Football - a fun and team based sport which is a great way to get kids in the UAE to exercise
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It can be difficult for parents in the UAE to get some extra exercise into their children's lifestyles. Football not only helps with kid's fitness but is so much fun too.

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In the UAE there are plenty of ways for kids to get some extra-curricular activity/exercise. Many children like to watch football, getting them to play can be easy too.

Getting kids away from games consoles and the TV can be difficult for many parents in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. However, there are so many ways to get children to exercise without it being a chore. Football may not even seem like an exercise method for most kids but overall it provides as much benefit as any other sporting activity.

  • In the UAE many parents consider enrolling their children in a sports related fitness programe like football. As a personal trainer who can coach football in Dubai what would you say are the main benefits of enrolling kids in sports activities at an early age?

    Sports is a fun way to get kids active in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. At a young age kids need to engage in what they do or they will get distracted and lose interest easily, so sports is a great way to make them engage. Not only this but it develops an early habit of training that could span and stretch out a lifetime. Keeping them active for years to come. Not only can it aid their fitness but also other skills such as team work and communication.

  • As well as providing general improvement in fitness, what else do younger children learn from being involved in a team sport like football in the UAE?

    They learn key life skills as I said above. Communication and team work being key ones as they are having to engage with others in a team setting working towards a collective goal. These are great social skills used almost daily so developing them early on will be of great benefit.

    Football personal training and coaching in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - groups and one to one training

  • Inactivity is definitely on the rise in today’s society – even for children. How many hours per week would you recommend children take part in football like sports activities?

    They can partake as often as they like. Of course be careful that they don’t burn out or run the risk of hurting themselves. Also that they don’t get bored of it quickly. If they are really keen and motivated then there is no reason they can’t partake every day in small amounts. If not, most teams tend to train twice a week for 60-90mins and play games at the weekend which tends to suit and fulfil most people.

  • Football and other competitive sports also teach children about winning, losing and working together as a team – do you think this is character building for children or is there a ‘too young’ aspect when it comes to winning and losing?

    I believe that for Kids in the UAE it is character building. Teaching a child how to be gracious and humble in both victory and in defeat is great. It can reduce the chances of conflict later on in life or emotional turns from results as they go on. Also having the goal of a victory in a game is one of the best motivators to make people work harder to their full potential and keep training to develop their abilities. Without this goal or any end result this becomes increasingly difficult.

  • In your professional opinion as a personal trainer what would you say are the overall health benefits to growing children when training for football as a sports activity?

    Football training can help aid a child’s cardiovascular abilities, speed, strength, power, agility and much more. There is a wealth of health benefits on hand from this sport that can only improve a child’s quality of life in the UAE. I would highly recommend it to parents who struggle to get their child active to try out football.

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