Can Boxing In The UAE Help You Lose Weight? We asked a PT who has boxing experience
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Boxing - An Ideal Workout For Weight Loss & Fat Reduction

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There are many ways to lose weight. Adding an element of boxing to your training can help speed up weight loss in the UAE

Dieting alone can make weight loss a slow process and it is more effective to exercise and diet if you need to shed some extra pounds.

High energy workouts like boxing are not only good for your overall fitness but when combined with a beneficial diet you can lose weight faster.

  • Boxing and ‘Boxercise’ gives a great all-round workout for the body. Can boxing training also be used as an effective weight-loss method in Dubai?

    Of course! Weight loss comes from expending more energy than your body is taking in and Boxing is a simply outstanding way to accomplish this. It requires such hard work from so many muscles for a prolonged time which means not only will you receive a workout on strength but also cardio. Don’t interpret it wrongly though…yes, it is tough physically, but it is within anyones capability and is incredibly fun and stress relieving. I would highly recommend it.

  • Boxing uses a combination of fitness methods to get lean, stay in shape and provide a great cardio workout. What parts of fitness for boxing are best suited to weight loss programs – eg ‘skipping rope’?

    All of it. Of course skipping is great for expending energy but working hard punching bags or pads is just as, if not more exhausting. Your lower body is more accustomed to cardio workouts (running, cycling etc) so by putting pad work in and using your arms for so long is a bit of a shock to the system, hence why it is so exhausting and requires so much energy.

  • In your experience as a personal trainer for boxing in Dubai do you think boxing alone can help a client lose weight or is it best used within a varied personal training regime?

    Boxing personal training alone can work and I have witnessed some great transformations from this. However, I do find it better for the client to have a varied plan with some alternate conditioning sessions to keep the body guessing and make the workouts new and exciting for the participant.

    Boxercise Personal Trainer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for men and women

  • Do you think boxing is suitable for anyone who wants to shed some pounds or are there restrictions? For example is boxing too energetic for people who are medically obese?

    With the right boxing personal trainer I’d say there are rare cases where boxing would not be suitable as the workout would just have a tailored intensity to suit the client. I would say people suffering from hand or shoulder injuries should avoid boxing unless granted permission from a medical professional.

  • It’s hard to put a figure on it but realistically how much weight can a boxing for weight loss client expect to achieve on a monthly basis if they take regular training sessions?

    I can’t unfortunately put a figure out there for this as there are so many variables. The intensity of the workout for instance to the individual, how many sessions they complete a week and most importantly their diet throughout the process are some that spring to mind. If they do, however, stick to the advices I give out over the process then I would expect them to see some sort of positive result after a month.

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