Looking for an Sharjah Personal Trainer? This page contains information on ‘all’ personal trainers in Sharjah listed in the UAE Personal Trainers website.

You can browse through the Sharjah personal trainer listings below or if you prefer you can use the Search & Filter option below to exactly match a fitness expert with your goals. Using the personal trainer search and filter option allows you to select from gym based personal trainers or private personal trainers in Sharjah as well as selecting personal trainer specialities including tone up personal training, general fitness, personal training for weight loss and nutrition, sports specific coaching, strength & muscle gain, endurance training and much more.

The UAE Personal Trainers website is the ideal place to find the right personal trainer for your needs and training requirements. Finding the right PT or fitness coach is much easier with the UAE Personal Trainers website. You can quickly locate personal trainer in Sharjah for Pilates, pre natal exercise, boxing, kick-boxing, weight management, fat loss, yoga, TRX, Boot camp, bodybuilding, body toning, sports (including tennis and football) martial arts, dance fitness and so much more.

The UAE Personal Trainers website has been designed with you in mind. Providing all the information you need about a personal trainer including clients reviews – this can help you make the best decision when hiring a personal trainer in Sharjah.


You can browse through all the personal trainer profiles on the page below or use the filters to match a trainer to your exact needs.
Whether you want to lose weight, tone up take prenatal exercise or learn Yoga for health and wellness reasons Rafaa can help. Online coaching programs for ladies with all levels of fitness - at home in Sharjah.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Yoga, Weight Management, Cardio Fitness, Fat Loss, Prenatal, Postnatal, Muscle Gain.....
I Can Train: Women, Men & Families
With over 20 years coaching experience Aly is a professional PT in Sharjah who can help you with fat loss, body toning, bodybuilding and kids fitness. Training at home or you local gym with nutrition advice included.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Core Training, Kids Fitness, Bodybuilding, Cardio.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Amanda is a Dubai based PT who can also provide training for ladies in Sharjah. Professional services for weight loss, prenatal, body toning and more. Amanda is also a qualified Yoga coach.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Female Fitness, Weight Loss, Body Toning, Yoga, Bodyfit, TRX, Diet & Nutrition.....
I Can Train: Women & Children
If you want to learn to box, get fit using kickboxing or even start practising Jiu Jitsu Coach Samer can help. Adults & Kids training programs in Sharjah for all levels and abilities.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Kickboxing, Boxing, Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Weight Loss, Kids Fitness, Self Defense, Cardio Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Children
Looking for a great female ladies pt in Sharjah? Tasneem can provide training programs including weight loss, prenatal, sports fitness and nutrition at home.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Weight Loss, Body Toning, Tabata, HIIT, Rehabilitation, Pre or Post Natal, Nutrition.....
I Can Train: Women Only
Want to add some muscle and tone to your physique? Ramesh knows the best ways to lose fat and improve your physical appearance through a combination of great exercise programs and specialist diet and nutrition advice. He also provides boxing coach in Ajman for adults, kids and groups.
PT Location:Ajman
PT Experience: Muscular Development, Fat Loss, Ab Toning, Core Conditioning, Diet Advice, Kids Fitness, Cardio, Boxing.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Diet and nutrition does perform a major role in a healthy lifestyle and any fitness regime. Hetal works with DiFit Lifestyle so you will also get diet and nutrition plans to achieve your optimum results.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Bootcamp, Core Strengthening, Weight Loss, Yoga, Sports Training, Pre Natal, ZUMBA, Swim Fit
I Can Train: Men & Women
If you are looking for a female personal trainer in Sharjah Yasmin can help you achieve all your fitness goals with a combination of cardio based exercise, weight loss programs, martial arts, kickboxing and dance fitness. Read her full profile below.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Body Weight Transformation, Muscle Toning, Kickboxing, ZUMBA, Prenatal, Rehab, Kids Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Dr Amrutha is a fully qualified sports and fitness coach based in Sharjah & Ajman. Available for at home fitness for adults and children - 1-2-1 and groups. She provides martial arts, kickboxing, weight loss and pre or post natal training. Read below for full profile details.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Rapid Weight Loss, Sports Fitness, Body Toning, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Boxing, Children's Fitness.....
I Can Train: Men & Women
Alla is a Yoga Coach and personal trainer for ladies in Ajman & Sharjah. She provides Yoga training and weight loss PT for all levels including beginners and advanced. Her Yoga programs are designed to help you de-stress, relax and enjoy increased flexibility and mobility. Available for Pre Natal women too.
PT Location:Sharjah
PT Experience: Yoga, Pre & Post Natal, Weight Loss, Special Needs, Muscle Toning, Female Fitness, Senior Fitness
I Can Train: Men & Women



If you have a specific fitness goal in Sharjah it can be difficult to achieve it on your own. This is why when you follow a male or female personal training program you are guaranteed to see results. Professional PT's have the skills, knowledge and experience when it comes to creating fitness programs that work.


You don't have to join or be a member of a gym to use a personal trainer in Sharjah. The freelance and company coaches on the UAE Personal Trainers website can provide at home training, training in your building gym and even outdoors if your would prefer. The location and time is completely up to you.


Training with a professional fitness coach privately is a great choice if you have a specific target. They will work with on on a 1-2-1 basis which can really help you see results. If your fitness goal is more general you can also train as part of a group with friends or family or even join a personal trainer led class in Sharjah.