Learning To Swim In Dubai For Children - Healthy, Fun & Life Saving
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Swimminbg personal trainer and coach in Dubai, UAE - Nader
Swimming In Dubai For Children

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Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Nader

For many children in the UAE swimming is a great way to get some much needed exercise but there are other reasons why all kids in the UAE should learn to swim

Swimming and playing around in the pool is fun, no doubt about that but there are important reasons why children need to learn to swim in Dubai. Nader is a professional swimming coach in Dubai who works with children, adults and families to help them increase their fitness through swimming and also to learn the basics.

  • As a personal swimming coach in Dubai what do you think are the main reasons that children in Dubai should learn to swim?

    The importance of swimming is essential in every individual’s life, specifically learning how to swim at a young age in Dubai. There are 3 main reasons, I believe makes swimming as one of the most valuable activity a child can learn at a young age.

    First, swimming promotes a healthy life. Once the child becomes confident in the water, he or she can jump into the pool for a good workout.

    Second, it teaches young swimmers in Dubai how to manage their time, shifting between swimming workouts, studying, and socializing. At a young age, I was always busy with swimming practices and competitions, but I also managed to get my homework done, and excel in my academic life. This is a skill I would have never have if I didn’t go through my swimming career.

    Third, like many sports in the UAE teamwork is the greatest aspect, but what makes swimming special? It focuses on both, personal and team success as each swimmer has their own individual goals to achieve, and their team goals that they work and motivate each other to surpass.


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  • In your experience, how many swimming lessons does the average child in Dubai need before they are considered a proficient swimmer?

    In my own experience of teaching children to swim in Dubai an average of 20 intensive sessions is the ideal number for a child to become an excellent swimmer. However, I always say it depends on the ability of the child to become confident enough in the water and how fast they perceive the information and apply it in the pool.

  • For children, swimming is seen as more of a fun activity than an exercise. What are the health and fitness benefits of swimming for children in Dubai?


    Swimming involves moving multiple muscles groups in all four strokes which makes it a high intensity cardio workout. It burns calories, build muscles, and increase the body stamina, all within the core of a low-impact sport. As swimming is performed in water, the impact of the body’s weight to hit the ground is not applicable, making swimming an ideal sport for an individual’s body in the long run.

    For young professional swimmers that have high intensity workouts, swimming injuries are common, like any other sport. But if you have a shoulder injury for example, you can still use your legs in kicking to stay in shape. Swimming injuries come from the overuse of the muscles, which can be treated ideally by resting, as opposed to the other sports’ injuries like a sprain or break from running or jumping.

  • In your swimming lessons and classes how do you deal with children that seem afraid of water/swimming and what advice can you give to parents in Dubai on how to deal with these issues?

    I usually take it in a very slow rate in the beginning during my swimming coaching sessions for kids in Dubai. I start with the breathing techniques and floating exercises, then I build up the technique once they are confident enough to float on their own.

    The most important thing in teaching a child is making him or her feel safe. I usually use aids like the kickboard & the floating belt while they make sure they are holding my hands. Slowly, I start removing the aids one by one, until the child is confident enough to swim alone.

    I consider it as a team effort between the parents and myself as the swim coach. Some children start to get cranky when they see their parents watching them, so it is sometimes healthy for the parent to be strict when the lesson is ongoing.

  • How do you structure your swimming lessons in Dubai for children’s groups, are there water activities as well as just learning different swim strokes?

    I structure my Dubai swimming lessons based on challenge and competitions, especially in group classes. Children always get motivated when they feel there is a competition between one another.

  • Do you think there is a perfect age when children should be learning to swim and is there a lower age limit?

    Swimming for children below 3 years old is mainly about getting the child to be comfortable in the water through water activities and games. I always recommend if the parent comes in the water with child to make him or her feel safe and more comfortable.

Professional, Qualified Swimming Coach in Dubai - Nader

If you want to learn to swim in Dubai, improve on your current swimming abilities or use swimming as an aid to getting fit Nader can help. He provides well-structured swimming training on a 1-2-1 and group basis throughout Dubai for adults, children and seniors.

Click the link below to view Nader’s full swimming trainer profile, read client reviews and contact him.

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