Abu Dhabi Personal Trainer Izzy Discusses The Benefits of 'Clean Eating' in the UAE
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Master Personal Trainer & Life Coach In Abu Dhabi Izzy Boudra
Clean Eating - How Can Clean Eating Help With Overall Health & Fitness

Personal Trainer Q & A Category: Diet, Nutrition & Weight

Personal Trainer Q & A Contributor: Izzy

Clean Eating - Healthy Or Just Another Diet Craze?

Izzy Boudra is a master personal trainer in Abu Dhabi and advocates a sensible, healthy eating plan. The term ‘clean eating’ is relatively new so Izzy helps to shed some light on the subject.

  • ‘Clean Eating’ is a relatively new term when talking about diet and nutrition, in simple terms what is meant by ‘clean eating’?

    Clean Eating is a term used loosely recently and advocates of different diets such as Paleo or Veganism tend to call their meals clean. Now what I call Clean eating is meals that are made with REAL FOOD – with ingredients closest to their natural form. So a breakfast made with organic eggs, avocado, fresh tomatoes, olive oil and a good quality pitta bread is a Clean Meal. A gluten free cereal with almond milk isn’t clean nor healthy do to the way these foods are processed and they can contain artificial ingredients, taste improvers etc.

  • As a personal trainer in Abu Dhabi who specialises in nutrition and healthy eating how does ‘clean eating’ benefit your personal training clients?

    Within 2-3 weeks of eating clean, delicious meals the body starts to change quite rapidly. Fat storages are put in use during our Personal training sessions and muscles acquire a definition that is easily noticeable. That is not to say about how much more energy my personal training clients in Abu Dhabi have during the sessions!

  • With so much choice when it comes to processed and pre-prepared foods doesn’t clean eating take more time and effort?

    It is quite the opposite actually – clean foods are easy to make because you are not trying to make a yogurt and berries bowl with no dairy, for example. So you buy simple, natural and sometimes inexpensive ingredients that put together make a incredibly satisfying meal.

    The only thing that is important is meal prepping – that is – knowing in advance what the meals for the day  will be – and prepping them the night before or during the weekend.

  • Many families in Abu Dhabi simply don’t have the time to prepare fresh meals on a daily basis – can a clean food diet be prepared in advanced but still be considered healthy?

    Better nutrition in the UAE leads to a healthier lifestyle

    Absolutely! When I design a Meal Plan for clients the key factor is that meals can be prepared in advance and be taken to work or eaten on the go.

  • Does changing your diet to clean food eating plan help with weight loss in general and can weight loss be achieved faster?

    I always say that any excess weight you are carrying will come off once you give your body what is needs: real food, consistent exercise, rest – repeat. I have clients who have lost 15kgs with 3 days a week PT and clean meals. Others have achieved a leaner look by keeping their activities and tweaking their eating habits. Once I meet with you I will be able to tell how much of a change is needed:-)


  • For those who are new to clean eating can you provide some menu examples that are healthy but also quick to prepare.

    For those with a sweet tooth you must try this today:

    1. Mejdoul dates stuffed with cocoa nibs – a clean treat for chocoholics! Make a big batch and leave it in your fridge for a quick on the go snack
    2. Baked banana with cinnamon and almond butter (again bake a batch of bananas with cinnamon and add a tbs of almond butter when ready)

    If you are a fan of salty stuff try:

    Buckwheat crackers with mashed avocado, sea salt and pepper. Add a boiled egg and u have a meal ready in few minutes!

  • As a professional personal trainer what would be your top 5 tips for anyone who wants to add more clean eating into their daily nutrition plan.

    Introduce to your diet:

    1. Smoothies
    2. Dates with Nut butter
    3. Organic eggs on the go
    4. Have a glass of warm water and lemon juice first thing in the morning
    5. Drink at least 3L /day
Professional At Home Personal Trainer In Abu Dhabi - Izzy Boudra

Personal trainer Izzy is an expert when it comes to help you get the right nutritional advice. As well as personal trainer and life coaching Izzy regularly provides healthy eating and diet plan classes at the Fit and Flex Studios in Abu Dhabi.

You can view Izzy’s full Abu Dhabi personal trainer profile by clicking the link below.

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