Which is better for weight loss - cross trainer or treadmill?
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Running on treadmill in abu dhabi, uae
There are many exercises that are promoted for weight loss. Two popular pieces of exercise kit are compared to see if one is better than the other.

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Walk into any gym and you will be surprised at the different types of training machines....

Weight loss – there are many ways to achieve good weight loss and reach your personal fitness goals. Two very popular fitness machines are the Treadmill and the Cross Trainer. How do these two compare when it comes to exercise for weight loss in the UAE?

An Abu Dhabi personal trainer and nutrition expert provides some great tips and information on choosing a weight loss training machine that’s right for you.

  • Walking into a gym in Abu Dhabi people can often be overwhelmed with variety of exercise equipment which include cross trainers and treadmills. Can you describe in your experience of using each what the main differences are between treadmills and cross trainers?

    The major difference between Cross Trainers and Treadmills with the style of training I use, is the amount of joint impact that occurs. Cross Trainers avoid excessive joint impact as they follow a smooth predetermined path, With using a Treadmill, you have to determine your own technique and part of that is dealing with the foot striking the floor – this is where the impact comes from. If you are concerned about previous injuries, haven’t exercised for a while or generally just want to ease yourself back into training then I would opt for the Cross Trainer.

  • When it comes to weight loss in Abu Dhabi do you think that a cross trainer or a treadmill provides better results?


    The weight loss results you achieve on either machine, will ultimately be determined by which one you prefer the most.

    The more you like the machine the more you will use it. If we are just looking at statistics or studies, then the Treadmill generally comes out on top – but only just.

    I wouldn’t be overly concerned with the amount of calories per hour you’re achieving on either machine, focus on the one you can use more consistently – as that is the key ingredient to weight loss.
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  • Increased cardio-based exercise is often seen as a great way to burn calories and therefore help with weight loss. In your professional opinion does a treadmill out perform a cross trainer when it comes to burning calories or vice versa?

    In most studies I’ve seen, a Treadmill tends to outperform a Cross Trainer in

    calories burnt per hour. However, the difference is marginal. Choose the one you feel the most comfortable on.

  • For the average person in Abu Dhabi who is new to fitness how much time do you think should be spent on equipment like treadmills and cross trainers to help with weight loss?

    For anyone who is new to Fitness, any type of Training stimulus is going to help

    you move forward towards achieving your goal. Start slow and build up. Initially aim to get the heart rate raised for 15-20 mins, whether that be through walking or running. This can then be adjusted accordingly as you feel more comfortable.

  • Are there any drawbacks or restrictions to using either a treadmill or cross trainer for weight loss? For example, is one considered more high impact and therefore heavier on the joints than another?


    uae personal trainers incline tread sprints treadmillThe impact your body encounters when running tends to be fairly high,

    this alone over even a short period can cause issues with the feet, ankles, knees and hips. If you have had any injuries in the past then I would suggest you start by using the cross trainer to avoid any reoccurrence. If you do plan to use the treadmill, then please also allow time to develop lower body strength using exercises like Squats, Lunges & Deadlifts and ensure you stretch and mobilize well before you start.

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