand the importance weight related issues and being fit in general.

Personal trainers and fitness coaches in RAK are professionals who, by using their many years of experience, help men and women of all ages lead a fitter life.

Many men and women have a specific fitness goal. Whether that goal is weight loss, muscle building or even prenatal coaching only a professional coach knows the exercise and workout methods best suited to you.

When you hire a personal fitness coach in Ras Al Khaimah you know you will be getting the best advice which means you are far more likely to achieve your fitness goals.

If you are completely new to the world of fitness the process of getting fit can be a confusing process. When you don’t have the experience and knowledge about fitness topics and exercise methods if can be difficult to know where to start.

In RAK, male and female personal trainers can also provide you with excellent diet and nutrition advice to accompany your personal training program.

Some Great Reasons For Hiring A Professional Fitness Coach In RAK:

• Professional advice and guidance
• A RAK PT will be there to motivate and support you

• Reduced risk of injuring yourself because you are not using proper form

• Tailor made PT programs designed around your individual needs

• Diet and nutrition advice to ensure you get great results from all your training sessions

If you’ve made the decision to start a fitness journey in Ras Al Khaimah it’s a great start. The next step is to find a coach who can help you make your fitness goals a reality.

A personal trainer, sports or fitness coach is there to remove the confusion and stress often associated with exercise and training.

Using their experience in training multiple clients with very different needs they will create a personalised program just for you. Taking into account your body type, your current fitness level, your likes and dislikes when it comes to exercise and much more.

Because you are offloading the choices of training methods to your coach the entire process of getting fit, losing weight, learning a new sport of even learning Yoga is much easier and less time consuming.

Personal trainers, sports coaches and yoga trainers know how your body works, they know through their own training and experience how to get the results you need. They will always make sure you train correctly, using proper form and technique which provides better results.

The price of hiring a personal trainer in Ras Al Khaimah is different from one trainer to another.

Things you need to consider about the price are the trainers experience, their qualifications and much more.

Cheaper is not always the best option because even your training goals have an impact on the price of hiring a coach. For example, prenatal coaches in RAK are in high demand which means their services are often charged at a higher price.

The best thing to do is check with different personal trainers and ask what their price includes. Some will include nutrition advice and support as standard but if you want dedicated meal and menu planning for dieting in Ras Al Khaimah this will often be an additional charge.

Trainers with many more years experience will often charge more because you are paying for that trainers experience and their proven track record in providing clients with excellent results.

Trainers and coaches who are new to the industry will often charge less because they need to build up their own experience which can only be done by working with many different clients over a period of a few years.

Think of personal fitness coaching as an investment in yourself, in your health, fitness, confidence and in your lifestyle.

When compared to the cost of joining a gym and then hiring a personal trainer in the gym you will see that personal training at home in RAK can actually be cheaper.

That’s a difficult question to answer because everyone starts their fitness journey at a different level, we all have different body types and we all have different goals. 

You can contact any of the RAK PT’s on the page above for further advice. 


Generally you won’t need to purchase any fitness equipment yourself but this does depend on your fitness goals in Ras AL Khaimah. As standard personal fitness coaches will carry smaller items of training equipment including:

• Dumbbells

• Kettlebells

• Resistance Bands

• TRX Equipment

• Boxing Gloves & Pads

Also, many coaches can provide bodyweight training exercises that does reduce the need for any type of training kit.

If you choose to train at home with a personal trainer in Ras Al Khaimah they can come to you with any required fitness equipment required for the training session. There is also the option to train in your building gym. Whether you need any equipment when you are not training with your coach really depends on what you want to achieve. Ask your PT in RAK for advice about what equipment may be beneficial to have at home. Resistance bands, small weights (dumbbells, kettlebells) can be a useful addition for when you are not working out with your coach.

The Personal Trainer profile pages on the UAE Personal Trainers website include all the information you need to find the right male or female personal trainer in your local area.

If you need some help, no problem. Click here to get in touch about your goals and we’ll either send your details to 3 suitable coaches or send you the profile page links to 3 trainers. 

Each personal trainer profile page includes a quick contact form. You can contact the coach direct and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Use the filter options on the page below to closely match your training goals with the right coach and even select to show male, female or all personal trainers. 

The price for personal training in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and RAK can be found on the personal trainer profile page. Each coach has their own price information and training fees. When you contact a PT they will provide full details about price, discounts and promotions. 

All personal trainers listed on the UAE Personal Trainers website will provide a free fitness consultation to get a better understanding of your health and fitness goals. 

Freelance personal trainers and fitness companies provide PT at home, your gym, outdoors. Online personal training is also an option for many coaches and their clients.