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teenage fitness tecniques in abu dhabi and dubai
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Great Training Tips & Advice From The Best Boxing, Kickboxing & Martial Arts Coaches In The UAE

There are many ways to add exercise and fitness to your daily routine in the UAE. A popular choice for many people is either boxing, kickboxing or some form or martial art (Karate, Jiu Jitsu etc).

These sports can really help you increase your fitness levels with a wide variety of workout techniques. Many can be used to increase your cardio fitness and also as a great way to relieve stress.

If you want to become more involved in boxing, kickboxing or martial arts as a sport then advice from professional is key to your success.

The Q&A sessions in this section of the UAE Personal Trainers website can help provide tips and information about boxing, boxing for fitness, kickboxing and martial arts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. All of these Q&A sessions have been created by professional personal trainers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. If you are just looking for advice or perhaps need a personal trainer in the UAE to help with your  health and fitness the information is here for you.

Cardio Boxing Classes & Personal Training In Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Boxing For Women In The UAE - A Great Fitness Tool Which Is Often Controversial And Misunderstood

Boxing for women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah is often misunderstood. Using Boxing as a form of exercise and fitness doesn’t have to be a contact sport. There are a surprising number of benefits to your health and fitness related to the methods Boxers use in their training regimes.

Boxercise - A Full Body Workout With Benefits

You might of heard of Boxercise. It’s a great full body workout which provides an excellent way to add some high impact cardio to your fitness regime. In this Q&A sessions professional Dubai personal trainer Kris discusses the benefits of Boxercise.

kickboxing trainers and coaches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
Cardio Boxing - All The Benefits Of Boxing Without The Physical Contact

Looking for a high intensity, all round aerobic workout that is great for general fitness, weight-loss and even self-defence? Cardio Boxing could be what you need. Use the same methods professional boxers use to maintain their peak performance in a fun and energetic workout.

kickboxing trainers and coaches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah
Kickboxing For Women - A Fantastic Cardio Workout Which Improves Your Health In A Variety Of Ways

Kickboxing is a fantastic cardio workout which improves your health in a variety of ways (insulin sensitivity, body fat, cholesterol), which is particularly effective because it by nature follows a “high intensity interval training” protocol. Dubai PT Kieran explains more in this Q&A session.

Karate Personal Trainers In Dubai, Abu Dhabi - UAE
Martial Arts - A Great Way To Reduce Stress In The UAE

If you need to reduce stress then Martial Arts in the UAE is great. Personal trainer Kris explains how practicing martial arts on a regular basis can help.

teenage fitness tecniques in abu dhabi and dubai
Boxercise In The UAE - Is It Good For Body Toning?

Boxercise is an exercise plan that is based on the fundamental exercises that boxers use to get and stay fit. Can doing Boxercise in Abu Dhabi & Dubai help you tone your body?

kickboxing cardio workout in Abu Dhabi
Kickboxing For Cardio Health

Kickboxing in the UAE is a great fitness tool but can it (or does it) provide a good cardio workout too? Read the full Q&A for further information.

teenage fitness tecniques in abu dhabi and dubai
Top 10 Benefits Of Boxing For Fitness In Abu Dhabi

Boxing as an exercise method is becoming more popular in the UAE because it uses many of the same fitness methods professional boxers use. We asked a Boxing PT from Abu Dhabi what he thinks are the top 10 benefits of boxing for fitness.

kickboxing cardio workout in Abu Dhabi
PT Tips: Benefits Of Kickboxing For Women

Kickboxing for women in the UAE is growing in popularity. What are the top 5 benefits of kickboxing for women in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the rest of the UAE?

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